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2013 01 07 a anchor jan feb 2013


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Navy Region Souwest Academic Anchor

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2013 01 07 a anchor jan feb 2013

  1. 1. academic A anchor Navy Region Southwest School Liaison Newsletter January Connecting Navy Families, Commands and K-12 Schools February 2013 In this issueCurrent Events. . . . . . . . . . 1Transition Support. . . . . . . 3Deployment Support . . . . . 5Post-SecondaryPreparation. . . . . . . . . . . . 6Command, School, andCommunity Connections. . 7Partnershipsin Education . . . . . . . . . . 8 . .Home School Linkeage . . . 9EFMP Resources . . . . . . . 10Navy School LiaisonContacts . . . . . Back Cover . . Addressing educational issues that affect military children in Navy Region Southwest.
  2. 2. Current Events Congratulations, Bill! Thank you for your ongoing support! Navy Region Southwest, Fleet, Fighter, Family, Champion Award Recipient, Mr. Bill Cass Principal, Silver Strand Elementary School, Coronado Unified School District By: Naval Base Coronado, School Liaison OfficerThe Fleet, Fighter, Family, Champion their families on Veterans Day, and performing below grade level, proving toAward is designed to recognize those developed a military communication have tremendous impact on the academicindividuals, groups or entities that are form for acquiring data about military growth and success of CUSD’s students.providing outstanding support to the families’ needs; Silver Strand hosts newFleet, the Sailor, or the Sailor’s family. family and military parent nights, and The student enrollment of approximatelyMr. Cass has done just that! Bill Cass has partners with Naval Base Coronado 350 students in preschool throughserved as the principal of Silver Strand for the school’s annual Jog-a-thon. Mr. grade 5 is 86% military-connected.Elementary School for the past six years Cass initiated Skype parent-teacher Silver Strand’s mobility rate was 44%ensuring that “no child falls through the conferences for deployed parents, during the 2011-12 school year, whichcracks” and that the entire school-wide welcomes interns from USC who support is evidenced in the various challengescommunity lives Strand Way with a military impacted students, and houses in meeting the academic and social/“Culture of Character.” one of two Coronado Unified School emotional needs of transitioning District locations for the “Connections students. Yet, despite these challengesDuring the last six years, Mr. Cass Corner”- a one-stop shop for new and under Mr. Cass’s tenure, Silverhas constructed a support structure families to CUSD with information Strand has become San Diego County’sfor all Silver Strand students and their about local and military resources. In highest performing elementary school offamilies. The list of services and supports addition, he successfully co-authored similar military-impacted schools for theembedded into the Silver Strand culture two Department of Defense Education last several years, achieving an Academicinclude: Operation BIGS and Operation Activity grants with awards to Coronado Performance Index of over 900.PALS, Operation Hero, FOCUS, Unified since 2009 of over 2.8 millionMilitary Family Life Consultants, Fleet dollars for intervention services for Bill Cass was presented with his award by& Family Support, and Child and military-impacted students, significant Rear Adm. Dixon Smith, Commander,Youth Programs Youth Center. He has during these challenging budgetary times. Navy Region Southwest on board theestablished partnerships in education, These funds have allowed Silver Strand, USS Midway Museum, during a Navystarted “Silver Strand Honors Its Military along with all CUSD schools, to develop Band Southwest concert celebrating theHeroes”- an assembly for students and an intervention system for students Navy’s birthday October 13.1 Academic Anchor • January-February 2013 Navy Region Southwest School Liaison Newsletter
  3. 3. Coronado Unified School District Silver Strand Elementary School In honor of Veterans Day, Silver Strand Elementary School hosted their fourth annual “Silver Strand Honors Its Military Heroes,” day on Friday, November 9, in conjunction with their regular morning Flagpole Ceremony, put on by the principal, Mr. Bill Cass. Silver Strand Elementary School is a military impacted school, with roughly 75% of its students being military students. During the assembly, active duty service members, retired service members, Veterans, and their families were honored for their continued support, service, and dedication to their country, their families, and their children. Students honored our service members with “thank you” cards and patriotic songs. Immediately after the Flagpole ceremony, all attending Silver Strand Elementary School veterans and all military parents moved into Strand hosted their fourth annual Hall with their children for breakfast and had their photographs taken for a banner entitled “Our Military Silver Strand Hero Families” that will hang in Strand’s “Connections Room” for the school year. An accompanying banner Honors entitled “Our Deployed Military Heroes” is also on display in the windows of the hall. This banner shows a map of the world (made by the Ambassador Club and Peace Patrol), and has ships with the name of the family member Its posted in the locations abroad where deployed. When the deployed family member returns home, the ship will be Military Heroes “moved” back to San Diego on the map and adorned with an American flag. A special “thank you” to our volunteers, especially our USS John Paul Jones volunteers!SCHOOLS HONOR VETERANS South Bay Union School District Central Elementary School In honor of Veterans Day and the Thanksgiving holiday, students in Mrs. Carpenter’s 6th grade class at Central Elementary School, participated in a “letter writing” activity for our service members. Military Parent Students wrote letters and made cards to be Council Meeting ent to our brave and selfless military men and Tuesday, February 5, 2013 women. The cards were distributed throughout 10-11 am • SBUSD Office ach the Wounded Warrior Clinic at Naval Medical 601 Elm Street, Imperial Be Center San Diego. t For more information contac The hope of the students was that their letters and Kelly Donahue at: messages will remind our service members that they are loved and thought about every day!Navy Region Southwest School Liaison Newsletter January-February 2013 • Academic Anchor 2
  4. 4. Transition Support Two articles that offer support for those moves that occur during the school yearThe Positives of Mid-Year MovesFor many military families, there is no other option than to move in themiddle of the school year. Moving mid-year takes a little additional planning;however, there can be advantages for children who make the mid-year move.1. Children have the opportunity to start class and make friends 4. Middle and high school mid-year moves do bring extraimmediately; they can jump right in to a new school without any challenges. Typically, the older child finds it more difficult towait time. Whereas summer moves often leave children stranded make friends. Making sure your child is involved immediatelyin a strange new neighborhood with no way of making friends. in their new school, is the key for success. Help your child find out what clubs and sports are available, and if there are any requirements to participate. Athletic physicals are required for2. Structure is important to children, and most schools have sports and schools will often provide the forms for physicalsschedules and routines children can understand: class time, to parents prior to moving so they can be completed uponassigned seating, lunch breaks and recess. Although the material a new school may be different, their daily schedule issomething they can relate to, and can be a source of comfort. To make a mid-year moves successful, parents should arrange a school tour for their child prior to starting class. Bring along3. The chances are, military families are moving into an area a list of questions, and ask the school if they have a buddy orwhere schools are familiar with children who move mid-year. It ambassador program for new students. If not, ask if they canis unlikely your child will be the only one in class who has had to arrange for a student to accompany your child to lunch for theirmove recently. In classrooms serving military families, hearing the first few days.teacher say, “We have a new student to welcome today”, is thenorm rather than the exception.3 Academic Anchor • January-February 2013 Navy Region Southwest School Liaison Newsletter
  5. 5. Transitioning SchoolsDuring a School YearThere is always the question of There are several things you can do ahead of time to help with the stress.whether or not it is best to just • Talk to the children. Be mindful that each child will react in theirstay put and not move during own way to change. It is important to keep the communication lines open, so the children feels safe throughout the transitions.a school year, or move? • Talk to the teachers and school administration in advance of your upcoming move. Let them know that you are going to be movingParents, if you have to move before the end of the school year. Start putting together important documents that will help show the new school where you child isduring a school year, take academically. Perhaps have their teachers write a letter to take toa deep breath. Children will the new school, sharing how your child is performing academically in the class.adjust. It make take a little • Help the children get involved at the new location. Help yourmore coaxing and planning child find similar activities at the new location that they have participated and enjoyed in the past. If there is a new sport theyon your part as this is not would like to participate it, encourage them to do so. The sooner they start making friends and feeling part of a community, thethe traditional time to switch easier the transition will be for them. Also, see if the new school has a buddy system (an S2S program at the high school level or aschools but it doesn’t have to JS2S at the middle school) for new students which help them “learn the ropes” of the new negative either. • Encourage them to stay in touch with their friends but also to make new friends too. It is hard to not want children to stay in touch with old friends from the location they are coming from. And sometimes it is even harder to encourage them to try and make new friends at a new location. Children who find a friend or group of friends to socialize with tend to transition and ease into the routine a lot quicker than those that do not. For children the biggest concern is “who will I eat lunch with” and for parents it is more “how are they doing academically”. • Keep in touch with the new school administration and the teachers. Even if it appears your child is transitioning well, it is always a good idea to touch base with the new school to make sure things are going well for your child. Schools may see signs of how well a child has adjusted and is acclimating to the new environment. It is always a good idea to just check in. • And remember to contact your School Liaison Officer; we can help make the transition run smoother. One of our core services is to help families PCS. We can assist families with school transfers and help “level the playing field” for them at their new schools.Navy Region Southwest School Liaison Newsletter January-February 2013 • Academic Anchor 4
  6. 6. Deployment SupportMILITARY Military Saves Week is February 11-15SAVES The week of 11-15 February 2013 is designated Military Saves Week for all Naval complexes in Metro San Diego. Your Fleet & Family Support Center (FFSC) is hosting five separate Military Saves Resource Fairs. The fairs are open from 10 am-2 pm, located at orCAMPAIGN near high foot traffic areas on each base. 2013 The theme of this year’s Military Saves Week Campaign is “Start Small, Think Big, Save Automatically.” Military Saves is a part of America Saves Campaign, its purpose is to encourage Sailors and their families to be smart about their financial picture and begin to save automatically. FFSC partners with other organizations that promote sound $ financial practices and an automatic savings plan. For details of Military Saves 1. Set a Goal what’s happening on your particular base contact Fleet & Family encourages 2. Make a Plan Support at 619-545-6071.everyone to take 3. Save Automatically 3 easy steps Over 128,000 individuals have taken the Saver Pledge, a commitment to begin the journey toward financial freedom. Join this number and make your money work for you! When you take • Free monthly Military Saves e-newsletter the Military Saves • Quarterly e-newsletters from America Saves ] pledge, you canMilitary Saves Schedule of Resource Fairs opt to receive: • Free access to Savers Tracking Tool to help reach saving goals February 12: Naval Medical Center, Get 10:30 am-2 pm, Center Courtyard February 12: Murphy Canyon, Visit Military Saves resource tables your 6-10 pm, Chapel for helpful tips about successful February 13: Naval Mine and Anti- saving, establishing credit, payingFREE Submarine Warfare Command (NMAWC), 10:30 am-2 pm, Liberty Center, Bldg. 51 down debt, planning for retirement, and much more.Credit February 14: Naval Base San Diego, For more information about Military Saves 2013 eventsScore! 10:30 am-2 pm, Navy Exchange February 15: Naval Air Station North Island, in your area, please contact FFSC at 619-556-7404 (NBSD), 10:30 am-2 pm, Navy Exchange 619-545-6071 (NBC) or 619-553-8306 (NBPL). Change the Volunteer at Fleet & Family Support Center world or learn of other volunteer opportunities in town. By volunteering, you make friends One and meet people, help others, increase helping marketable skills, build community networks, learn about resources and benefits, find hand employment and make your time matter! To learn more, contact the FFSC Volunteer Coordinator at 619-556-7404 or email at a time. VolunteerCoordinator@mwrsw.com5 Academic Anchor • January-February 2013 Navy Region Southwest School Liaison Newsletter
  7. 7. Fleet & Family Support in Murphy Canyon Post-Secondary Did you know Fleet & Family Preparation Support has a neighborhood branch office in Murphy Canyon Choosing the Right College for You Navy Housing? There are many factors to consider when choosing the right college for you and some Murphy Canyon Branch self examination can help you to make a wise (MCB) provides assistance choice. Here are some factors to consider. and services typically offered at an on-base Fleet & Family Academic Goals Support Center including A good place to begin is to focus on your professional counseling, academic goals. Do you have a specific career goal in mind? Look for schools with strong personal life skills classes, rankings in your desired major to help you family employment assistance, advance in your eventual career goals. Or if relocation assistance and you are unsure of your desired area of focus, a resource and referral. liberal arts education can equip you with general knowledge and skills suitable for many jobs.MCB professionals are available Monday-Friday, 7:30 am-4:30 pm.Stop by the MCB today at 4867 T Santo Road, San Diego CA Size and Location92124, call 858-277-4259 or email Consider how comfortable you would feel living far away home, from friends and family. Orfor more information. do you know that you are ready to be on your own? Do you want an urban, suburban or rural setting? Would you feel lost being on a campusEnlisted Spouse Radio with thousands of other students with little one on one interaction with professors? Or do you crave the ability to be a big fish in a little pondFFSC San Diego staff members are interviewed “LIVE” on where you can really get to know your fellow“Enlisted Spouse Radio” at students and professors? Speak with yourThe 20 minute interviews provide listeners with information guidance counselor or visit the College Boardabout FFSC services and “Hot Topics” like Career Services, website to locate schools that would be a goodFinancial Education, Emergency Preparedness, and the New fit for you.Parent Support Home Visitation Program. Investigate your Colleges of InterestThis online marketing and information-sharing helps get the It is very important to go visit your colleges ofword out about services provided by FFSC, and provides a venue interest. Brochures can be deceiving and otherfor customers to ask questions from their home, that the FFSC people’s opinions of a college might be different than yours. It is important to take a tour of themember interviewed can answer - informing other LIVE online school in person to see how it feels to you whenaudience participants at the same time. These interviews also you are on campus. What are the dorms, dinnerprovide a town-hall experience that informs and helps shape halls, libraries and sports arenas like? Are youfuture efforts of the FFSC. comfortable with the social scene on campus? Reach for the Stars It is recommended to apply to not only theIA Family Connection schools that you feel you have a reasonable chance of getting into, but also to some “reach” FFSC hosts a monthly schools. Likewise, it is a very good idea to apply to some “safety” schools, the schools you feel “IA Family Connection” that you will definitely get into. providing families of Individual Augmentee (IA) Deployers an Name-brand Colleges opportunity to share challenges, Many top colleges are ones that don’t have joys and success strategies. name-brand status. Name-brand colleges will not guarantee success. Employers and graduate Spouses, parents and children schools are looking for outstanding skills and are able to relax, enjoy craft experience, and not necessarily a well-known and fun activities, learn about named school so consider all of your options. There were eight IA Family key resources and network with Visit to submit Connections held in 2012 with each other to stay connected your college criterion and to be given a list four hundred twenty (420) throughout the IA deployment of colleges. family members attending. of their service member.Navy Region Southwest School Liaison Newsletter January-February 2013 • Academic Anchor 6
  8. 8. Command, School & Community ConnectionsNational Children’sDental Health MonthWritten by: LT Jeremy A. PatelzickPoint Mugu Dental Annex HeadEvery year, in the month of February, the American DentalAssociation (ADA) sponsors National Children’s Dental HealthMonth. This program raises awareness about the importance of oralhealth and helps develop good habits early in childhood of goingto visit the dentist. Education is the main goal with main topicsincluding tooth brushing and hand washing, Magic Mystery Box-Germs, Magic Bag Safe, sugar amounts in foods, tooth friendlysnacks, glass sharing, and tobacco awareness.Last year we went to two schools in the Ventura area, Mound Here are some photos ofElementary and Sonshine Preschool. Our team presented the our visit to schools last year.above topics plus educated the children with brushing and flossingtechniques on puppets. The topics presented were hands-on and thechildren learned about various subjects allowing them to take homeknowledge and a better understanding of their teeth and gums.This year we are looking forward to visiting seven differentelementary and preschools in Ventura, Camarillo, and Oxnard/Port Hueneme. Our team is very excited about giving back to thecommunity, especially the children, in our area. We look forward toeducating and providing knowledge to our youth. Coronado Middle School’s “Take a Veteran to School Day” A Look Behind the Fence Line for High School Seniors Take a Veteran to School Day is a national High school seniors from Hueneme program developed by the History Channel High School have been touring different to link veterans with students. Schools and departments and locations aboard Naval communities invite veterans of all backgrounds Base Ventura County (NBVC). These to share their stories and receive thanks for students are in the school’s Engineering/ their years of service. Design Career Pathway program and have been taking engineering and design On November 9, 2012, Coronado Middle classes since their 10th grade year. School honored our military veterans with their As seniors, the students are looking to “Take A Veteran to School Day.” Veterans were professional engineers to share their work greeted by ASB students who escorted them to experience. This exposes the students to Granzer Hall for breakfast, sponsored by Time the many opportunities in the engineering Warner Cable and the History Channel, and field. While visiting NBVC, they are not then escorted them to classrooms, where they only learning about the engineering field, but also the many missions and contributions of the shared their amazing experiences and stories. commands on NBVC. After the Veteran’s spoke to the students and families, everyone was invited to surround the Although Hueneme High School serves the students living on NBVC Pt. Hueneme, the majority of the CHS football field where a plane flew overhead school’s students are not military affiliated. They’ve lived in the community without much knowledge and dropped two parachute jumpers who were of what goes on behind the fence line of the base. For many of the students, visiting the base during carrying the American flag. their senior year is the first time they’ve had the opportunity to learn about NBVC. The students visit 1-2 times per month during the school year. Many commands are participating This extra special addition to the day was and sharing their knowledge and expertise with the students. From learning what the Seabees do made possible by Buzz Fink, the Coronado on the ground to what the E-2’s do in the air, the students are being exposed to the vast offerings VFW, Alcott Insuring Agency, and Amy of the Navy. Steward, KCMS teacher at CMS.7 Academic Anchor • January-February 2013 Navy Region Southwest School Liaison Newsletter
  9. 9. Partnerships In Education Veterans Day Assemblies Vista La Mesa Academy, Lemon Grove School District and Wolf Canyon Elementary School, Chula Vista Elementary School District both held special Veterans Day/Military Family assemblies during the month of November. Naval Base Point Loma and Loma Portal Elementary School’s November 28, 10 service members Bring a Vet from Naval Base San Diego escorted 22 classes to the auditorium of Vista to School Day La Mesa Academy, and on November 30, 30 service members from the future USS AMERICA (LHA-6) escorted 35 classes On November 8, Naval Base Point to the multipurpose room of Wolf Canyon Elementary. Between both campuses, over Loma and Loma Portal Elementary 1900 students, staff, parents, and service members took part in 5 assemblies. Focus of School partnered in “Bring a Vet to School Day.” Loma Portal ES and the assemblies was to honor veterans, active duty members and military families with NBPL have had an active partnership children enrolled at each campus. for over twenty-five years now and it only continues to grow! During the assemblies, children were asked of the significance of Veterans Day, the history of Veterans Day, viewed a video highlighting the security, stability and The CAPT Scott F. Adams, humanitarian efforts of today’s United States Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, Commanding Officer of Naval Base and were able to ask questions from a panel of active duty sailors allowing all to get a Point Loma, CMC Brian McDonough, better picture of the lifestyle of today’s active duty sailor. Command Master Chief of Naval Base Point Loma, the Color Guard After each assembly, service members lined the hallways allowing students and staff and many Sailors all participated. the opportunity to say “goodbye” and “thank you” for visiting their campuses. Middle The Color Guard presented colors school students at Vista La Mesa Academy also had the opportunity to continue at the morning assembly and the discussions with members afterwards in the middle school courtyard. children led the Pledge of Allegiance. Students shared their thanks and appreciation for all service members and what it meant to them to celebrate Veterans Day. As a Navy Region Southwest and Monarch School Partnership surprise, CAPT Adams presented the school with a cake for the students On November 21 and 22, Navy Region to all enjoy during lunch time. Southwest partnered with The Monarch School to offer after school tutoring and When the assembly was over, each classroom had a visitor who was fitness activities and to be a part of the able to share their experience as a Butterfly Birthday event. veteran. The children were able to have one-on-one time with those Several service members volunteered individuals and ask their questions. their time, as part of our Partnership And at the end of the day, all of the in Education program, to tutor in all students were presented a small subject areas and to engage in several American Flag to have of their own. games of four square as well as other We look forward to many more fitness activities. activities planned with Loma Portal The School Liaison program would like this year and the partnership growing stronger too. to express our sincere gratitude for this and all our Partnership programs that make a difference every day!Navy Region Southwest School Liaison Newsletter January-February 2013 • Academic Anchor 8
  10. 10. Home School Linkage Home school for military families is much the same as any other. Check out the DoDEA (Department of Defense Education Activity) for information and homeschooling ideas. Learn about homeschooling laws and where you can get support inside or out of the U.S.By now, there’s a good deal written • ages for compulsory school attendance Another important element of militaryabout and for homeschooling families. • homeschool curriculum requirements homeschooling is the DoDEA policyBut sometimes, there are underlying • homeschool days/year and hours/day that states that homeschooled studentsassumptions that don’t fit all families, attendance requirements may participate in DoDDS classes andand military families may have special • subjects required for the grades special education services. They can alsohomeschooling situations and needs. our children are in participate in extracurricular classes.Here are some ideas and resources for • assessment requirements, such ashomeschooling families. standardized tests Getting Support • teacher requirements, if any Like other homeschoolers, militaryCheck out DoDEA • student enrollment requirements, families who are homeschooling mayEven if your child is receiving no which clarify who can be in your find it useful to have support for aservices or teaching at a the Department homeschool (i.e., whether you can variety of reasons. Fellow homeschoolersof Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) have anyone outside your family, and might have ideas about curriculumschool, you may find information of if so, how many and who) to share, old textbooks that youinterest on their website here: • any documentation, such as approval could use, warnings about products documents, that you need to fill out and methods that aren’t up to snuff,For example, you can check the kind words when you’re having acurriculum standards in the Curriculum Homeschooling for Military bad day and/or ideas about joiningsection to see what your child’s friends Families Outside the United together to homeschool collectively.who attend Department of Defense States You may find other homeschoolersDependent Schools (DoDDS) will be As more and more military families at the base where you live. If not,learning and maybe get some ideas for consider homeschooling as an education Yahoo! has a HomeschoolMilitaryyour own instruction as well as help alternative - especially one that stays group make decisions about having your consistent when they move from place group/HomeschoolMilitary/. Thechildren take one or more classes in a to place and provides secure support National Military Family AssociationDoDDS. Also take a look at the Parents when children face issues such as website also provides a Children’s& Communities section. deployment and injury of a parent - Education page the Department of Defense has still site/PageServer?pagename=childrens_Homeschooling Laws for Military not come down strongly in favor education. Note that this page requiresFamilies in the United States of homeschooling across the board. cookies to be enabled in order toHomeschooling by military families Officially, it is neither encouraged nor function properly.who reside in one of the 50 United discouraged. Also, you might want to considerStates is just like homeschooling for Nevertheless, military families have the searching outside the military forany other stateside family. This means right to homeschool, implicit in the homeschool support. Other peoplethat they must follow their home fact that children who do reside in any from your hometown, your religion,state’s compulsory education and of the 50 states may be homeschooled or who embrace the same type ofhomeschooling laws. according to their home state’s statutes homeschooling you do may have a lotIf you are in this situation, you and children who do not reside in to offer. Another place to have a lokwill want to check with your state any of the 50 states are not subject around is the Military Child Educationdepartment of education for the to mandatory attendance at the Coalition website here:following information: elementary and secondary DoDDS. www.hslda.org9 Academic Anchor • January-February 2013 Navy Region Southwest School Liaison Newsletter
  11. 11. EFMP Resources Ventura Class Schedule EFMP Programs in All classes taking place January and February 2013 Metro EFM Overview January 8, 2013 • Tuesday • 1-2 pm Camarillo • One Session San Diego Gil Cajala, Facilitating EFMP Family Connection, Each month those who are enrolled in EFMP 6-8 pm, San Diego or have a family member enrolled in EFMP are For more information regarding the Exceptional Family Member Program call Gil Cajala at welcome to gather to meet others who are also Regional Center 4355 805-989-8844. All hands are welcome to the enrolled or have family members who are enrolled. Ruffin Road, Suite 100, Overview. San Diego 92123 Each meeting allows interaction and includes an opportunity to share information, discuss helpful EFM Special Needs Network resources, and provide support to each other. January 9, 2013 • Wednesday • 5-6:30 pm Meetings occur on Wednesday, January 9th and Camarillo • One Session Wednesday, February 6th. Childcare is available Gil Cajala, Facilitating by calling 619-571-4781. Regardless of whether or not you are enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program, all are invited to attend this support group for EFMP Orientation special-needs. Please Call Gil Cajala to RSVP This workshop is designed to: a) give eligible EFMP and to help plan for future events. families a better understanding of this program (including a brief discussion of its provisions within EFM Overview OPNAVINST 1754.2D); b) clarify the enrollment February 12, 2013 • Tuesday • 3-4 pm process so that required paperwork gets to the Port Hueneme, Class Room PH-2 correct entities in a timely manner; and c) introduce [ ] One Session Gil Cajala, Facilitating resources to support families. For more information regarding the Exceptional Family Member Program call Gil Cajala at January 15, Tuesday, 1-2 pm 805-989-8844. All hands are welcome to the Naval Medical Center San Diego Overview. February 19, Tuesday, 1-2 pm Naval Medical Center San Diego EFM Special Needs Network February 13, 2013 • Wednesday • 5-6:30 pm February 28, Thursday, 9-10 am Port Hueneme, Conference Room Fleet and Family Support Center, One Session Naval Base Coronado Gil Cajala, Facilitating Call 866-923-6478 to register. Regardless of whether or not you are enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program, For additional information about the Exceptional all are invited to attend this support group for special-needs. Please Call Gil Cajala to RSVP Family Member Program and available resources, and to help plan for future events. please call 619-556-6899 or visit Region Southwest School Liaison Newsletter January-February 2013 • Academic Anchor 10
  12. 12. A Your Navy School Liaison Contacts Shannon Milder Academic Navy Region Southwest Anchor Regional School Liaison Officer January- February 2013 619-532-4251 Paula Emmert Michelle Lange Kelly Donahue Navy Region Southwest Murphy Canyon/Downtown Coronado/South Bay/Deputy School Liaison Officer Imperial Beach 619-991-2509 858-349-7678 619-247-9109 Chanin Massaglia Tina Paulson Monica James East County/Santee/ Coastal Schools/Point Loma Naval Base Ventura County Lemon Grove/El Centro 858-431-6482 805-989-5211 619-247-9082 Margaret Gladders Melissa Burns Tina Wekell NAS Lemoore NAS Fallon NSA/ 559-998-2242 775-426-3738 831-656-1008