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Newsletter for web

  1. 1. Brighter FuturesNews from Edgewood Center for Children and Families W W W. E D G E W O O D . O RG FA L L 2 0 1 0letter from the ceoI am often asked, “What is Edgewood?” Ican give long, detailed explanations of eachof our programs, but sometimes I like tosimplify things.I tell people to imagine Edgewood rescuingchildren drowning in a river. But, 20 yearsago we started asking, “Who is pushingthose kids in?”Many people don’t realize that 75% of ourefforts are focused upstream, recognizingand impacting those turning points that canbe pivotal moments of success or failure forthese children.We do this through our bedrocks ofEducation, Family Support, and BehavioralHealth.In this issue of Brighter Futures we want toshare a couple of stories about our services.You’ll read about Edgewood Non-PublicSchool and our advocacy efforts. San Francisco Kinship Grandmother, Willmere Arterberry, attended the annual Mother’s Day tea. The teaThe river is deep and wide, but with your is held for participants of Edgewood’s San Francisco Kinship Services. Volunteers and staff served tea andcontinued support, more and more Bay Area crumpets at Thrive House. Every caregiver was invited to wear her fanciest hat.children and families are on safe and higherground.Sincerely, Story of Hope: Achievement Day Hiding beneath a heavy black sweatshirt, liked and disliked. Best of all, when she had the hoodie pulled tightly over her head, a rough day Edgewood staff understood. Ana arrived for her first day at Edgewood’s therapeutic school. She flourished under this attention. Soon, the girl who had been a silent bundle hidingNancy H. Rubin At just 15 years old, she seemed lost. She under a sweatshirt was making jokes,CEO had failed at her last two schools, and had highlighting her hair, and discovering a talent withdrawn deeper and deeper into isolation, for poetry. alienation, and her own inner world of terror and shadows. By coming to Edgewood she Every year Edgewood celebrates its children was able to benefit from academic support, and youth at Achievement Day. At last therapy sessions, and small classroom sizes— year’s Achievement Day, Ana read two of stability and structure that were lacking at her favorite poems in front of an audience her previous schools and what she needed to of over 100 people. She delivered her two succeed on a daily basis. pieces with sharp articulation and perfect pacing. She was rewarded when the After several months attending Edgewood audience leapt to their feet with applause. Non-Public School, Ana’s confidence soared. Ana exited the stage proud and filled with Relationships grew stronger and, more and triumph that she was able to share her love, more, her fear was contained. Edgewood emotion, and art. staff and teachers listened to her every word, With the help of a generous grant from the Junior and tried to understand her silence. They Ana left Edgewood with the tools to succeed. surrounded her with a safe environment, She enjoys time with family, supports her League of San Francisco, the Edgewood filled with warmth, care, and trustworthy siblings, and is looking for a summer job. San Francisco Food Bank opened its doors in June Finally, she has hope. to an excited crowd. The goal of the program is to people waiting when she reached out. provide groceries to over 130 families weekly. Now in the company of nurturing staff, Find out more. Ana took the chance to reveal herself. She started to express her feelings—what she Visit
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  3. 3. donors and events notes from the diamond healthykin: an education beyond booksThe Edgewood Auxiliary hosted its 44th Thanks to Edgewood donors and the Art For many of us, physical pain is a fleetingAnnual Edgewood Fair “Rock the Casbah” Recreation Therapeutic Services (ARTS) experience. We call our doctor or Googleon May 4 and 5 at the Presidio’s Golden Gate Program, this past year Edgewood Non- an answer to our medical questions. ButClub. This venerable San Francisco tradition is Public School was able to join a sports for many people, pain is a constant sensa-a lavish two-day fundraiser. The Fair featured league with six other non-public schools, tion, and they don’t know how to get ridboth a fabulous evening affair with a VIP playing softball and basketball. of it. What if you had little or no formalreception, gourmet food and drinks, as well The children involved chose the Eagle education? What if English was your secondas a shopping bazaar and luncheon. Thank as their mascot. While scoring points language? What if you were in your 90’syou to this year’s sponsors and the Edgewood and winning games are important to and didn’t know how to use a computer?Auxiliary for raising over $400,000 forEdgewood’s programs. everyone, the Eagles learned even more Thanks to a three-year grant from the important lessons about competition and Sequoia Healthcare District, our HealthyKin sportsmanship. The Eagles inaugural Community Nurses are able to provide baseball season turned into a 6-0 record, Chronic Disease Self-Management Work- finishing in 1st place in the league, and shops in English and Spanish to help parents winning the NPS Sports League tournament. and grandparent caregivers take better care Read a highlight from the final game as told of themselves, as well as the children for by Coach Noam Scott: whom they provide. The workshops provide The Dragons were hard hitting, fast answers and guidance on how to manage running, but the Eagles jumped out to a pain and reduce the negative impacts of quick 3-0 lead in the top of the first inning. chronic illnesses such as diabetes and hyper- The Dragons looked to respond with their tension. own flames, but the Eagles taut defense Upon graduating the program, caregivers had other ideas. During the 9th inning a feel more confident in their abilities to man- Fair co-chair Janet Lautenberger and guest hot-shot grounder bounced over 2nd base age their own well-being. “I have learned speaker, Christine Carter, author of “Raising player A.’s glove, up came T. with the ball how to live with my diabetes, recogniz- and a foot on 2nd base for the out, and a ing symptoms, measuring my levels, etc.,” Happiness: 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful rocket-like throw to home plate for another remarked one graduate from Redwood City. Kids and Happier Parents.” tag out by brick wall catcher B. for the “With the help of my instructors, I have game-winning double play. learned how to manage a chronic illness, Final Score: Eagles 8 – Dragons 3. which I will need to do for the rest of my life.”Ultimate Hero Guardian ($2,000+) To read more about the season, please($20,000+) visit Beyond providing caregiver workshops, we Dr. James Anthony also support the children and teens within diamond/notes-from-the-diamond.html.Friends of Edgewood and Kris Anthony each household to ensure the health and Anna and Gregg well-being of the entire family unit. OurSuper Hero nurses provide in-home health consultations, Brockway($10,000+) give advice, and make referrals in an environ- CAL Insurance & ment that is comfortable for the family. WeThe Chill Foundation Associates, Inc. provide health education, exercise, and nutri-Verizon tion classes for youth in our San Bruno Youth Martha and PaulWDFA Marketing Chamberlain Drop-In Center, where they are able to have fun learning among peers. Paul B. Holm, Jr.Hero ($5,000+) By providing non-judgmental, culturally Elizabeth Leep competent, and respectful health servicesBritish Motor CarDistributors, Ltd. Carol and Lenny for caregivers and youth, HealthyKin builds Lieberman knowledge and healthy practices that can beCecily Cameron and passed on from generation to generation.Derek Schrier, EGG Mary Ann and BillFoundation MargarettenDana and Bob Emery Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLPThe McKenzieFoundation of San Jeff and Kim QvaleFrancisco Kathy and ChrisSusan and Bill SwindleOberndorf An abstract painting from the Wells Fargo Edgewood Non-Public School Art Show.Mark and LauraYockey Wilson Sonsini The event showcased art from elementary, Goodrich & Rosati middle and high school students. Foundation3 To view more photos from the Edgewood Fair, please visit
  4. 4. The mission of Edgewood Center for Children and Families is to strengthenchildren, youth, families, and their communities through service, training,advocacy, and research. NONPROFIT ORG. U.S. POSTAGE SAN FRANCISCO CAMPUS EDGEWOOD SAN MATEO EDGEWOOD SAN BRUNO PAID 1801 VICENTE STREET 957 INDUSTRIAL ROAD, SUITE B YOUTH DROP-IN CENTER SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94116 SAN CARLOS, CA 94070 931 SAN BRUNO AVENUE, SUITE 1 SAN FRANCISCO, TEL: 415.681.3211 TEL: 800.496.3019 SAN BRUNO, CA 94066 CA 415.375.7626 PERMIT NO. 7055 WWW.EDGEWOOD.ORG ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED levi strauss & co. community day inside inside this issue brighter futures 44 volunteers from Levi Strauss & Co. came to campus on May 5 and awarded Edgewood $12,000. Volunteers set up “Pop-up Shops” in Halleck and Stow Cottages, providing a “shopping” experience for Letter from the CEO 1 all campus residents. Residential children picked out a pair of Levi’s® jeans and a t-shirt. Volunteers also built picnic benches and tables, made cards for Kinship kids, and gardened. Robert Hanson, President, Levi Story of Hope 1 Strauss Americas, participated in all of the activities. Advocacy 2 Joanna Ratcliff Ballou 2 Edgewood Fair 3 Notes from the Diamond 3 HealthyKin 3 upcoming event To learn about more about volunteer opportunities, please visit