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2012 08 03 a anchor july august 2012

  1. 1. Navy Region Southwest School Liaison Newsletter AJuly-August Academic Anchor Connecting Navy Families, Commands and K-12 Schools 2 0 1 2In this issue:Current Events . . . . . . . . . . 1Partnershipsin Education . . . . . . . . . . . . 3Transition Support . . . . . . . 4Deployment Support . . . . . 5Command, School, andCommunity Connections . . 7Home School Linkeage . . . 8Post-SecondaryPreparation . . . . . . . . . . . . 9EFMP Resources . . . . . . . 10Navy School LiaisonContacts. . . . . . . Back CoverAddressing educational issuesthat affect military children inNavy Region Southwest.
  2. 2. Current Events Active Parenting Now On May 1st, 20 parents at Dewey Elementary began a six-week session of “Active Parenting Now” classes; this is a program designed for parents of children ages 5 to 12, and it assists parents in raising responsible, cooperative children who are prepared to meet the challenges of the teen years. Principal Tanya Belsan funded the textbooks and graduation certificates and also eagerly welcomed NBPL FFSC Education Specialist, Rodney Greene [MFT], to facilitate the two-hour classes. She also arranged for free on-site childcare, which enables a focused learning environment. NBPL SLO, Robin Williamson, assisted with the scheduling and set-up for this valuable learning experience. First Graders at Bard Elementary School Get An Earth Day Lesson Martin Ruane, a wildlife biologist with Naval Base Ventura County’s Environmental Division, shows first-graders at Bard Elementary School an egg and several skulls of animals found on base. Ruane visited the school Thursday and Friday, April 19 and 20, to offer an Earth Day lesson. -7:30 pm Thursday, August 16 • 6 Scho ol District’s AuditoriumSo uth Bay Union SBUSD Office, Burress MILITARY l Beach 601 Elm Street, Imperia ry g of fun with fellow milita Please join us for an evenin g Officer of Naval Base PARENT families, the Commandin D Superintendent, all Coronado, and your SBUS military resources while learning about the in your area. Reso urce Nig ht free Families will also enjoy refreshmen ts and prize drawings throughout the evening! FREE childcare is available. Contact kelly.donahue@navy.mil to reserve your space.1 Academic Anchor • July-August 2012 Navy Region Southwest School Liaison Newsletter
  3. 3. Welcoming Military Families New to San Diego Enroll Your Child in School* BACK-2-SCHOOL Brought to you by Visit Resource Booths & Enjoy Fun Activities! RESOURCE & ENROLLMENT FAIR 2012 San Diego Unified School District Saturday, August 18, 2012 9 am-3 pm Complimentary lunch 11 am-1 pm Farb Middle School 4880 La Cuenta Drive, San Diego, CA 92124 Event Includes: To Enroll Your Child at the Event* • Military and community resource booths 1. Schedule an enrollment appointment by emailing enrollmentfair@sandi.net. • Youth Sponsorship Connections Type “Appointment Request” in the Subject Line. You will receive an email asking • Family Readiness Express! for additional information and then an appointment will be scheduled. • Fun activities for children 2. Collect documents needed for enrollment appointment: proof of residence, immunization records, previous school records, and your child’s birth certificate. • Complimentary lunch 3. Bring documents with you to your enrollment appointment on August 18th. • Childcare available. Reserve a spot when you schedule an enrollment appointment. *Students new to San Diego Unified School District only. For more information contact Paula Emmert, Navy School Liaison Officer at 858-349-7678 • Kristi Terry, Marine Corps School Liaison Officer at 858-577-8625 Coronado Unified Presentations and information provided A fond farewell to School District’s by administrators and teachers of BACK TO SCHOOL the Coronado Unified Schools, our Robin Williamson NEW PARENT NIGHT! Commanding Officer of Naval Base Coronado, and our many partners in We bid a fond farewell to our Tuesday, August 21 education including: Military Support Naval Base Point Loma School 7 pm-8:30 pm Services, Parks and Recreation, Parent Coronado Middle School, Teacher Organizations, Coronado Liaison Officer, Robin Williamson Granzer Hall Schools Foundation, Islander Sports in July of this year. Robin will be Foundation, Family University, SEPAC, moving to join her husband at his TRUSTWORTHINESS surprise guests, and more. new command, having just made the rank of Rear Admiral. RESPECT Refreshments will be provided! Please come out and join us; Robin has been instrumental in starting up the Navy RESPONSIBILITY we look forward to seeing you! Region Southwest School Liaison Officer Program, FAIRNESS and has been a vital part of the program’s success Character is doing the through the years. She will be sorely missed by her CARING command, co-workers, and community partners. right thing, even when CITIZENSHIP no one is watching. Best of luck, Robin, to you and your family! SAVE THE DATE!Navy Region Southwest School Liaison Newsletter July-August 2012 • Academic Anchor 2
  4. 4. Partnerships In EducationFarb and NMCSD MentorsThe students at Farb Middle School are seeing Navypersonnel on their campus as part of a new Mentor &Mentee (M&M’s) program established through theirpartnership in education. This program provides oneon one attention with Farb students and sailors fromNaval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD). The FarbMentoring Program helps to empower youth in ourmilitary community to make positive life choices thatenable them to maximize their potential.The mentoring program uses adult active duty militaryvolunteers to commit to supporting, guiding, and beinga friend to a young person for a committed period offive-week sessions during lunch. By becoming part ofthe social network of adults and military communitymembers who care about the youth, the mentor canhelp youth develop and reach positive academic, career,and personal goals. We would like to thank all thoseat NMCSD who have helped us get this pilot programoff the ground to making a difference in the lives of thestudents at Farb Middle School. New PIE for Cabrillo Elementary and ARCO (ARDM-5) On May 11, 2012, Cabrillo Elementary School’s Principal Suarez signed an official Partnership-in-Education Agreement with Commanding Offi cer LCDR Mack Schmidt, from ARCO (ARDM-5) from Naval Base Point Loma. The command plans to assist the school primarily with academic classroom support, as well as with full special event participation. Several classrooms of students welcomed their new command partners and enjoyed watching Mr. Suarez receive a signed photograph and treasured command coin. NBPL SLO, Robin Williamson, coordinated the offi cial signing ceremony and new partnership.3 Academic Anchor • July-August 2012 Navy Region Southwest School Liaison Newsletter
  5. 5. Transition SupportTis’ the season. Some tips to get you started when you are moving to a location within NRSW: Begin with the SLO webpage.PCS season that is! It is located at http://mwrtoday.com/slo and it is full of valuable information and resources, to include:Your School Liaison Officers are standing by to • checklist for school movesoffer information and resources on schools located • relevant websites to research schools (your School Liaison can’t recommendin the Navy Region Southwest area. We have Navy specific schools, but are standing by to provide guidance on resources to helpSchool Liaisons located at major installations in you make the best decision for your children)Metro San Diego, El Centro, Ventura, Lemoore, • Contact numbers for both Navy (region wide) and Marine Corps School LiaisonsMonterey, and in Fallon, Nevada. since we work jointly in the Metro San Diego area and have a SL assigned to every school at all 42 districts in San Diego CountyMoving to a new • State, district and other online resources to help you plan your move to ensurelocation can be a smooth educational transition for your childrenboth exciting and • Information on our Exceptional Family Member Program and who to contact for further informationoverwhelming, • Upcoming events to include our annual Enrollment Fair for families whoseparticularly with children will attend San Diego Unified School District in Fall 2012school aged children.We are here to work Questions can also be addressed at eachon your behalf to installation Facebook page which can be found at:minimize stress and help Metro San Diego (Naval Base San Diego, Point Loma and Coronado;you make an educated decision. NAS El Centro) - https://www.facebook.com/sandiegoschoolliaisonOn behalf of the School Liaison Naval Base Ventura County - www.facebook.comnbvcschoolliaisonprogram, welcome to Navy Region Naval Air Station Lemoore - www.facebook.com/NASLemooreSLOSouthwest!Check List for School MovesTo ensure smooth transition, process should be School Records: SCHOOL ARRIVALstarted approximately 30 days before move. Most recent Report cards Let the school know:From the Parent/Guardian: Withdrawal grades with schedule If your child has an IEP, 504 or RtI Plan? Student’s original/certified birth certificate or progress reports Other supports received: Student’s social security number/card Test scores - Tutoring (standardized or special program testing, etc.) Student’s shot record (yellow card) - Counseling Current Individual Education Plan (IEP) Legal documents, as needed Individual Accommodation Plan (504) - Other (power of attorney, custody papers, etc.) Educational or Behavioral Concerns Medical records to support diagnosis, Military housing orders, lease, rental orders or care under IEP or 504 Specialized Classes or Programs agreement, mortgage document or (GATE, Seminar, AP) Triennial Report and/or Referral for Services Proof of residency (1 or 2 recent utility bills) Other:_________________________ Follow up on: Local emergency contact or two separate phone numbers Are you EFMP? Special Program Records as Appropriate: Does it affect your’School Information: child’s education? Education Psych Assessment Address, phone numbers, email, Do you know your other contact information All Assessment Reports Ombudsman, Course description book/grading scale Gifted and Talented Program description FRG or FRO? (for 6th grade and above) English Learner or Bilingual Education School web page description Other:_________________________ At-Risk or other action plans for classroom support RtI Plan (Response to Intervention) Individualized School Healthcare PlanNavy Region Southwest School Liaison Newsletter July-August 2012 • Academic Anchor 4
  6. 6. Individual Deployment Support Augmentee (IA) Military Kids Connect Sailor & Family Programs In January 2012, the DOD launched a new website for military kids of all ages and in all stages of the deployment cycle to connect with one another This August, FFSC joins Morale Welfare & and learn valuable coping skills. Military Kids Connect has 5 resource sections Recreation (MWR) and sponsors to thank our for different audiences: kids (aged 6-8 year), tweens (aged 9-12 years), teens IAs and families at our annual IA Beach Bash on (aged13-17 years), teachers, and parents. The parent and teacher sections Saturday, August 25 from 10 am-2 pm at Naval contain information about how kids at different ages react to the different Base Coronado’s Breakers Beach (North Island). stages of deployment. The child, tween, and teen sections contain interactive The IA Beach Bash is a fun-in-the-sun reunion resources and videos describing each phase of deployment. There are also and appreciation event for anyone who has ever games where kids can earn cool stamps for their online passport, while learning deployed as an IA (active, reserve, retired, or no valuable information to help them grow stronger as they face challenges. For longer in service), their families and friends, the the tween and teen set, there is a social network forum where they can post questions and comments and virtually interact with other military kids around families of those currently serving on an IA tour, the globe. If you know a military kid you won’t want to miss Military Kids and Sailors and families who have orders to deploy Connect. Check it out at www.militarykidsconnect.org. as an IA. We hope to see you there! FFSC also offers: • IA Sailor & Family Deployment Readiness Workshops: Critical information before your IA tour! • IA Family Connection: Monthly opportunities for all families of deployed Flat BratTM was developed as a joint effort IAs to enjoy networking, free dinner, on-site by Benita Koeman and Beth Allen to bring childcare, and get the latest deployment resources. another colorable project to military kids to help • IA Family Homecoming Workshop: them through deployments. Beth is a military Families should attend about 60-90 days prior to supporter and the creator of Troops In Touch (http://createmygift.com/ IA homecoming to learn how to make your milkid-products/)interactive postcards and Benita is a military wife, founder reunion the best it can be! of Operation We Are Here, and creator of Brat Town Bugle: A Publication • Returned IA Sailor Workshop: of Non-Recruits in Big Boots (http://www.operationwearehere.com/ Monthly opportunity for returned IAs to connect BratTownBugle.html) with other IA’s and get the latest information on financial and stress resources. They developed Flat BratTM to be gender and race neutral, and specific to military children (aka military brats), something that would help bridge the • IA Family Email Tree: gap between the deployed parent and military child. They thought that the Weekly updates on little military brat Beth had designed for Brat Town Bugle was a perfect fit. resources for all loved So Flat BratTM, get ready for an adventure! ones of IA Sailors. • Command IA How it works: Coordinator • Print out Flat Brat (www.operationwearehere.com/FlatBrat.pdf) (CIAC) Support: Have your child(ren) color Flat Brat. Monthly training • Optional: Print on card stock paper, write on the back, laminate or apply contact and weekly emails paper. Consider adding a popsicle stick on the back for windy day pictures. of resource updates for CIACs. • Put Flat Brat in an envelope and sent him/her on an adventure. Will Flat Brat visit a deployed parent? Or relatives who live far away? Maybe Flat Brat will Please call 619-556-7439 visit a lonely Soldier who doesn’t receive a lot of mail. for more information on • Be sure that Flat Brat’s host takes pictures of his/her adventuresome trip! FFSC’s IA programs. Where does Flat Brat sleep? Where does he/she eat? Did you share your ice cream with Flat Brat? Does Flat Brat travel in your pocket? • Keep a journal of Flat Brat’s adventures. • Ask Flat Brat to send a post card or other keepsakes of his/her travels. • Be sure to post photos of Flat Brat’s adventure on the Operation Here We Are Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/#!/OperationWeAreHere)5 Academic Anchor • July-August 2012 Navy Region Southwest School Liaison Newsletter
  7. 7. We Got Jobs! It’s as easy as A B CA: Make an Appointment! C: Mark your Calendar:Do you ever feel like you spend all your In September, FFSC hosts a semi- Informationtime looking for jobs and never find annual job fair on September 26 fromanything? Employers are looking for 10 am-2 pm at the Scottish Rite Centeryou; you just have to know the right in Mission Valley, 1895 Camino Del & Referralplace to find them. FFSC offers eight Rio South. We encourage you to savelocations with support to help you make the date…but you don’t have to waityour dream career a reality. Whether you if you’re looking for help finding yourare ready to begin the resume process or next dream job! As kids return to school (I&R)just want to find specific opportunities this August and the summer comes to Are you new to San Diego? Doin your area, make an appointment at a close, FFSC can help you find the you want to meet other militaryyour nearest FFSC by calling 866-923- perfect career for you! Please save the families? Are you tired of not6478. date for September, but visit us at FFSC knowing where to turn when you in July or August to get your ducks in a have a question? Do you haveB: Be Ready! row before the big event. questions about childcare, pay,It’s true that you only get one entitlements, transportation, mili-opportunity to make a first impression. For more information call 619-556- tary family benefits, or what toIt’s critical that you are ready to make 9866, visit us at www.cnic.navy.mil/ do in our area?the most out of the time you have with navylifesw or find us on Facebook at Fleet & Family Support Centeryour future employer. Professional attire www.Facebook.com/FFCPSanDiego. (FFSC) is your one-stop-shopis just one part of your impression. to learn about all the resourcesFFSC can help you with mock available to you. Visit FFSCinterviews to hone your skills I&R Consultants to learn aboutand improve your confidence. new and exciting resources.Take our Winning Interview Learn where to find sitters whoTechniques workshop have already had backgroundor schedule your own checks, free food resources,personalized session today. free K-12 tutors on almost any subject, fun and cost- effective opportunities in and around San Diego, information about your installation, and the Calling All CPO Inductees… latest that is available in the community for you. Congratulations to all those who have been selected to serve as Chief Petty Officers (CPOs) in the United States Navy! This August, FFSC hosts several workshops for The I&R Department can make your stay in San Diego, CPO Selectees that offer the latest resources and information critical to your new America’s Finest City, an leadership role at the command. informed, empowered, and We hope you will join us at one of the sessions below: FUN one so you and your loved August 21 . . 8 am-12 pm . . Lowry Theater, Naval Air Station North Island ones can take advantage of all August 22 . . 8 am-12 pm . . Base Theater, Naval Base San Diego that sunny Southern California August 23 . . 8 am-12 pm . . Sims Hall, Naval Base Point Loma, Main Base has to offer. Schedule an appointment at 866-923-Call 619-553-4744 to reserve your spot. Don’t wait – spaces fill quickly! 6478 or visit any of our FFSC locations in San Diego. Like us on Facebook at www. facebook.com/FFCPSanDiego. Navy Region Southwest School Liaison Newsletter July-August 2012 • Academic Anchor 6
  8. 8. Command, School & Community Connections Month of the Military Child By: Kelly Donahue, School Liaison OfficerTo celebrate “Month of the Silver Strand Elementary School also the Wounded Warriors which areMilitary Child,” Coronado’s Village participated in a variety of “Military being delivered to Balboa hospital,Elementary School participated Kids” activities to include a special as well as welcome home letters toin a weeklong “Military Child Spotlight Assembly to celebrate single soldiers. Club members alsoAppreciation” event from April “Month of the Military Child” on created “inventions” that could com-16-20. The School Liaison Officer, April 20. Additionally, Silver Strand fort a deployed parent or the familyMilitary Family Life Consultants, students involved with “Military Kids at home. One was a wristband withand members of Village’s “Military Club,” made cards for other military a child’s face for the deployed parentMom’s Club,” worked with the students in the area, and participated to hold over his/her heart. Othersvarious military clubs at both in a pen-pal program with an over- included a “comfort ball” and con-Coronado Middle School and seas school in Japan. Other activities tainer with loving messages writtenCoronado High School to coordinate during the month included Beth on popsicle sticks to be read whenthis celebration. Members of the Linde, the school librarian, doing a the deployed parent is lonely, andStudent-2-Student club and the Born weekly read aloud on themes con- wind chimes with sounds of loveRaised And Transferred (B.R.A.T.) nected to the challenges of military from home. These inspirational “in-club volunteered their time to assist children, and leading students in ventions” are on display in the frontand mentor the K-5 military students discussion on topics such as deploy- office at Silver Strand.and helped with the activities. The ment and relocation.students at Village rotated through Finally, the MFLC and Ms. Orth,a variety of activities to include: During Military Kids Club, one of the school’s Technology Resourceskyping sessions with military the school’s enrichment clubs that Teacher, arranged for militarychildren overseas, drawing pictures meets weekly and is supervised by students to skype with deployedand making cards for other military the MFLC, the children also brain- family members, which will continuechildren in the area, and participating stormed and completed projects in to be an ongoing opportunity forin group discussions of why being a connection with this month’s theme. Silver Strand’s military familiesmilitary child is important. Among these were caring letters to throughout the school year.7 Academic Anchor • July-August 2012 Navy Region Southwest School Liaison Newsletter
  9. 9. Elementary School Tour Commanding Officer for a Day CAPT Scott Adams, CO NBPL; The Navy Region Southwest School Liaison Team took pride in offering Ms. Tanya Belsan, Dewey Principal; “COMMANDING OFFICER FOR A DAY” field trip on board local Naval Bases. Ms. Veronica Boblett, NBPL Ombudsman and Dewey Volunteer Parent; Commanding Officer for a Day was a Navy Region Southwest initiative to provide an CMDCM Brian McDonough, NBPL CMC. interactive day for student’s grades five thru twelve on board local installations. A tour of the Elementary School was Each installation offered positive engagement with area school districts, mentoring for given by its Principal and highlighted students, and first-hand experience to the unique lifestyle of the Navy. Students even the school’s Connections Corner Room. enjoyed lunch at base facilities. Photo taken inside the Dewey Elementary School’s Connections Corner Room.The Job Shadow ProgramTwenty-one seniors aspiring to become engineers have taken their pursuit to a new level.As the first soon-to-be graduates of Hueneme High’s EDCP Academy, they have beengiven an opportunity to get a first-hand look at engineering professionals through the JobShadow Program.As part of the academy’s curriculum, each of the students is required to do an internshiptheir senior year, and the Job Shadow Program fulfills that requirement.The Job Shadow Program allows students to visit various commands at Naval BaseVentura County (NBVC) throughout the month of May and experience what engineersdo in their jobs on a daily basis. During the visits, students are exposed to a varietyof engineering disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, computer, energy andenvironmental engineering. Calling all Home School Families: Home School Linkage Here are some Helpful Home School Record Keeping Links NUMEROUS links to various record keeping ideas and sites http://homeschooling.about.com/od/records/Record_Keeping_and_Scheduling.htm Record keeping http://donnayoung.org/index.htm Grading home schooling http://www.squidoo.com/homeschool_grading#module4837069 Free home school record keeping http://www.xomba.com/free_printable_homeschool_report_card_and_grade_forms How to grade home school papers http://www.ehow.com/how_4457014_grade-homeschool-papers.html Home school tracker http://www.homeschool-curriculum-and-support.com/record-keeping.html Home school views: to grade or not to grade? http://www.homeschoolviews.com/articles/feature/grades.htmlNavy Region Southwest School Liaison Newsletter July-August 2012 • Academic Anchor 8
  10. 10. Post-Secondary Preparation Apprenticeships & Vocational Edcucation Planning Your Future Students interested in skilled occupations should start planning during high school. Apprenticeships, on-the-job training and certifications are offered through professional organizations, Unions, State and Federal Governments and Community Colleges. High school classes are an important first step to being competitive when applying for an apprenticeship, or to succeed in a vocational program. For skilled occupations, there are high school classes available to prepare students. Consider shop courses, mechanical drawing, physics, blueprint reading, drafting, higher mathematics, chemistry, electricity, welding, computers or similar classes. For those going into hospitality or business; classes in food, nutrition, business or marketing can be a first step towards a career. You Can Start in High School. High schools offer career and technical education programs for students who want to enter the workforce directly out of The Regional Occupational high school, or seek apprenticeship programs. The Regional Program (ROP) provides Occupational Program (ROP) provides students the skills necessary for successful employment. ROP programs are offered students the skills necessary to high school students free of charge. Depending on the ROP for successful employment. class a student chooses, there may be certification available at the end of the course. ROP classes are offered at many high schools; however, not all classes are offered at every high school. ROP classes include: • Computer Repair & Maintenance • Fashion Retail & Merchandising • Graphic Design • Fashion Retail & Merchandising • Welding Technology • Health Careers/Medical Terminology • Nursing Assistant • Veterinary Science Check with your high school counselor for the ROP classes offered at your high school or visit the ROP links at right.9 Academic Anchor • July-August 2012 Navy Region Southwest School Liaison Newsletter
  11. 11. Area ROP Programs Find the Program for California Career Zone National Joint Apprenticeship You and How to Apply An employment exploration and Training Committee ofSan Diego ROP and planning system designed National Electrical Contractorshttp://www.sdcoe.net/rop/ California Apprenticeship especially for students Association (NECA) and Coordinators Association http://www.cacareerzone.org/ International Brotherhood ofKings County ROP Over 30 Union apprenticeship Electrical Workers (IBEW)http://www.kings.k12.ca.us/ USA Jobs for http://www.njatc.org/home.aspx program descriptions, with re- Students and GradsCareerEducation/SitePages/ gional contacts and website linksKingsROP.aspx Volunteer Opportunities California Community Colleges http://www.calapprenticeship. Apprenticeships Career education vocationalVentura County ROP org/ http://www.usajobs.gov/ programs include technicalhttp://www.vcoe.org/rop/ California Department StudentsAndGrads and industrial trades, healthROPCourses.aspx of Industrial Relations occupations, business and finance, I Build It! Power to your future electronics and computer sciences, Apprenticeship Search Find out about the manyMonterey County ROP agriculture, police and fire science, http://www.dir.ca.gov/das/das. opportunities in the buildinghttp://www.missiontrailsrop.org/ food science, building and html construction trades and where to landscaping, trades and more Professional Organizations start http://www.cccapply.org/ http://www.dir.ca.gov/das/ T Professional associations post colleges/ jobs and apprenticeships on their ibuiltit/ Web sites. Being a member of a professional organization is a great resume builder http://www.cacareercafe.com/ associations/ EFMP Resources New to San Diego? New to EFMP? New to Command EFM POC? Welcome to San Diego and the Exceptional Family Member Program! The FFSC San Diego EFMP Liaison Team would like Naval Base San Diego to welcome you to San Diego with one-stop shopping of Waterfront Recreation Center, Bldg. 45 the most relevant local EFMP support organizations on 10-11:30 am Wednesday, August 29, 2012. Staff and materials from For all enrolled in EFMP and Command EFMP POCs each organization will be present. For additional information contact 619-556-6899.Navy Region Southwest School Liaison Newsletter July-August 2012 • Academic Anchor 10
  12. 12. Your Navy School Liaison Contacts Shannon Milder Robin Williamson Navy Region Southwest Coastal Schools/Point Loma Regional School robin.williamson@navy.mil Liaison Officer 858-431-6482 shannon.milder@navy.mil 619-532-4251 Paula Emmert Monica James Navy Region Southwest Naval Base Ventura County Deputy School monica.james@navy.mil Liaison Officer 805-989-5211 paula.emmert@navy.mil 858-349-7678 Michelle Lange Margaret Gladders Murphy Canyon/ NAS Lemoore Downtown margaret.gladders@navy.mil michelle.lange@navy.mil 559-998-2242 619-991-2509 Kelly Donahue Melissa Burns Coronado/South Bay/ NAS Fallon Imperial Beach melissa.l.burns@navy.mil kelly.donahue@navy.mil 775-426-3738 619-247-9109 Chanin Massaglia Tina Wekell East County/Santee/ NPS/Monterey Lemon Grove/El Centro ecwekell@nps.edu chanin.massaglia@navy.mil 831-656-1008 619-247-9082Academic AnchorJuly-August 2012 If you haven’t found us yet, please look for us on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/sandiegoschoolliaison