Software Park Newsletter Vol. 3/2012 English Version”


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Software Park Newsletter Vol. 3/2012 English Version”

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Software Park Newsletter Vol. 3/2012 English Version”

  1. 1. Vol.3/2012Software Park Thailand’s Flagshipon Cloud and Mobile
  2. 2. EditorialThe game is about to changeEmbracing the cloud Keeping abreast of the helter-skelter change that Software Park Thailand plans to focus on promotinghas lifted us into the digital era has made the last decade and supporting the adoption of cloud computing,a traumatic time for many business people, particularly particularly by those many small- and medium-sizedfor small-and medium-sized, vulnerable enterprises. enterprises that can find real benefits from using it. The new era of cloud computing has arrived and, in Moreover, we have such faith in Thai talent that wea sense, the development of business computing and believe we can develop our software industry into a Cloudinformation technology has reached a kind of a plateau Outsourcing Center over the next five years, designingwhere it will sit for some time into the future, allowing us and providing software services on world get to know it better and to feel more comfortable about The newsletter provides information that willit at a lower, more controllable cost. help business people to understand and begin to Cloud computing is fairly easy to understand if you use software-as-a-service, so they can forget theirthink of it as transforming all those software application worries about an IT infrastructure and concentrateproducts - everything from accounting programs to on their business. You will find information aboutcustomer relationship management and business cloud-promoting collaboration from the Asia-Pacificintelligence - into software application services. Licence Economic Cooperation organisation APEC; aboutfees and all those big up-front investment costs for software houses that are developing software onIT infrastructure are being - at very least - heavily cloud; cloud service providers; SMEs that have alreadyreduced. If, in the future, your business needs any adopted cloud computing; and an interview concerningkind of software service, then you call someone up the Department of Industrial Promotion’s cloud initiative.and get it “piped in” - a bit like telephones or electricity. The new era of cloud computing is here, and it’sPay for what you use, when you want to use it. The a whole lot simpler than it might sound.end result will be much lower investments in IT - as muchas 30 per cent lower. Cloud computing has also brought a new paradigmto the software-development business. No longer should Table of Contentsour software developers be concentrating on turning outproducts that run on in-house hardware; for which theycharge a licence fee. By developing software for the 3 Sharing the Cloud Computing Bonanza Software Park aims to make Thailand a Cloud Outsourcing Centercloud, they will be aiming to create software-as-a-service Second story: Thailand Cloud Alliance- a service you can arrange to access via the Internet andpay for as and when you use it. And this will not be for the 4 - Anise Asia Thailand joins world clouddomestic market alone, but for the world. - Cloud Creation aims to lead the field Rapid Growth in Cloud Computing expected in the next few years Businesses get lower costs, and costs they cancontrol, while our many talented software developers get - TOT pushed cloud computing “High potential” seen in servinga world of opportunities. SME market To support the cloud computing in the country,Software Park Thailands direction this year create four 8 Department ramps up cloud assistance for SMEs Preparedness for AEC added to ECIT Programpillars to support ICT industry including promote CloudData Centre Group, promote and enable local softwareas a service, promote cloud usage or promote the use of Forth story: 10 MT2: A fresh mobile-development initiative Industry joins hands to push newcomers towards ‘huge’ opportunitiesCloud Service in SMEs and governments, and develop 12 ‘Cloud is the present and the future’cloud outsourcing centre in Thailand. Local firms urged to focus immediately on cloud computing Software Park Thailand Newsletter is produced by Software Park Thailand under the National Scienceand Technology Development Agency, Address: 99/31 Software Park Building, ChaengwattanaRd., Pakkred, Nonthaburi 11120, Thailand. Tel. +662 583 9992 Fax: +662 583 2884;
  3. 3. Sharing the Cloud ComputingBonanzaSoftware Park aims to make Thailanda Cloud Outsourcing Center Cloud computing has created a new paradigmfor Thailand’s software industry, enabling softwaredevelopers to set aside the old model of creating,packaging and delivering products and move towardsproviding their software as a service. The new technology is spreading like wildfirearound the world, and the new business model ofproviding software as a service via cloud computingopens up world markets and huge opportunities forlocal software developers. Consequently, Software ParkThailand will direct its efforts towards supporting thegrowth of cloud computing in 2012, and over the nextfive years, will concentrate on making Thailand intoa Cloud Outsourcing Center, supporting demand fromglobal markets. Software Park Thailand director ThanachartNoomnonda said cloud computing required thatsoftware companies adopt a new business model inwhich they delivered their software to customers as aservice, rather like the delivery of a utility such aselectricity, for which the user paid a fee based on theirusage. Assco.Prof. Thanachart Nummonda Director, Software Park Thailand In order to promote and support the use of cloudcomputing by small- and medium-sized enterprises will make these software applications more affordable(SMEs), Software Park Thailand aims to make the for businesses, particularly SMEs, which will be able tocountry a Cloud Outsourcing Center, he said. It will focus access software via cloud services and data centers,this year on two vital areas: pushing the adoption of and will no longer face the need to purchase softwarecloud computing by both software developers and packages and pay licence fees.end users, and encouraging mobility in the use ofinformation technology. As well as promoting the use of cloud computing and striving to make Thailand a cloud outsourcing The park will urge software developers to create center, Software Park Thailand is also planning to set upsoftware that can be offered as a service via cloud a “Cloud Thailand” Data Center, to promote localcomputing, for which customers can pay per use. This software-as-a-service, Thanachart said. 3
  4. 4. In setting up the Cloud Thailand Data Center, the He said the park would also cooperate with thepark will work with business software companies and Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotionother software firms, along with software-service and (OSMEP), under the APEC SMEs project, to promotetelecom-service providers to form a local group including cloud computing for SMEs.TOT, Netbay, Cloud Creation, True IDC, Anise Asia andDatapro Computer System. It is hoped the group will "I think that we will see newcomers and newcreate awareness of local software-as-a-service via innovations entering the market, and the importance ofcloud computing and help to educate businesses, cloud computing will drive software developers toparticularly SMEs, who want to use cloud-based migrate their skills to developing software based oninformation technology to support their operations. The cloud computing, instead of sticking with the traditionalcooperative group will also create matches between model for the software business," Thanachart said.businesses and cloud providers to bring the greatestbenefit to users. He pointed out that one of Software Park Thailand’s hopes was to make the country a centre Software Park Thailand will also work with the for training human resources and training the trainers,Association of Thai Professionals in North America and so its reputation would attract outsourcing from globalCanada (ATPAC) to promote the use of cloud services markets and lead to the country becoming a Cloudamong SMEs, thereby helping them to reduce both the Computing Outsourcing Center. This process will createcost of investing in information technology and the cost an ecosystem which in the future will help to supportof operational applications such as those applying to the free movement of skilled human resources withinmobile devices, tourism and e-commerce. the Asean Economic Community and generate even greater opportunities for Thai software developers to “There are now software companies that develop provide software services via the cloud to the Asean‘on premises’ or licensed applications, such as enter- market, he said.prise resource planning (ERP) or customization tosupport customers’ individual requirements, as well as “With cloud-service outsourcing, the Thaipay-per-use software-as-a-service,” Thanachart said. software industry can become more profitable by positioning itself closer to an upstream global-service supply chain. This can significantly impact Thailand’s economy,” Thanachart said.Thailand Cloud AllianceAnise Asia Thailand joinsworld cloud In a bid to become the leading provider of Anise Asia (Thailand)’s managing director Supholcloud computing and cloud solutions in Thailand and Tantisiriwat said the global connections arising fromSoutheast Asia under the brand name StarAnise, SSC StarAnise’s alliance with Joyent’s GCN had made it oneSolutions has forged an alliance with Joyent’s Global of the world’s largest public cloud services. It offersComputer Network (GCN) to set up Anise Asia robust Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-(Thailand). a-Service (PaaS) and So ftware-as-a-Service (SaaS) products to support individual customers, supply The new firm plans to provide cloud solutions chains and even entire industries. Customers will befor small-and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and able to choose the services that best fit their needs.for large corporations in Southeast Asian markets. SME’s, especially, will benefit from its affordable SaaS applications, which have already been tested and launched on both Joyent’s GCN and StarAnise Cloud. 4
  5. 5. Suphol said that besides selling and implementingJoyent’s SmartDataCenter (SDC) cloud software tocustomers for private, public and even hybrid clouds, Suphol Tantisiriwatthe StarAnise public cloud offers the best performance Managing Director of Anise Asia (Thailand)SmartMachine, running native SmartOS for UNIX-based applications, Linux and Windows VM runningWindows Server 2008, both standard and enterprise “Similarly, we look forward to working with localeditions. All come in small, medium, large and cloud providers to form cloud alliances in Thailand. Thisextra-large packages. would benefit the customers of every cloud provider, because together we could provide a certain degree The company expects that medium- to large-sized of cost-effective high availability. Should a disasterenterprises may consider buying its SmartDataCenter strike - natural or man-made - causing damage and(SDC) and implementing a comprehensive, high- outages to their business, their business operationsperformance, scalable, secured and cost-efficient could be recovered on the DR site of one of our allies,private cloud, whereas SME’s may choose to leave their and continue to run there until the primary cloudIT operations behind and run their businesses on the provider’s operations resumed. It would also createStarAnise public cloud. affordable prices for IaaS and PaaS to support small-and medium-sized businesses, enabling them Suphol said that SDC cloud was “way beyond to focus on their efficiency and productivity.traditional web hosting and virtualization”. Compared toa traditional on-premises IT infrastructure, a private “We are committed to participating in everycloud significantly reduces the footprint of the hardware, possible program and activity, especially the ones thatwhich automatically leaves more room to grow without help to bring our ISV’s and SME’s forward using cloudhaving to expand the data center. Its ease-of-use self- as their underlying infrastructure to help develop theirprovisioning feature also reduces administrative effort, businesses. We also fully support Software Parkhe said. Thailand’s attempts to form cloud alliances among local cloud providers like True IDC, Cloud Creation, “I think that SaaS totally changes the way some Datapro Computer Systems, TOT and Anise AsiaSME’s, or even large enterprises, do business, with a (Thailand), towards an ultimate goal of getting everyonepay-per-use model instead of having to invest in ERP, prepared for disasters,” Suphol said.HR, payroll, e-mail, workflow and many other enterpriseapplications. On the other hand, it also broadens themarket for SaaS developers, by allowing them to offertheir software globally through different channels,especially those that run on mobile devices,” Supholsaid. He said Anise Asia (Thailand) had also achievedpartnerships with hardware vendors, software providersand world-class data centers all over the world, toprovide best-in-class services by concentrating solelyon cloud software and focusing on expertise inprofessional services. 5
  6. 6. Thailand Cloud AllianceCloud Creation aims to lead the fieldRapid growth in cloud computingexpected in new few years Local firm Cloud Creation, which beganoperations in mid-2011, is now offering public, privateand hybrid cloud services to support all kindsof businesses. The company’s business consultant VisithWattananukoon said Cloud Creation’s cloud-applicationsoftware could serve a variety of industries in termsof Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), supporting Windows,AIX and Open Source environments. The firm, a subsidiary of e-business softwareprovider NetBay, is offering “Smart Cloud Solutions”to support both government- and private-sector Visith Wattananukooncustomers with a choice of total demand, on demand Business Consultant of Cloud Creationor pay-as-you-go services. It is aiming in particular atorganizations in finance and banking and at instant-on It is also supporting local software developers byenterprises and small-to medium-sized enterprises providing a standard software-development platform(SMEs) wanting to adopt a pay-as-you-go model. and a cloud-hosting base. “The cloud service will create benefits for our Visith expects that cloud computing will growcustomers, allowing them to make use of software on rapidly in Thailand over the next few years becausedemand and providing an affordable price for Cloud 50 per cent of local businesses have already beguninformation-technology infrastructure. They will find iteasy to use as well as supplying all the solutions Growth to use cloud computing to support their operations and 76 per cent of local business see a move to cloudthey need in a one-stop service. Our next step will computing as a matter of to support Asean-wide connectivity,” Visith said. “We want to be the leader, with the ability to He said the company’s services would enable provide e-business solutions and gateway servicesSME customers to use cloud solutions to employ plug-in to support business-to-business and business-applications such as e-logistics and e-fulfillment to to-government transactions, as well as providing ansupport their businesses. Moreover, the firm is also e-customs gateway. We are also planning to providecooperating with Software Park Thailand to create a an e-business-solution portal hub to variouscloud alliance and to help create awareness of cloud organizations, such as finance, insurance and retailservices and support their use by local businesses. businesses,” Visith said. 6
  7. 7. Thailand Cloud AllianceTOT pushes cloud computing‘High potential’ seen inserving SME market TOT Plc is accelerating its delivery of a range ofsoftware services via cloud computing, with a view tosupporting small-and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It claims its range of cloud services will help SMEsto save between 30 and 50 per cent of their investmentin information-technology costs. TOT will also take part with Software Park Thailandin the creation of a Cloud Data Center Alliance, to Jantana Techasirinugoolpromote the use of cloud computing by SMEs. Vice President of Product Development, TOT Public Co., Ltd. The company’s executive vice president of product via the Internet. It has already launched three newdevelopment Jantana Techasirinugool said TOT had TOT cloud applications – human-resource management,begun offering cloud-computing services a couple of accounting and enterprise-resource planning – foryears ago. This year, the firm will focus on helping the SMEs and larger businesses.operators of small- and medium-sized business tounderstand cloud computing and encourage them to The cloud services are offered in S, M, L and XLadopt recent information-technology innovations in packages. Service fees start from Bt3,000 per user perorder to save investment costs and drive their month. TOT also provides accounting software designedbusinesses. to support SMEs such as OTOP businesses with a monthly cost starting at Bt125 per user. TOT will invest about Bt300 million this year tolay down an information-technology infrastructure that “I think the SME market has high potential forwill enable it to provide commercial Internet data-center growth,” Jantana said. “TOT wants to promote cloudand cloud-computing services. These will offer computing to help them leverage their business andapplications-as-a-service with a focus on SMEs enhance their business processes, as well as helpingand multinational companies, including accounting them to reduce investment and operational costs byapplications, security, inventory, enterprise-resource as much as 30 to 50 per cent. This will enable themplanning and human-resource applications, she said. to focus solely on their business.” "I think we will be able to provide the Internet data- The firm’s cloud-computing venture will cover thecentre service in the third quarter and cloud-computing three main categories of managing private clouds,services by the end of this year. Cloud-computing public clouds and hybrid clouds, as well as offeringcustomers will pay service fees for on-demand services, cloud applications such as e-mail.or a license-fee charge. Moreover, we will develop,and are looking for, new applications to support the Jantana said TOT would join Software Parkgovernment sector," Jantana said. Thailand in the creation of a Cloud Data Center Alliance, which would be concerned with the provision of software Meanwhile, TOT is planning to launch a Cloud App packages and solutions to support SMEs in Thailand,Store, which will provide software services from more enabling them to increase their productivity andthan 10 business partners as well as its internal software efficiency by using affordable software solutions viadevelopments, such as a back-office software solution, cloud computing. 7
  8. 8. Department ramps up cloud assistance for SMEs Preparedness for AEC added to ECIT program Pasu said information technology was an important focal area, and the department had provided a wide range of assistance to Thai enterprises in this field. ECIT was introduced four years ago and was aimed specifically at SMEs. “At that time, cloud computing was a new technology Dr.Pasu Loharjun for Thailand – especially for a government organization Director General, Department of Industrial Promotion [with a duty] to provide help for industry. We were a pioneer in this area, offering a program to help with Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are this technology,” Pasu of the most important elements of Thailand’seconomic development, and the Ministry of Industry’s The initial program will end this year. In the fourDepartment of Industrial Promotion is a major years since it was launched, about 360 SMEs havegovernment organization providing assistance and taken part in the to SMEs to help them increase their businessefficiency, productivity and competitiveness. “In total, there are about 2.9 million SMEs in Thailand. About 500,000 of them are in theThe department’s director-general Pasu Loharjun said manufacturing field, and these are our target group.that his department had been providing technology- Annually, about 2,000 SMEs join the department’sassistance programs continuously, to encourage SMEs 30 assistance programs covering a wide range ofto enhance their productivity. business areas, such as financial, manufacturing and management. IT is one of those,” Pasu said. One of its programs with a distinguished reputationis called Enhancing Competitiveness with Information Under the ECIT program, the departmentTechnology (ECIT). It is one of many programs created collaborates with many other organizations, includedby the department to assist SMEs in many aspects TOT, which provides the cloud computing infrastructureof doing business. However, it is the first in which the and facilities, and Software Park Thailand, whichdepartment offers help for SMEs to enhance their considers the provision of software for the projectproductivity and competitiveness by using cloud from local software companies. The departmentcomputing technology. considers and chooses SMEs to join the project. 8
  9. 9. “In the next phase, we will expand the software solutions to include business intelligence and supply- chain management over the cloud computing platform. Therefore, we will also have to increase the number of local software companies who are taking part in the program. At present, there are 14 local software “To take part, SMEs have to meet our criteria. companies involved with ECIT. We will also increaseFirst of all, they have to understand what cloud the number of cloud computing platforms, and willcomputing is and what they want from this technology. welcome any private data center and cloud computingThey also have to be ready to deploy this technology service providers to join us,” Pasu their existing business process. They come withproblems in doing business, and we help them to unlock He said the beauty of the project was that itthose problems with our program. They are trained and helped both local SMEs and local software companies.join workshops. They meet software solution providers, The business effectiveness of SMEs is enhanced bythen they have to deploy the solutions with the provision of software tools, and software companiesassistance of the software providers. Finally, they have are offered the local maintain the system on their own,” Pasu said. “This year, and for the next phase of ECIT, we will He said the first years of the ECIT project were also expand the project’s scope into provincial centersthe hardest because participants had to be educated, to throughout the country, with the aim of encouragingmake them aware of how cloud computing technology both SMEs and local software companies in thecould enhance their business processes. They were provinces to join the project,” Pasu said.aware only of the old model of purchasing software,rather than the pay-per-use model of software-as-a-service. The ECIT program’s cloud computing platform notonly provides software solutions, such as enterpriseresource planning (ERP), accounting and inventorysolutions, but it also offers a software marketplace andtraining services. Pasu said the department planned to continuewith the project by launching a second-phase ECITprogram, lasting four years, from 2013 to 2016. In thisphase, the program will aim not only to help SMEsenhance their competitiveness, but also to help themprepare for implementation of the Asean EconomicCommunity in 2015. The department expects to use the existing ECITprogram to assist a further 150 SMEs before the endof this year. In its next phase, ECIT’s cloud computingplatform is expected to help around 1,800 SMEsbefore the end of 2016. 9
  10. 10. MT2: A fresh mobiledevelopment initiativeIndustry joins hands to push newcomerstowards ‘huge’ opportunities Thailand’s mobile-software development industryis preparing to take advantage of the huge opportunitiesarising from the boom in mobile computing and rapidgrowth of mobile devices such as smart phones andtablets. Related organizations from both the privateand government sectors have set up a new group calledMobile Technology for Thailand, or MT Squared (MT2).The aim is to create a regional focal-point or hub formobile-software development in Thailand. Dr.Supot Tiarawut Chairman, Mobile Technology for Thailand (MT2) The objective of MT2 is not a simple one: it aimsfor nothing less than making Thailand the region’s Software Park Thailand’s director Thanachartpre-eminent centre for mobile-software development. Numnonda said the mobile-application software market was "very huge", and represented a big opportunity for Its strategy is collaboration. Private companies Thai developers as it went beyond the domestic market.and government agencies are getting together topush the local development of mobile software and MT2 represents a center for all stakeholders inapplications and promotion of local mobile-service Thailands mobile-application development ecosystem,businesses. It will begin with the training of human pooling the resources and contributions of all foundingresources for the intensely technical industry. organizations. It will provide technological know-how, development facilities, training and assistance to Reading like a Who’s Who of Thailand’s information commercial software developers.and communications technology industry, MT2’s foundingmembers include Software Park Thailand, the National It will also develop a database of Thai mobile-Electronic and Computer Technology Centre (Nectec), application developers and provide them with facilitiesKasetsart University, King Mongkuts Institute of such as technology tools, training and workshops, aTechnology Lat Krabang, Microsoft (Thailand), Intel mobile application-testing center, business matchingMicroelectronics (Thailand), Samart Corporation and and marketing assistance both at home and overseas.Spring Telecom. The leader of MT2, Dr. Supot Tiarawut, who was The group’s members will combine their strengths formerly a director of the Telecommunications Researchand technologies to build the elements of a mobile- and Industrial Development Institute (Tridi), said theresoftware development center. It will boost available were many factors supporting local developers andmanpower in software development, point to success their companies, the most obvious of which was thatstories involving commercial mobile-software products mobile devices like smart phones and tablets wereand services, and generally build up the local mobile “increasing like crazy”.software business. 10
  11. 11. The group hopes to produce 50,000 mobile-software developers in Thailand over the next threeyears to help the country reach the forefront of the globalmobile-software market. Putchong Uthayopas It has three main tasks: building the availability of The Head of Kasetsart’s Department of Computer Engineeringhuman resources in mobile-software development, The center also provides training courses inbuilding the number of mobile-software entrepreneurs technology and business matters. It is not open solelyand successfully introducing both developers and to Kasetsart’s students who are skilled in mobile-entrepreneurs to markets. application development, but also welcomes programmers and people who are interested in mobile development, MT2 will execute these tasks through its local who can use the center as a “factory” to develop mobileand global partners. For example, to produce human apps and then commercialize them.resources, the group has been working with universitiessuch as Kasetsart, Sripatum and King Mongkuts “We expect to be a starter and role model for otherInstitute of Technology Lat Krabang. universities to set up facilities for their students to develop mobile applications and software,” Putchong To build the number of local entrepreneurs, MT2 said. “We will work with the industry to bring knowledgeis offering business-incubation services to develop of technology and business know-how to our studentsnewly established software companies. This includes as well,”working space from Software Park Thailand, tools andtechnology from IT vendors who are partners of MT2, 2 He said the move was part of MT ’s activitiesand business ideas and know-how from MT2 and to promote and encourage local mobile-softwareits partners. development and developers. The group is also collaborating with partners to Mobile Monday Thailand connects the dotsencourage local mobile-software developers to achievecommercial success through contests such as the The chairman of Mobile Monday Thailand, VilleSamart Innovation Awards (SIA) and the National Kulmala, said that as a part of global Mobile Monday,Electronics and Computer Technology Center’s New his organization’s role was to encourage and supportEntrepreneur Development program, and international mobile business and technology development inroadshows. Thailand by helping the facilitating and coordinating stakeholders in the ecosystem to know one another Dr. Supot said opportunities for mobile-application and to keep in touch.development included outsourced projects and Thaibrand building, and targeted markets were not limited “The things we do are called connecting the Thailand, but covered the rest of the world, so the We set up events that enable people in the mobileopportunities were huge. In order to “catch up” with industry, including mobile operators, advertisingthese opportunities, MT2 felt a need to build massive agencies, developers, designers and so on, to meet innumbers of mobile developers, mobile software and a causal atmosphere to share and exchange theirapplications. business and technology experiences. We believe that ‘more is more’. The more people you know, the more He said the three main potential market areas for opportunities and more knowledge and know-howThai mobile-software developers - and therefore the you might gain,” Kulmala said.priority - were tourism, healthcare and education ore-learning. Opportunities are out there for mobile-related businesses, especially software developers, with webKasetsart launches Mobile Development Center apps and HTML5 opening room for them, he said. As a founding member of MT2, Kasetsart Mobile Monday is working with Software ParkUniversity has opened a Mobile Development Center. Thailand and MT2 to promote local mobile-relatedThe head of Kasetsart’s Department of Computer businesses both within Thailand and abroad.Engineering, Putchong Uthayopas, said the centerprovided facilities such as high-speed Internet “It is great to see the government paying attentionconnection, computers and mobile devices, including to support and encouragement for mobile development.both smart phones and tablets across the Android, iOS The things they are doing are similar to ours: connectingand Windows Phone platforms. the dots,” Kulmala said. 11
  12. 12. ‘Cloud is the present andthe future’Local firms urged to focusimmediately on cloud computing After a few years of phenomenal growth, cloudcomputing is now playing a vital role in IT business aroundthe world, and global figures show that the growth spiral Adirak Patitus President , Association of Thai ICT Industry (ATCI)is not going to slow down any time soon. In Thailand, IT-industry leaders are pointing to events As well as its own extraordinary growth, cloudoverseas in an effort to impress upon local IT companies computing also assists the growth of related businesses,that cloud computing is their present and their future. especially Internet, data center and data recovery center services, he said. Independent global technology and market-researchfirm Forrester Research says the global cloud computing “The advent of the cloud-computing era has providedmarket will grow from a value of US$40.7 billion in 2011 plenty of room for enterprises. It depends on each ITto $241 billion in 2020. and software business, whether they can find a place somewhere on the cloud computing platform and value The US Federal Government’s IT infrastructure is chain. If they don’t, they may wither and die,” Adirak said.changing at such a rate that its own cloud computing Thai Software Export Promotion Association (TSEP)market has entered double-digit growth, and is expected president Pirasan Punyagupta said cloud-computingto record a compound annual growth rate of 16 per cent technology provided key tools to help the association’sover the five years from 2013 to 2018, to reach an annual members expand their business abroad at less cost,value of $10 billion by 2018. As if that’s not big enough, but with more efficiency. Normally, he said, expandingthere’s a helter-skelter scramble by private firms to match into an overseas market meant more investmentthe changes, or risk missing out on federal contracts. in resources, including people, time, infrastructure and facilities. Cloud computing technology helps by removing Covering the nearer future, the world cloud- these obstacles and offering the power of expansioncomputing market is currently expanding at a rate of 26.2 with lower investment costs.per cent, with the expectation that it will reach a valueof $121.1 billion in 2015. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) Currently, four TSEP members are offering cloudis the largest segment of the cloud-computing services versions of their software. They are Comanche, CT Asia,market, accounting for 73 per cent of the market’s revenue Synature Technology and Touch 2010. “Cloud computing allows us to provide software The “wake up” call to Thailand’s IT companies, services to overseas customers seamlessly. We do notespecially software firms, has taken on a sense of urgency, need to invest in setting up a local office and there iswith industry leaders urging an immediate focus on cloud no need for a lot of travel. We can provide and maintaincomputing. a high standard of services with lower costs because of cloud computing technology,” Pirasan said. Association of Thai ICT Industry (ATCI) presidentAdirak Patitus, who contends that cloud computing is In an effort to encourage more of its members toactually a transformation of Internet services, says cloud adopt cloud computing, TSEP is planning to arrange acomputing offers windows of opportunity for all kinds seminar at which cloud service providers can meetof IT enterprises, including hardware vendors and software firms. It is part of an awareness campaignsoftware firms. It should be of particular benefit to software through which TSEP hopes more of its members willcompanies with their own software or applications that see the benefits of cloud and accept its offer of cloudcan be offered via cloud platforms. technology resources. “Software firms have to invest more in data centers “Cloud is confirmed as the key technology for IT and Internet hosting, but it is a lower cost than setting upbusiness, now and for years into the future,” Adirak said. local offices abroad. They then have to create cloud“Local IT and software companies need to be aware of versions of their software solutions. This is the beauty ofits importance, and ask themselves: how can we add cloud computing,” Pirasan said.value to our assets or strengths by applying them to thecloud-computing trend?” He said his association aimed to encourage 10 more member companies to adopt cloud computing by the end of this year. 12