2013 01 07 js2 s december 2012 newsletter


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JS2S Newsletter

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2013 01 07 js2 s december 2012 newsletter

  1. 1. JS2S/S2S NEWSLETTERBay District Schools & Naval Support Activity Panama City December 2012 Junior Student 2 Student (JS2S) and Student 2 Student (S2S) programs are available in middle and high schools to help ease the stress that students often feel when they are new to a school and community. Student representatives help new students to find their way around campus and to become familiar with the community and culture. New students are also invited to monthly get-togethers with JS2S and S2S team members where they play games, have snacks, and become better acquainted. Although the programs were designed by the Military Child Education Coalition to meet the needs of military students, the program is also open for civilian students who are new to the area. JS2S HELP VETERANS FEEL AT HOME AT BAY HAVEN CHARTER SCHOOL Local veterans were invited to Bay Haven Charter School for lunch and a program in their honor on November 9th, and the members of JS2S were busy helping them to feel welcome and escorting them around campus. The veterans were greeted at the front door of the school by smiling JS2S students who directed them to the check-in counter. The veterans were then escorted by other JS2S students through the campus to the lunch area and the gymnasium where the program was held. Pictured below, JS2S students Emily Smith and Sydney Bruzek, greet veterans at the door. VETERANS’ DAY AT BAY HAVEN CHARTER As part of the special recognition, Veterans were invited to sign their names beneath the branch of the military in which they served. Pictured above, Shane Williams, helps a veteran with this special recognition. Lynda Kent, School Liaison Officer Naval Support Activity Panama City 850.774.7976 lynda.kent@navy.mil 101 Vernon Avenue, Bldg. 461 Panama City Beach, FL 32407
  2. 2. JS2S/S2S NEWSLETTERBay District Schools & Naval Support Activity Panama City December 2012 JINKS MIDDLE SCHOOL FRIENDSHIP TREE Photo on the left, Xzander Pinkney signs his name on his handprint leaf on the Friendship Tree. MEET & GREET NEW STUDENTS A week after new students arrive, they are surprised with a candy- gram saying "Welcome - We are glad you are here!" Twice a month, in the mornings before school, JS2S hosts a "Meet & Greet" where new students are invited for some Food, Facts, & Fun! The JS2S students personally hand the invitations to the new At Jinks Middle School, there are 46 students and invite them to attend. At the “Meet & Greet” new enthusiastic students from grades 6-8 in the students receive a Welcome Bag filled with goodies and the newly- JS2S group. One of the ways that JS2S designed New Student Handbook filled with important information members help new students to feel welcome that will help students to be successful at Jinks. JS2S students go and like a permanent part of Jinks is by over this handbook with the new students and answer their inviting them to become part of their "Hands questions. of Friendship". This is a large tree that one of the members painted on a wall in guidance. The Halloween "Meet & Greet" was very special! Students had a The branches extend out and wait for lot of fun bobbing for apples and enjoying cookies. Many of the "leaves" to be painted on them. The leaves students had never experienced anything like this, and their laughter are actually handprints of the new students. filled the room. Once new students place their handprints on the tree, they use a gold pen to sign their name and the year they moved to Jinks Middle School. This immediately begins the bond between the students and the school on the first day. Eventually, the tree branches will extend down both sides of the hall as the new students grow in number. Students bob for apples at the Halloween Meet & Greet Delete text and place photo here.
  3. 3. JS2S/S2S NEWSLETTERBay District Schools & Naval Support Activity Panama City December 2012 A NETWORKING EVENT JS2S/S2S SYMPOSIUM A GREAT SUCCESS A breakout session during the event The first JS2S/S2S Symposium was held at Gulf Coast State allowed sponsors to meet away from College on September 25, 2012 with 89 sponsors and students their student leaders and ask questions, leaders from 13 middle and high schools in Bay District Schools share ideas and best practices, find participating. The purpose of the Symposium was to offer answers to the problems that they information and resources that would give better understanding encounter in guiding their programs, and helpful ideas to those who are new to the programs as well as and to build relationships among to help veteran sponsors and students leaders to improve and build themselves. their programs. Lynda Kent, School Liaison Officer at NSA Panama City, planned and conducted the event. Students Learn Public Speaking Skills Student leaders were also busy with team building exercises and networking of their own during the breakout session. Janet Psikogios, Regional Program Coordinator of Operation: Military Kids, engaged the student leaders in learning and practicing good speaking techniques and social skills to use as they welcome new students to their schools. Below: Rutherford High School students Jasmine Holland (left) and Aurora Wilhelm show Denver Dellinger, Arnold High School, how to help new students make handprints for the school wall as Lynda Kent, School Liaison Officer, NSA PC, looks on. Above: Aeron Lawler, Bay High School, shares ideas during Symposium. After attending the event and sharing the information at her school, one new sponsor stated, “My faculty and administration are now aware of the priorities of JS2S. They have been offering ideas and support since I returned from and place photo here. Delete text the training.”
  4. 4. Bay District Schools & Naval Support Activity Panama City December 2012 The next edition of the JS2S/S2S NEWSLETTER JS2S/S2S Newsletter will be published in the spring of 2013. Please submit articles and photos of your activities and events by March 31 to: Lynda Kent School Liaison Officer NSA Panama City 850-774-7976 lynda.kent@navy.mil JS2S/S2S Symposium September 25, 2012 JS2S & S2S are programs of the Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) Visit their website for more information. www.militarychild.org Fun Facts Food Friends Academics, Relationships, Finding the Way www.webaddress.com