Client event november 2011 onboarding


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Client event november 2011 onboarding

  1. 1. OnboardingA Positive New EmployeeExperience
  2. 2. Onboarding – what is it?- Employee Orientation- Organisational Socialisation- Employee Adjustment- Traditionally your ‘induction process’- Employee Engagement prior to start date- Your first contact with the ‘New employee’- Chance to give a positive first impression
  3. 3. Current process- New starter welcomed by a pack of documents- Sometimes the only contact prior to first day- A busy induction schedule for first few months - Orientation - Company policies & procedures - Product knowledge- Can be very daunting- Slow route to becoming an effective employee- 22% of new starters leave in first 6 months (CIPD Recruitment, Retention and Turnover Survey)
  4. 4. Why change?- It’s a generation thing – X, Y, Z- 1st impressions count- Make new starters more aware of - Your organisation - The culture - What to expect - Company policy- Improved efficiencies in HR- Employees become effective sooner #CiphrEvent
  5. 5. CIP can help!- CIP already provide the ideal platform- Ciphr Net
  6. 6. Case study – KCOM Group- Communications Service provider- 2000 Employees- Complex business structure
  7. 7. Why Onboarding for KCOM?-Technology company that prides itself on the personal touch- Spend a lot of money, time and care recruiting good quality staff- However, felt that: - they lost contact/momentum after recruitment process - the induction process was inefficient for both KCOM HR and new employees
  8. 8. MyWelcome- Provides new employees an interactive portal that: - Reduces the admin burden on HR; - Improves the communication process; - Provides all the relevant information using documentation, videos, PPT, etc - Captures missing information; - Takes advantage of their eagerness to learn; - Reduces the induction process; and - Gets new employees used to MyHR (Ciphr Net)
  9. 9. Summary- Great user experience for New Employees- An effective way to share information to New Employees- Helps them become more effective and productive earlier- Helps manage compliance with policies- Streamlined and more effective process
  10. 10. Any Questions?