Retail Loss Prevention Summit V1.0


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Retail Loss Prevention Summit V1.0

  1. 1. WebWay International Established 2000 80,000 secure communications solutions Privately owned, no debt or external investors In house development, design and support Manufactured in the UK LPS1277 issue 3, EN50136, EN54-21, CPD, EMC
  2. 2. Reduce costs, enhance security How to save money and improve efficiency The cost of alarm signalling and strategies to save Mitigating alarm signalling risks with standards compliance Chris Carter Brennan Director WebWayOne Ltd September 2011 How digital signalling improves operational efficiency Migrating to digital signalling
  3. 3. Monitored events and their operational impact Incidents Confirmed Emergency alarms response Catastrophic system failures Analogue communications Alarm system faults and errors Choice of Unscheduled technology Unconfirmed key holder or alarms engineering response Network faults and Digital performance issues communications Maintenance Scheduled visits engineering visit Reduce costs, not security
  4. 4. What are the costs of choosing analogue? Reduce costs, reduce security
  5. 5. Save time, money and enhance your business Reduce costs, enhance security
  6. 6. Mitigating risk through standards compliance Transmit alarms quickly, receive what you send Alarms combined with faults Confirmed Emergency alarm conditions response Detect network failure or performance drop Detect hardware failure Reduce costs, enhance security
  7. 7. How to specify for highest efficiency and security Intruder alarm panel  Select Grade 2 or 3 with one or two warning devices  Ensure system supports SIA protocol alarms  Ensure systems supports remote servicing Local and remote maintenance  1 or 2 visits per year  1 or more remote visits per year Network monitoring OBJECTIVES  Reduce communications costs Request LPS1277 Issue 3 compliant network monitoring  Reduce business disruption  Improve security Communications technology  Improve reliability  Select corporate network with GPRS backup Alarm monitoring  Request SIA protocol alarms (zone, alarm type, bespoke)  Determine alarms requiring key holder response  Report single network fault events at store open (DD243)  Determine alarms required in reports  Request connection availability statistics  Determine procedures for remediating network faults Reduce costs, not security
  8. 8. WebWay IP/GPRS Click image for hardware tour 3 2 7 6 Approved to LPS1277 I&HAS ATS5, Fire type 1 and CPD 8 4 Fixed line and wireless communications Stepped up polling 1 5 Catastrophic failure, 3.5 minutes 1 Ethernet - IP (DHCP or fixed) Roaming SIM 2 GPRS module and roaming SIM Encryption 3 Display & switches SIA alarms and UDL 4 Serial data interfaces 5 Power, inputs & outputs Integration for CCTV, EAS, BMS, People Counters 6 Expansion for dial capture, audio etc Optional PSTN tertiary path 7 Expansion for PSTN, serial data etc 8 Event log, flash, integration software Systems Command Centre Remote Manager Architecture
  9. 9. WebWay Command Centre Estate Status 1 Real time status1 3 2 Real time activity 3 Real time sites in fault2 4 4 Real time sites with availability trouble 5 Site list 5 6 7 8 6 Duration of fault with type 7 WebWay trouble ticket number 8 Estate, address etc Back Users Estates Commissioning Alarms Availability PaveWay
  10. 10. WebWay Command Centre Commissioning 1 Communications overview 1 2 3 2 Ethernet operation 3 GPRS operation 4 Polling set up 5 Alarm panel connectivity 4 5 6 6 Connection performance overview Back Users Estates Commissioning Alarms Availability PaveWay
  11. 11. WebWay Command Centre Availability 1 Site identification from AMS 2 Real time status 3 Number of ATS fails in period 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 4 ATS availability for period 5 Number of IP fails passed to AMS 6 IP availability for period 7 Number of GPRS fails passed to AMS 8 GPRS availability for period 9 Reporting threshold configuration 9 Back Users Estates Commissioning Alarms Availability PaveWay
  12. 12. WebWay Command Centre Users 1 User defined by email address 2 Authorised GateWay 3 Restricted permissions 4 Restricted estates 5 Login 1 2 2 3 4 5 Back Users Estates Commissioning Alarms Availability PaveWay
  13. 13. Save time, money and enhance your business with digital security signalling Mitigate risk Protect against Reduce through old technology business performance price increases interruption reports Secure Use standards transmission Manage to validate and monitoring efficiently solutions Chris Carter Brennan, Director, WebWayOne Ltd
  14. 14. WebWay Command Centre Estates 1 Root estate 2 Estate / sub estate structure1 2 Back Users Estates Commissioning Alarms Availability PaveWay
  15. 15. WebWay Command Centre Alarms 1 Event audit trail 1 2 1 2 3 2 SIA alarm 3 Unset, user etc 4 5 6 3 Back Users Estates Commissioning Alarms Availability PaveWay