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Nov 2008 Issue

  1. 1. PRESBYTERIAN PAN AMERICAN SCHOOL PAGE 8 Art Walk Eagle X-Press PAGE 7 Red Ribbon Week NOVEMBER 5, 2008 • VOLUME 5 • ISSUE 3 • KINGSVILLE, TX 78363 LITERARY EXHIBITION FISHING TRIP SPOTLIGHTS 2008 Students' English IV project Science students get hands-on experience Teacher and Student of the Month CHEER SQUAD – page 2 – page 5 – page 3 – page 6 Annual Fall Festival brings fun and entertainment by Sergio Barrera students fought to pop Staff Writer the balloon. Students who On November 1, participated in the donut Presbyterian Pan American activity had their hands tied School (PPAS) students behind their backs while celebrated the school’s Sophomore Senior they ate the donuts and annual fall festival. The Cipriano Ramirez Han Sol Lee the dart a coke consisted event took place in the booths such as dart of players aiming to hit a gymnasium with several throw, ring toss, twister, card with the dart and if activities sponsored by the food, and mimes. the student was successful, senior, junior, sophomore The junior class had he or she won the drink. and freshmen classes. arms wrestling, ankle The sophomore and The purpose of the festival war, bobbing for apples, freshmen class together is to raise funds for each hanging donuts and dart sponsored a pie class, especially the junior a coke. The ankle war throw, tattoos, jenga, photo by Sergio Barrera class because they are in activity consisted of two and mimes as well. FROM LEFT, SENIORS CECILIA RUIZ AND AZRI charge of this year’s prom. students with a balloon FLORES AT THE FALL FESTIVAL NOVEMBER 1. The seniors sponsored tied to one ankle and the JUMP, PAGE 7 PPAS students named Distinguished Scholar finalists by Sergio Barrera nominated their junior year Flores, 18, was recognized athlete, Kate Thompson, Azri Flores Christian Cortes Daniel Villarreal Staff Writer and awards are presented for the general academic 17, for spirit; and Kyoung Nine Presbyterian Pan during their senior year category; Christian Cortes, Jea Lee, 19, for service and American School (PPAS) to two winners in nine 17, was chosen for science; leadership. seniors were nominated categories. The judging was Daniel Villarreal, 16, for “I feel proud of myself and recognized as finalists completed and announced career and technology; because this means that Elisa Godinez Olivia Pun Kate Thompson for the 2008 Caller- the weeks of October 20-28 Elisa Godinez, 17, for all my effort, energy and Times-Citgo South Texas with a different category performing and fine arts; time has been well spent,” Distinguished Scholars. each day. Laura Paola Escamilla, 17, Cortes said. “It makes me All participants, including Seniors Olivia Pun, 18, for the general academic feel glad and this students from other has been honored for the category; Laura Melissa Kyoung Jea Lee Melissa Lopez Paola Escamilla area high schools, were achiever category; Azri Lopez, 17, for student JUMP, PAGE 7
  2. 2. 2 November 5, 2008 academics Eagle X-Press English class presents literary exhibition DEAN'S DESK ~Dr. Barbara Stottlemyer by Hong Hui Choi Dr. Barbara Staff Writer Stottlemyer, Students who are taking Di- Dean of ana Garcia’s English IV class Students with at Presbyterian Pan American Senior Griselda School (PPAS) had an exhibi- Duran and tion on October 29, named “Herot her project project,” about the literary that in English they were working on in class. IV Class on “I think it was a good chance October 29. to learn more about the Anglo- photo by Hong Hui Saxons culture and a way to Choi keep me awake,” said Cesar Changing of the Seasons Gomez, senior. In some parts of the country, Each group consisted of four the changing of the seasons means that when autumn ar- students who took an excerpt rives, the leaves change color from the literature, Beowulf, and fall from the tress; winter and made a model creatively brings snow and plant growth that represented the literature, is dormant; spring brings a rebirth and new growth; and Beowulf, Garcia said. summer brings hotter weather “The purpose of this project and fullness of plant life. In was for students to work with a South Texas, the changes are group to successfully complete much more subtle but nonethe- less, are present. Here, people a goal, learning the ability to are more likely to pay atten- work with all types of academic works that incorporate Anglo- story of Beowulf,” said Laura of the team,” she said. tion to sports and holidays as levels and to gain greater insight Saxons and Nordic social and Paola Escamilla, senior. Stottlemyer said the markers of seasonal change. into the essence of Anglo- cultural aspects that reflected in For Garcia, she definitely had projects were wonderful. At Presbyterian Pan American Saxons life and epic poem of the poem and historical context expectations for her class. School, soccer is revered as one quot;I was very impressed by of the students’ favorite activi- Beowulf,” Garcia said. and asked questions to students, “I expected students to students' artistic interpretation,quot; ties. Once again, the soccer Jean Andrews, teacher’s aid, Garcia said. learn the artistic process, she said, quot;and their wonderful job team has made it to the Texas and Dr. Barbara Stottlemyer, “I think this Herot project was experience of variety of reflecting good critical thinking Association of Private and Dean of Students, attended class a really good idea because it material, scheduling preparation and problem solving skills.quot; Parochial Schools (TAPPS) state semi-finals in Waco No- on October 29, to see students’ gave us the opportunity to learn time and accommodating vember 7th and 8th. Congratula- visual interpretation of literary and get more involved in the the needs of each member tions to Coach Grant and his Saddam Bello Kenia Mascorro team and good luck at state! Several other October activi- COUNSELOR'S President’s List: 95+ Olivia Pun Keyla Cadena Honorable Mention: 85-89 Omar Rivera ties were also very success- Reynaldo Torres Paul Vilchez Anna Cecilia Moreno Christian Cortes ful. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Mrs. Garza, Kyoung Jea Lee Ivonne Mora Griselda Duran Erick Torres school nurse, and Coach Walter Flores Karla Reyes Areli Borunda Alejandra Santos Cantu, health teacher, girls’ ELLIE PEREZ Ibhar Hernandez Ana Paola Melendez David Charles coach and part-time guidance counselor shared information, Honor Roll: 89-94 Josue Rivera Gustavo Guzman Alejandra Meave created bulletin boards, and Terry Liang Sarai Jimenez Paola Hernandez Jehu Avila decorated in pink ribbons to Paola Escamilla Javier Villegas Alma Quiroga Jose Ibarra make everyone aware of this health concern. Coach Cantu Jimena Hernandez Cecilia Ruiz Soo Won Yoo also worked with Mrs. Perez, Tania Rodriguez Rodrigo Palmas Hong Hui Choi guidance counselor, to promote Daniel Victoria Daniel Villarreal Ilse Ibarra Red Ribbon Week. Thanks for the teamwork, programs, and Tania M. Barreiro Florestela Flores Viviana Garcia activities that provided im- Melissa Lopez Ana Laura DeLeon Elisa Godinez portant information for our CORNER Seoyeon Lee Belinda Gutierrez students.
  3. 3. November 5, 2008 features Eagle X-Press 3 Couple recognized as teachers of the month Q+A WITH JUNIOR JAVIER VILLEGAS by Sara Gonzalez Staff Writer Joshua and Rebecca Perkins have been chosen as teachers of the month for October at Presbyterian Interview with 2008-2009 Pan American School (PPAS). Junior Class President “I feel very excited and overwhelmed for being teacher of the month,” said Rebecca. by Sergio Barrera Staff Writer Joshua teaches world geography and government while Rebecca teaches English I, reading applications and study skills. Both Joshua and Rebecca graduated from Texas A&M University- Q: How do you feel being Kingsville and are currently living in Kingsville. the Junior Class President? Josh has a bachelor’s of arts in History and a master’s of science in A: It’s a great honor and art and graduated in 2007. Rebecca finished her bachelor’s of at the same time, a big business administration in 2003 and her master’s will be completed responsibility. in May of 2009. Josh, of Kingsville, has been here for one and a half years while Rebecca, from Alice, has been teaching at PPAS for a year. photo by Sara Gonzalez “I love the school. The students are great and so are the teachers. REBECCA & JOSH PERKINS Q: Why do you think you I like the school because it has a lovely atmosphere,” Rebecca said. got elected? Josh, who said it’s an honor to be teacher of the month, also enjoys the school’s atmosphere. A: Maybe because my Joshua and Rebecca have been married for almost three years and have a son that is 16 months old. Javier Villegas During their free time, they enjoy reading. fellow students trust in me. Mexico City native chosen as student of the month Q: What are you in charge of? What are you a great opportunity,” Bello said. working on? by Kate Thompson This is Bello’s last A: Our main goal is the Prom so all our work is Staff Writer year at PPAS and she is for that. Karina Bello, 17-year-old nervous for the next year. senior, has been chosen for “I am going to be in a totally student of the month for new environment and that kind of October. scares me, but I am also excited to Q: What else are you involved in on campus? “I am proud and very excited see what is out there,” Bello said. A: Choir, Youth Group, basketball and about being student of the The one thing about PPAS Bello cheerleading. month,” Bello said. is going to miss is her friends. KARINA BELLO Bello said she used to write “My friends have been with me for the Eagle X-Press school National Honor Society and for three years and I am really sad newspaper two years ago choir. Bello is also Vice President about leaving them,” Bello said. Q: Why did you decide to run for Class President? and had always wanted to of PPAS’ student council. Bello said she has made friends A: First it would be a good experience and second, be student of the month. “I love helping with student she will keep in her heart forever. I feel I can take over and make a good class. From Mexico City, Bello came council and helping our school Bello hopes to go to California to PPAS because she thought it at the same time,” Bello said. after she graduates to attend was a good idea and opportunity. Bello’s favorite thing about PPAS The Fashion Institute of Q: You are in charge of this year’s prom, is that a “I wanted to try something is learning from other people Design and Merchandising. challenge? different, PPAS was the perfect and them teaching her in return. “I have three choices for my A: Yes it is and we are going to work it out. opportunity,” Bello said. “I am experiencing high school major, I still haven’t decided This senior is involved in in a way no one else does, this is which one yet,” Bello said.
  4. 4. 4 November 5, 2008 opinions Eagle X-Press WHY SHOULD YOU CARE ABOUT DIABETES? Eagle X-Press Staff IT'S A VERY DANGEROUS DISEASE WHAT I KNOWABOUT DIABETES IS THAT IT I THINK WE NEED TO TAKE CARE OF DIA- THAT IF YOU DON'T TAKE CARE OF IT, AFFECTS KIDS, TEENS, ADULTS BUT IT ALL BETES BECAUSE IT COULD AFFECT THE YOU CAN DIE WITH IT.-CESAR GOMEZ, DEPENS ON WHAT YOU EAT AND WHAT LIVES OF THE NEXT GENERATIONS.-PAUL SENIOR YOU DO.-ISMAEL SANDOVAL, JUNIOR. VILCHEZ, SOPHOMORE Senior discusses diabetes awareness quot;Why should you care about Diabetes?quot; by Sergio Barrera According to,, the Staff Writer number of Americans who smoke is slowly With November being National Diabetes dropping, while the number of overweight Month, the Diabetes association poses the and obese Americans is growing rapidly, question, Why Should You Care About Dia- another obvious reason why you should care betes? about diabetes. DIABETES Well you should care--for several reasons. Ac- A study by Michael McGinnis, MD, MPP “You should cording to, there are current- showed that smoking and diet/inactivity Kate Thompson, Editor-in-Chief ly 23.6 million children and adults in the U.S. or were the leading killers in the U.S. and u care about 7.8 percent of the population who have diabetes. trends of smoking and overweight among Sara Gonzlaez, Staff Writer t diabetes. Be informed Diabetes is a disease in which the body does youth are of particular concern. This disease not only affects the person Sergio Barrera, Staff Writer n j not produce or properly use insulin. Insulin and no is a hormone that is needed to convert sugar, who has it but it affects the whole family as Hong Hui Choi, Staff Writer matter what, starches and other food into energy needed well because when you have diabetes, you always try to for daily life. The cause of diabetes continues can’t eat certain kinds of food such as food eat healthy to be a mystery, although both genetics and high in sugar. It becomes part of the entire Dr. James Matthews, President and get the environmental factors such as obesity and lack family’s responsibility to make sure that appropriate of exercise appear to play roles. family member eats right and exercises. Dr. Bobbi Stottlemyer, Dean amounts You should care because according to Diabetes is in fact hereditary so if one of Desiree Gutierrez, Adviser, 2/3 of adults in your relatives has diabetes, it is important to of all your major food the U.S. are overweight and 1/3 is obese, keep a close eye on your body and health. according to data from the National Persons who have diabetes run in their groups.” Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. family should be extra-cautious. Get check- -Sergio Overweight and obesity are know risk ups and watch your sugar level. P.O. Box 1578 Barrera, Senior factors for not only diabetes but for coronary Be informed and no matter what, always try to eat healthy and get the appropriate Kingsville, Texas 78363 heart disease, high blood cholesterol, stroke, hypertension, gallbladder disease, amounts of all your major food groups. 361-592-4307 Exercising is also important for every osteoarthritis and some forms of cancer such as breast, colorectal, endometrial, person whether they have a chance of being 361-592-6126 (fax) and kidney. Obesity is also associated diagnosed with diabetes or not. Walk daily with complications of pregnancy, stress if you’re not a runner. Walking can be just incontinence and psychological disorders as beneficial as running. And remember that such as depression. you should care abuot diabetes.
  5. 5. November 5, 2008 beyond Eagle X-Press 5 CHOIR PERFORMS IN VICTORIA Pan Am students send by Hong Hui Choi letters to Hurricane Staff Writer Ike victims On October 18 & 19, Presbyterian Pan American by Hong Hui Choi School’s (PPAS) Morris Chapel Choir, composed Staff Writer of twenty five members visited First Presbyterian Church in Victoria with Choir Director Cesar Presbyterian Pan American School (PPAS) Galaviz, and PPAS President James Matthews. students, faculty and staff signed their “The purpose of this trip was to raise our news names on letters to show their support to and our funds that will be used for scholarships,” churches in the Houston and Galveston area that were affected by Hurricane Ike, said Josyph said Nancy Gunter, Director of Church Relations. Andrews, PPAS pastor. Members of Grace Presbyterian Church and PAN AM'S MORRIS CHAPEL CHOIR The letters basically expressed our regret over Nicea Presbyterian Church came together at First PERFORMED AT FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Hurricane Ike and our hope of their speedy restoration, Presbyterian Church where Matthews preached CHURCH IN VICTORIA. Andrews said. and the PPAS choir performed, Gunter said. The letters stated: “We are sorry Hurricane Ike hit your When the choir first arrived in Victoria, PPAS is also planning another trip in November area. We pray your home, church and school are alright. members went bowling and then each group of to Rockport and in January to San Antonio, Gunter Hopefully you will be back doing fun things soon.” two students was assigned to a different host said. “I was overwhelmed by the devastation of the coastal family that were members of the church, Gunter “It was fun and interesting and it taught me a lot. area after Hurricane Ike,” said Nancy Gunter, Director of said. We got to know kind people, said Saddam Bello, Church Relations. “My job is to constantly be aware of junior and tenor. “And we had been practicing a ways PPAS can stay in contact with Presbyterian churches.” “I am very thankful to our host family for having lot. We practiced almost everyday. Sometimes we Andrews and Gunter decided to send eight us. They treated my friends and me as if we were letters because PPAS was not able to help in their daughters. I also enjoyed spending time with thought we couldn’t stand it anymore, but when the person. However, it will let them know that nice people in the church,” said Seo Yeon Lee, day of the performance came, even we were amazed PPAS students are concerned, Andrews said. junior and soprano. of what we did.” The letters were sent in October to the youth groups of Central Presbyterian in Houston and STUDENTS GONE FISHIN' First Presbyterian in Lake Jackson. Letters were also sent to youth groups in First Presbyterian in They had a great time and learned Freeport, Providence Presbyterian in Nederland, First by Sara Gonzalez several things as well. It was a Presbyterian in Dickson, Pioneer Presbyterian Church Staff Writer On October 13, Edgar Ortega, great learning experience, Ortega in Beaumont, Westminster Presbyterian Church in teacher of marine biology, said. They learned about the local Austin and West Isle Presbyterian Church in Galveston. and Wildlife and Recreation fish populations, and were able to Some of the areas were damaged and are observe a variety of marine animals still in restoration and it will take them Management at Presbyterian Pan such as black drum, redfish, longer than a year to restore, Andrews said. American School (PPAS), took blue crabs, and many bait fishes. “None of the Presbyterian churches in that area seven students from his class on were demolished but some had lost roofs, trees and a fishing trip to the pier at Loyola The student who caught the most had water damage. One of these churches, Central Beach in Rivera. They left campus SENIOR CECILIA RUIZ fish was Junior Steven Moreno. Presbyterian, had been to PPAS as mission workers at 6 a.m. and returned around 2 p.m. “I caught six fishes and had marine biology, wild life and this past summer,” Gunter said. “I thought our students The students that went on a lot of fun. At first it was all recreation management classes, could let the youth of Presbyterian Churches in the the fishinf trip where Juniors dark and cold, then it started Ortega said. This trip gave the Houston area know they were being prayed for and that Joakin Perez, Amanda Rikki to warm up,” Moreno said, students the opportunity to learn our students recognized there world had been rattled.” Sanchez, Javier Castrellon, “And I would like to go again.” and experience the skills of fishing. “I think it’s good to get students involved because it Steven Moreno, Javier Villegas, Senior Cecilia Ruiz caught five fish. reminds us of those who are suffering. It’s a good idea and Senior Cecilia Ruiz, and Students under the age of 16 “It was really fun because it was to motivate students to actually do something for other Pamela Martinez, Pre-University. didn’t need a fishing license but my second time going fishing and people,” said Olivia Pun, senior. The trip served as a hands-on the ones who were old enough I liked it because fishing helps you It is also a way of showing love, Andrews said. experience and as a lab for the were able to buy their own license. relax,” Ruiz said.
  6. 6. 6 November 5, 2008 sports Eagle X-Press CHEERLEADERS BRING SPIRIT TO PPAS by Kate Thompson Editor-in-Chief Ellie Perez, academic Cristina Morales, Meaghan counselor at Presbyte- Pesqueira, Karla Reyes, rian Pan American School Tania Rodriguez, Rikki (PPAS), became the cheer- Sanchez, Erick Torres and leading coach in the fall of Javier Villegas; Sophomores 2008 for 16 boys and girls. Marcela Budart (manager), Perez, the former cheer- Diana Zelaya and Hector leader at Texas A&M Villegas. University-Kingsville and “A lot of these girls and coach at Driscoll Junior boys were interested in High School, said she started cheerleading, but just didn’t Presbyterian Pan American School's 2008-2009 Cheerleading Squad a cheerleading team because know how or have anyone with Coach Ellie Perez, who is also the school's academic counselor. she wanted to emphasize to teach them,” Perez said. The two captains of the with his classmates and per- to be something new in the more school spirit and in- The cheerleading team 2008-2009 squad are Bar- forming stunts and routines. future; she wants the team troduce cheerleading as a will cheer for the remain- reiro, 18, and Torres, 16. Currently the cheer team to be a part of the school. part of the American culture. ing soccer games, but will “I love being a part of practices on Wednesdays and “I want it to be an honor The squad includes, Seniors mainly focus on the up- the cheerleading team. It Fridays and are working on to be on the squad,” Perez Marisol Barreiro and Olivia coming basketball season. keeps me active and I love various cheers and stunts. said, “for these cheerleaders Pun; Juniors Jimena Hernan- “I want them to perform to cheer,” Barreiro said. Perez said that she doesn’t to be role models not only dez, Ilse Ibarra, Seo Yeon minute and a half dance rou- Torres also enjoys working want the cheerleading squad academically, but socially. Lee, Stephanie Molinari, tines at half time,” Perez said. Defending state champs to play soccer semi-finals November 7 & 8 in Waco by Sara Gonzalez All-District awards were also announced and Juan Staff Writer Chavez, Javier Aguado, Santiago Jimenez, Israel Presbyterian Pan American School’s (PPAS) Gomez and Walter Flores were named 1st Team All- Eagles Soccer team beat Dallas Fairhill, 7-0, for District. the Division I District 2 regional title on Saturday, 2nd Team All-District was awarded to Hugo October 25 at Keystone School in San Antonio. Aguilar, Christian Ortiz, Erick Luna and Alejandro “The game was difficult at the beginning,” said Amaro. Senior and Captain Walter Flores, “because we did Raul Gutierrez, Fernando Montemayor and not know anything about the team but we did better Advento Trevino were named Honorable Mention. the second half.” PPAS is scheduled to play Ft. Worth Bethesda Seniors and Captains Javier Aguado scored three Christian School game on November 7 at 11 a.m. at goals and Santiago Jimenez scored two. Senior Raul 2008-2009 PAN AM EAGLES SOCCER TEAM Baylor University in Waco for the semi finals. Gutierrez scored one goal and sophomore Christian The winner of that game will advance to the state Ortiz scored one goal. a positive attitude about semi-finals and I think we championship and will play on November 8. PPAS, who are also the Division I District 2 can win,” Gutierrez said. “The team is working really hard,” said Coach champions, are now on their way to the state semi- Flores shares the same confidence as Gutierrez. Jimmy Grant. “The soccer team is undefeated and finals in Waco. “We have a great team and a good opportunity to has the talent and the chance to win.” “I think we have improved our level and we have win,” Flores said.
  7. 7. November 5, 2008 campus life Eagle X-Press 7 PPAS Honors Red Ribbon Week Calendar 11/10-Progress Reports Due 11/19-ITP TOEFL 11/22-Fall Formal by Hong Hui Choi Announcements Staff Writer Lab Hours: Presbyterian Pan American School (PPAS) honored Monday & Wednesday: 7:30-9:00-Boys Red Ribbon Week from October 20-24 with activities Tuesday & Thursday: 7:30-9:00-Girls promoting a drug-free life. Birthdays “Relaying the message of staying drug free is Christa Gomez, 11/8 very important to me, because if a student makes a Brian Jacobson, 11/9 wrong choice, it would ruin their life forever. These Kyoung Jea Lee, 11/14 students are young and carefree and their lives need to stay just that simple, for now,” said Ellie Perez, Pamela Martinez, 11/15 academic counselor. Paola Hernandez, 11/15 To honor Red Ribbon week, PPAS designated Daniel Villarreal, 11/21 Monday as “Life is too crazy to have to deal with Daniel Victoria, 11/25 drugs” and Tuesday as “Put a cap on drugs”. Ana Zuniga, 11/28 Wednesday was “War on Drug,” Thursday was Karla Gonzalez, 11/28 “Team Together Against Drugs” and Friday was Viviana Garcia, 11/29 “Spirit day.” Christian Ortiz, 11/29 Each day, students were allowed to wear appropriate attire such as crazy socks, caps, camouflage clothing, team jersey and red shirts JUMP, FESTIVAL respectively. “My favorite day was Thursday when we wore a The prizes at the festival was mainly candy and occasionally drinks, apples, etc. depending on the activity. team jersey because I like sports,” said Erick Torres, junior. “The festival was good. There were several activities to do and most of them A drug awareness video was shown Wednesday were fun. I really enjoyed the darts,” said Steven Moreno, 16-year-old junior. afternoon that presented the history of Red Ribbon The festival also had teachers participating such as science teacher Edgar Ortega, Week, including how it was started in honor of who is also the sophomore class sponsor, allowing people to throw pies at him. DEA agent Enrique “Kike” Camarena, who was killed investigating a major drug cartel in Mexico. Students who chose to participate in the pie throwing contest were able to throw a pie at any sophomore of their choice. Today Red Ribbon Week is nationally recognized “The festival was very good. I didn’t expect these kinds of activities, said Daniel Coronado, and celebrated to preserve Camarena’s memory, 15-year-old sophomore, “but I didn’t enjoy the part when people started to throw pies at me.” according to The video also featured musical bands such as P.O.D., Mya, Rafael Murguia, 15-year-old sophomore, was one of the mimes at the festival. Switchfoot, and chorographer Darrin Henson. “I really enjoyed annoying people without punishment,” Murguia said, “And no one hit me with the balls.” “I think it’s inspiring and it gave us a good The mime portion of the festival evening was arranged so that the mimes would annoy people during the demonstration of how a good life and success can be achieved without using drugs,” said Olivia Pun, evening and at the end, participants had the option of paying 50 cents for three balls to throw at the mime. senior. In addition to Murguia, Jaziel Hernandez and Cipriano Ramirez also served as mimes for On Thursday, three members of the Texas A&M the sophomore class and for the seniors, Han Sol Lee and Javier Aguado were the mimes. University-Kingsville Javelina football team visited PPAS students and talked about their friends’ “I think that people had fun and we should encourage the staff to do these kinds of events more often,” said experiences doing drugs and the negative affects. Hector Villegas, Sophomore Class President. “All the students did an excellent job working and participating. “It was a good idea to show students that drugs And I like to involve my whole class in what we do. I like to hear their opinions in order to get organized.” can only impact your life negatively and if you want to become someone you have to stay out of drugs,” said Josue Rivera, senior. JUMP, CCCT On Friday, students marched with posters that nomination encourages me to try harder every day.” each grade/class created as part of a contest. Lee said he is glad he was nominated and chosen as a finalist. Winners of the poster contest was the Senior Class of 2009. “The reason that this school chose me is because I really tried hard to host the ping-pong tournament for the Afterward, Kleberg County Sheriff Ed Mata school,” Lee said. gave a presentation about the importance of living a Escamilla said she feels proud and honored that she was nominated for distinguished scholar. drug free life. He was accompanied by two Kleberg County deputies. “I’m thankful for this nomination and honestly I feel that this is due to my efforts and sacrifices during my high quot;There is no guarantee of security anywhere,” school career—that I was recognized.” Mata said. “The only people who can keep us away from doing drugs are ourselves.quot;
  8. 8. 8 November 5, 2008 entertainment Eagle X-Press COSTUME DANCE AND CONTEST HELD AT PAN AM by Kate Thompson “I was a bride. I had a lot of fun dressing up for Editor-in-Chief one night,” said Soo Won Yoo, 18-year-old junior. On October 31, Presbyterian Pan American School The night ended with a costume contest (PPAS) students went to a Halloween Haunted announced by Don Turner, history teacher House in Kingsville, followed by a costume and activities director. There was a $10 dance on campus, hosted by the junior class. Whataburger gift card for the best dressed The Haunted House was put on by the female and male, provided by student council. National Guard for charity. The house was full Two groups won, which was Walter of creatures, carnivores and movie characters. LEFT PHOTO, PAOLA HERNANDEZ AND WALTER FLORES; AND RIGHT Flores and Paola Hernandez dressed as “The haunted house was really cool. It PHOTO, FROM LEFT, JEHU AVILA, CLAUDIA BANUELOS, JONATHAN HAU, SANTIAGO JIMENEZ, ZIAN RIVERA, MELISSA LOPEZ, JOSUE Fred & Wilma Flintstone; and Alejandra was something new to do off campus,” AMADOR AND ALEJANDRA MEAVE Meave, Melissa Lopez, Zian Rivera, Claudia said Christa Gomez, 17-year-old senior. “It was a lot of work. We spent three days Banuelos, Jonathan Hau, Josue Amador, After the haunted house, students had a decorating, but I think it turned out well,” Jehu Avila and Santiago Jimenez dressed as costume dance. The theme was a “Dance in said Javier Villegas, junior class president. characters from a Mexican television show. the Woods.” The junior class decorated and Throughout the night, various Mexican and hip- “It was a lot of fun dressing up with my friends, provided a concession stand for that night. hop music was played. Students danced and took but sharing a $10 gift card between eight people The dance had yellow and red strips of paper many pictures in their costumes. Some dressed as will be hard,” said Alejandra Meave, 17-year-old hanging from the ceiling and various other Disney characters, hippies, vampires, television senior. decorations suspended from the ceiling as well. characters, and some came as themselves. photos by Kate Thompson PAN AM STUDENTS ATTEND ART WALK IN DOWNTOWN KINGSVILLE by Kate Thompson Editor-in-Chief On October 18, ten Presbyterian Pan American School (PPAS) art students and June Cress, Art teacher at PPAS, participated in the Art Walk on Kleberg Street in downtown Kingsville. The Art Walk is sponsored by the King Ranch Saddle Shop and the Downtown Merchants. “There are musical, visual and dramatic art at the Art Walk,” Cress said. Cress said that there were artists, artisans, caricatures artists, florclorical dancers, potters, cheerleaders and many college students. photos by Sara Gonzalez The PPAS students attended to obtain community service hours and they set up chairs and swept the streets. ART TEACHER JUNE CRESS WITH STUDENTS AT “Our students were helping set up and assist anyone who needed help,” Cress said. THE ART WALK IN DOWNTOWN KINGSVILLE ON OCTOBER 18. After the students were done with their jobs, they were free to look around. Some even entered a chalk drawing competition and won Domino’s gift cards. “The Art Walk was a lot of fun, the art and dances I saw were amazing,” said Alejandra Meave, 17-year-old senior. Three students even participated in the art show. This semester the art classes at PPAS are making quilts. Three students brought theirs and demonstrated how to hand quilt. “I am so excited for my quilt to be done soon, it has been a lot of work,” said Paola Hernandez, 17-year-old senior. Cress said that she thought that this year’s Art Walk was a big success. “It was a good way to draw businesses in and show off all the amazing art work,” Cress said. FROM LEFT, SENIORS MELISSA LOPEZ AND PAOLA HERNANDEZ.