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Cloud World Series Portfolio


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2012-2013 Event Brochure. Regions Include: UK, EU, Middle East, Africa, Asia, India, South America, North America

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Cloud World Series Portfolio

  1. 1. 10720 Cloud Series Brochure Updates_Layout 1 06/08/2012 09:40 Page a 2012/2013 EVENTS CALENDAR Now in its 5th Year WHERE TECHNOLOGY MEETS BUSINESS
  2. 2. 10720 Cloud Series Brochure Updates_Layout 1 06/08/2012 09:41 Page 1 10 global locations 69% 10,000+ 250+ high-level attendees global exhibitors operator and enterprise delegates Free Your Guide to the Leading Serving to attend for enterprise Global Cloud event Series every corner of the cloud and telcos Where Technology Meets Business ecosystem Believing the Cloud Buzz Welcome to the Cloud World Series. Were looking forward to the next 12 months - a period that coincides with 5 years of our events “The ability to experiment at Much has changed since our first show in 2009 – the Cloud Computing World Forum, in London. very low cost with incredibly In line with the vast expansion of the Cloud market, our events have grown to have a presence across the globe, delivering advanced tools will change cloud-focused conferences in locations from Sao Paulo to Mumbai. every industry as we’ve known them in Our Cloud World Forum in London continues to grow, continues to grow, becoming the leading cloud event in Europe the past.” with over 5,000 attendees expected in 2013. Our series is now the longest running and highest attended cloud event series in the world. John Sculley, Former CEO of Apple and Now, in partnership with Informa, we’re growing further – incorporating more events in more locations, and producing a Cloud World Series Keynote Speaker cloud series with an ever greater reach that will bring two vital aspects of the market – the telcos and the enterprises – together, to keep at pace with the industry and keep every business involved in cloud, informed. With an increased emphasis on networking opportunities and introduction services, the Cloud World Series will provide the platform to engage with enterprise and telco decision-makers globally. All in all, an exciting year! We hope we’ll see you at our events. 79% of traditional Regards, enterprise ICT expenditure can Mark Johnstone, Ian Hemming , shift to the cloud Director, CEO, Informa Telecoms & Media Cloud World Series Informa Telecoms and Media 1 @CloudWSeries
  3. 3. 10720 Cloud Series Brochure Updates_Layout 1 06/08/2012 09:42 Page 2 June 26-27, 2013 PAGE 3-5 143 62% Olympia National Hall, London 600+ expert speakers countries represented CxO / Director level attendance June 26, 2013 London, UK October 16-18, 2012 Amsterdam, The Netherlands PAGE 6 PAGE 7-8 Cloud isn’t just about cost savings – November 13-14, 2012 PAGE 9-10 Kong Kong IT’S ABOUT CHANGING BUSINESSES. Of course, cloud computing’s elegant operational model can disrupt the cost dynamics of enterprise IT. Just-in-time access to digital resources and paying only for consumption are important reasons to November 14-15, 2012 Cape Town, South Africa PAGE 11-12 consider software, platform and infrastructure as a service. Indeed, Informa Telecoms & Media estimates 79% of traditional enterprise ICT expenditure can shift March 26-27, 2013 PAGE 13-14 to the cloud. But how and when depends on the end-user. Cloud vendors need to do more than just talk money. They’ve got to show how they can improve Dubai, UAE business processes – from within the IT department, to line of business, and not least, to mobile employees in the field. PAGE 15-16 Quick wins exist within specific expert groups like test/dev operations, but also across entire 15-17 April, 2013 organisations with cloud-powered collaboration tools. London, UK And don’t forget that cloud services target ‘things’ as well as people – live information on products, assets, end-user vehicles accessible and manageable wherever they are. That’s cloud-managed ‘big’ data in action. Camille Mendler Organisations of all types are rising to the cloud (see fig. 1), but the reasons will be for what they get back, not just what Principal Analyst – Informa Telecoms & Media April 23-24, 2013 Johannesburg, South Africa PAGE 17-18 they save. @cmendler Global: Cloud computing contract distribution by industry, 2011 August 27-28, 2013 Sao Paulo, Brazil PAGE 19-20 17.7% Public sector 7.1% Energy & utilities 12.4% High technology 7.1% Wholesale & retail September 24-25, 2013 PAGE 21-22 11.5% 6.2% Health (private) Media & broadcast New York, USA 11.5% Professional 5.3% Hospitality and PAGE 23-24 services leisure October 22-23, 2013 10.6% Manufacturing 2.7% Transportation Mumbai, India 8.0% Financial services December 3-4, 2013 London, UK PAGE 25-26 Cloud World Series 2
  4. 4. 10720 Cloud Series Brochure Updates_Layout 1 06/08/2012 09:44 Page 3 5th Annual 5,000+ attendees 1,000+ 8 conference 26th and 27th June 2013 theatres VIPs Olympia National Hall, London The Business of Cloud Explained A premier meeting place for technology leaders from across the continent, the Cloud World Forum pitches the globe’s top cloud providers alongside end-users and innovators from across industry sectors. With 8 seminar theatres and a packed two day conference agenda, the event offers attendees a chance to learn about the latest technological changes from those in the know – with expert speakers providing visions of cloud’s future, and an array of case studies showcasing present-day implementation examples. This year’s show promises to build on the success of the Cloud Computing World Forum 2012, with more networking Very enjoyable. An opportunities, more specialised partner zones and more focus on the solutions beyond the infrastructure – from the mobile insightful event with a cloud to enterprise application innovations and more. Expect good balance between London to be the centre of the cloud computing universe on exhibition and speakers – Oracle 26th and 27th June 2013! WHO WILL YOU MeeT? Attendee Breakdown 43% Customers / End Users 4,621 Attendee Numbers 15% Press and Analysts 1,031 C Level 24% Solution Provider 1,117 VIP Invited Guests 14% Telecom Operator/Host 210 Speakers 4% Association / Regulatory Bodies 103 Press Sales 3 +44 (0)845 519 1230 Enquiries
  5. 5. 10720 Cloud Series Brochure Updates_Layout 1 06/08/2012 09:45 Page 4 200+ expert industry speakers Over 120 sponsors and exhibitors Previous expert speakers included: Werner Vogels Bill Hilf Bill Limond CTO GeneralManager CIO amazon Web Services Windows azure City of London andy nelson Peter ransom JP rangaswami CIO CIO ChiefScientist UK Government Oxfam Salesforce John Sculley adam Gerrard Paul Boyns FormerCEO CTO HeadofITStrategy apple and Pepsico andPolicy BBC FOCUS On BIG DaTa InTrODUCInG M2M At Cloud World Forum 2013, The Internet of Things… it’s becoming widely accepted well be introducing the Big that machine-to-machine connectivity and real-time data Data Pavilion - a conference analytics is the future - both for the consumer market and theatre and sponsor area in the enterprise. At Cloud World Forum 2013, a number of highlighting the latest trends breakout sessions and agenda topics will be devoted to and technologies related to big getting to grips with the latest technologies driving data in the enterprise. industry change. A fascinating show. Interesting to see the breadth of products on offer, and the energy around the subject of cloud computing – Hewlett-Packard Speaker Enquiries +44 (0)845 519 1230 4
  6. 6. 10720 Cloud Series Brochure Updates_Layout 1 06/08/2012 09:46 Page 5 5th Annual 26th and 27th June 2013 43% Customer / End User attendees Olympia National Hall, London What makes the Cloud World Forum unique? TaCKLInG THe BIG TOPICS exPLOre OUr ParTner ZOneS MeeT aLL THe LeaDInG OPeraTOrS • Enterprise Applications With the cloud market rapidly expanding, partner schemes are proving an invaluable • Evolving Business Models catalyst for innovation among the globe’s top Alongside some of technology’s most recognisable names, the Cloud technology providers. Following the success of • Next Stage of Cloud Security our 2012 show, Cloud World Forum 2013 will World Forum will also feature the latest products from new entrants to • The Rise of the Mobile Cloud showcase more supplier networks and theatres the market, helping to highlight both from global leaders such as Google and those responsible for building the • Putting PaaS into Practice Microsoft, ensuring attendees are given the full infrastructure, and the array of lowdown on every product available and helpful • SaaS Solutions for the SME advice from each corner of the cloud. suppliers building on top of it. Sponsors of our 2012 event included: Sales 5 +44 (0)845 519 1230 Enquiries
  7. 7. 10720 Cloud Series Brochure Updates_Layout 1 06/08/2012 09:48 Page 6 4th Annual June 26, 2013, London, UK Cloud World Series It’s been great – Very exciting. A @CloudWSeries lot of interesting questions coming from the audience, and a lot of focus around the business, as cloud becomes more practical – Categories Include: With over 250 entrants in 2012, the Cloud Computing World Series Awards are regarded as Dell a benchmark for excellence in the Cloud Computing industry. This years awards feature 10 Best Cloud Storage Solution categories, recognising individuals and companies from across the global cloud space. Best Security Solution Winners will be announced by our panel of expert judges at an exclusive dinner following day one of the Cloud World Forum, and competition looks set to be even more fierce this Best Cloud Platform time around. Best Cloud Service Best Social CRM Tool Past winners of our awards include: Best Public Sector Case Study Best Cloud Application For us, the Best Enterprise Case Study CCWS award validated the Best Virtualization Solution emphasis we have placed The Cloud Innovator Award on ensuring our cloud is enterprise ready – Savvis Speaker Enquiries +44 (0)845 519 1230 6
  8. 8. 10720 Cloud Series Brochure Updates_Layout 1 06/08/2012 09:49 Page 7 Co-located with WORLDFORUM2012 8,000 show participants at BBWF October 16-18, 2012 Amsterdam RAI, 270+ speakers at the world’s largest Broadband The Netherlands event, including could experts from 5 continents: The Broadband Cloud Summit is co-located Tony Malone, Tony Werner, ChiefTechnologyOfficer, ChiefTechnologyOfficer with the Broadband World Forum – the world’s Verizon Comcast I am delighted that largest broadband event. Broadband World Amsterdam has been Forum attracts 8,000 participants from 135 Juergen Urbanski, Catherine Hammond, chosen as the new location countries. Now in its 12th year, the event has VPofGlobalArchitecture, StandardizationDirector, for the Broadband World Forum. We very strong participation from service Deutsche Telekom Group Orange providers, who make up 45% of the audience. In look forward to welcoming the all over 400 different service provider Charles Huh, askhai Lamba, global broadband community to our companies were represented in 2011– from VPCloud, ChiefArchitect, country – Maxime Verhagen, Deputy cable, telco, wireless operators - and Korea Telecom MTS, India Prime Minister of The Netherlands attracting attendance from 135 countries. An outstanding keynote line up includes Eelko Blok, CEO of KPN, Tony Malone, CTO of Verizon, WHO WILL YOU MeeT? Tony Werner, CTO of Comcast Iain KPN welcomes the Livingstone, Life President of Eidos Interactive, INDUSTRY BREAKDOWN GEOGRAPHICAL SPLIT selection of Amsterdam as Neelie Kroes, Vice President for the Digital the host city by the Agenda for the European Commission and 43% Service Providers 59% Europe Broadband World Forum. The 18% Core network 9% CxOs from Ericsson, Alcatel Lucent, Huawei, North Cisco and ZTE. The Broadband Cloud Summit infrastructure America Broadband World Forum provides is THE place to meet all the key decision makers 15% Integrators System 8% Asia high level debate on how broadband can be advanced, and leveraged to across the entire cloud computing eco-system and breath life into your cloud strategy by 14% Access Network 5% Middle East the benefit of our society. – Eelco building and cultivating strategic partnerships 8% Components and IP 4% Africa Blok, Chief Executive Officer, KPN and learning from success stories! 2% Analyst/Press 2% South America Sales 7 +44 (20) 701 75321 Enquiries
  9. 9. 10720 Cloud Series Brochure Updates_Layout 1 06/08/2012 09:51 Page 8 400 different service countries participating 135 provider companies BROADBAND CAFE MEETING MASTERCLASS BROADBAND HUB 5 DELEGATE THEATRE KEYNOTE HALL 11 DELEGATE LUNCH MASTERCLASS THEATRE LUNCH CONFERENCE SOLD SOLD 98 97 96 97 99 91 SOLD SOLD 98 SOLD SOLD SOLD 99 SOLD 56 SOLD 101 100 94 RESERVED SOLD SOLD 124 SOLD 89 91 SOLD 95 57 SOLD 84 SOLD 85 SOLD SOLD SOLD 92 93 SOLD 58 100 101 125 78 SOLD 90 59 RESERVED SOLD 88 SOLD R E S E R V E D SOLD 62 87 64 DEMO 102 103 126 RESERVED 86 SOLD 65 SOLD 60 79 SOLD 69 SOLD SOLD SOLD 61 TRUCK 5 WALL WALL RESERVED 63 SOLD CAFE MEETING 80 SOLD 76 SOLD 73 SOLD 66 SOLD SOLD 68 70 SOLD 67 HUB 6 81 108 111 128 72 SOLD 71 107 82 SOLD SOLD 75 77 74 110 129 109 83 SOLD CAFE MEETING HUB 4 RESERVED SOLD 55 RESERVED RESERVED MEETING ROOM 51 SOLD VILLAGE 114 115 123 CAFE MEETING TING 54 112 131 HUB 3 SOLD 115 122 SOLD 120 53 SOLD 34 MR12 113 118 115 SOLD SOLD 52 33 RESERVED MR11 DEMO 37 38 SOLD TRUCK 4 RESERVED 132 MEETING ROOM SOLD 133 VILLAGE SOLD MR10 136 135 SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD 137 138 MR01 36 139 SOLD 47 39 40 140 44 41 MR09 43 48 49 SOLD OFFICE DEMO 42 CAFE MEETING SOLD SOLD HUB 1 SOLD MR08 TRUCK 1 SOLD SOLD 46 DEMO SOLD 45 SOLD 32 TRUCK 2 MR02 50 SOLD 31 BROADBAND DEMO SOLD SOLD SOLD 30 TV TRUCK 3 SOLD SOLD CAFE MEETING 29 11 12 RESERVED HUB 2 SOLD SOLD MR07 MR03 SOLD 28 SOLD SOLD 13 14 27 SOLD 17 SOLD 15 MR06 SOLD 18 16 SOLD SOLD EXHIBITION TOUR PRESS SOLD SOLD ZONE MEETING POINT MR04 RESERVED 23 SOLD SOLD 22 19 SOLD SOLD 10 @CloudWSeries SOLD SOLD 09 08 SOLD 25 18 07 24 SOLD 06 21 SOLD MR05 26 SOLD ENTRANCE Broadband World Forum is still Telecom Cloud Services SOLD 05 one of the most important and EXECUTIVE INSTITUTE SOLD LEADERSHIP SUMMIT 04 03 VIP LOUNGE 01 02 REGISTRATION interesting events in HALL 10 Telecommunication in Europe. Competent speakers, visitors and a lot of interesting discussions and meetings – Ericsson Speaker Enquiries +44 (20) 337 73390 8
  10. 10. 10720 Cloud Series Brochure Updates_Layout 1 06/08/2012 09:53 Page 9 3rd Annual Asia’s PREMIER cloud event 13th - 14th November 2012 Eaton Hotel, Hong Kong Combined Enterprise and PreVIOUS aTTenDeeS InCLUDe: Telco Cloud Focus Adidas • Amazon • ANZ Bank • Asia Cloud Computing Association • Banglalink • Barclays Bank • Bravo • BT • CA Technologies • Cable Wireless • China Mobile • Chong Hing Banking Corporation • Chunghwa Telecom • CITIC Bank • CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd • CSL Ltd • CTI HKBN • Deutsche Bank • Dialog Telekom Axiata • FarEastone Communication Co Ltd • The Cloud World Forum Asia brings together the IT and Telco industrys biggest Forrester Research • Forsythe International Inc • GE Capital • Google • Guangzhou Research players to discuss cloud and do business together. Institute of China • Herbalife • Hewlett Packard • HK Airport • HK Mercantile Exchange Hong Kong • Hong Kong Government • Hong Kong Hospital Authority • Hong Kong Jockey Club • Attended and sponsored by some of the most important and well-respected innovators HSBC • Hutchison Global Communications Ltd • ICBC • JP Morgan Chase • Kirkland Ellis Intl in the regional and global IT and Telecoms industry, the Cloud World Forum Asia agenda LLP • KT • Kumaran System Pvt Ltd • Macao Water • Maxis Malaysia • Microsoft • Mobily • is divided between two streams, focusing on enterprise and telco cloud opportunities. NTT Com Asia Ltd • OGCIO • Omantel • OOCL • Oracle • Ovum • PCCW • Pinsent Masons • PricewaterhouseCoopers • PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia Public Enterprise Cloud attendees will learn about the current enterprise cloud marketplace; telecommunications Co Ltd • SingTel • SK Telecom • Smart Cloud the enterprise cloud opportunity; regulation, security and privacy in the cloud; and Technologies Co Ltd • SmarTone Vodafone • Societe Generale integration strategies and best practice. Asia Ltd • SoftLayer • South China Morning Post • St Teresas Hospital • Starhub • STC • Swiss Reinsurance Company • Taiwan Telco Cloud attendees will discuss what cloud means for the operator; where Fixed Network Co Ltd • Telecom New Zealand • Telekom Brunei opportunities lie; operator position within the ecosystem; and what the future might • Telkom Indonesia • Telstra • Telstra International • Thomson look like according to the experts. Reuters • Times Warner • Towngas • Turner Broadcasting • ENTERPRISE Veolia Water • Verizon • VNPT • Vodafone • Volkswagen CLOUD Endorsed by WHO WILL YOU MeeT? INDUSTRY BREAKDOWN GEOGRAPHICAL SPLIT 72% Enterprises Operators 87% Asia / Pacific 18% Vendors Solution Providers 5% Europe 4% Consultants 8% North America 6% Associations Regulatory Bodies @CloudWSeries #telcocloud Sales 9 +44 (20) 701 75321 Enquiries
  11. 11. 10720 Cloud Series Brochure Updates_Layout 1 06/08/2012 09:54 Page 10 2 500+ attendees stream Conference and co-located expo 60+ expert speakers Speakers have included: Cloud World David Herridge, Simone Brunozzi, Pow Min Chong, HeadofIT, TechnologyEvangelist, GeneralManagerandHead Forum is a adidas Global Sourcing amazon Web Services aPaC ofFixedProductsandServices, one stop Maxis Malaysia Victor Lam, Charles Huh, venue in Asia which DeputyGovernmentChief VPHeadofCloudDepartment, niQ Lai, brings together both InformationOfficer, KT CFO, Hong Kong Government CTI – HKBn end users and Jo allison, ricky Kapur, GeneralManager, Juan Victor “Jovy” Hernandez, practitioners to share ManagingDirectorAsia, Telecom new Zealand VPandHeadforEnterpriseBusiness, the most updated Google enterprise PLDT information in the rapidly changing set The Cloud World Forum of technologies and Asia was a great success services that come for us, from the expert under the umbrella TELCO speakers to the high calibre of Cloud.” CLOUD delegates we will definitely look - The Open to take part again Computing Alliance - NTT Communications Sponsors and Partners have included: Speaker Enquiries +44 ( 20) 701 77985 10
  12. 12. 10720 Cloud Series Brochure Updates_Layout 1 06/08/2012 09:55 Page 11 2nd Annual Co-located with November 14-15, 2012 CTICC, Cape Town, South Africa ensuring Success: new Technologies 2011 Speakers Included: Services For The african enterprise Sponsored in evans Munyuki, Segun Oyebanji, I A BUSINESS-FOCUSEDconference agenda to CIO,BusinessBankBU, InformationTechnologyManager, 2011 by: help you make the right decisions for your aBSa Bank, SouthAfrica Chevron nigeria company Shishir Saraf, Cobus rossouw, I LEARNfrom senior executives representing the CIO, ChiefIntegrationOfficer, whole ecosystem relevant to Africa’s enterprise Sameer africa Ltd, Kenya IMPerIaL Logistics ICT markets – plus expert consultants, Ministry representatives and industry associations Tunji alabi Barak regev GroupHeadforTechnology RegionalManager-Enterprise, I GAINmarket insights from Informa Telecoms and Infrastructure, Google Media’s leading team of enterprise market ecobank analysts I NETWORKin an exhibition showcasing the leading global ICT companies offering A brilliant engineering, infrastructure and services solutions. collection of Plus, business arms of regional, pan-African all the international telecoms service providers and ISPs thanks to the event’s collocation with AfricaCom biggest players in the – the continent’s largest communication event, African market all benefiting from a worldwide respected reputation and 7,000+ attendees. with the same plan - get Africa connected I BENEFITfrom free entry for enterprise representatives in Africa Ericsson Sales 11 +44 (20) 701 75321 Enquiries