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CompatibleOne @ OpenWorldForum 2011

  1. 1. When Interoperability MattersIain James MARSHALLPROLOGUEOpen World ForumOpen Cloud in Europe22 Sept 2011, Paris
  3. 3. OPEN CLOUDOpen Cloud = Open Standards + Open Source ➔ Open Standards • Open Virtualization Format (OVF) Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) • Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) • Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI) Open Grid Forum (OGF) ➔ Open Source • Open standards adoption • Open innovation • Open ecosystemsBecause interoperability isnot negotiable
  4. 4. Its all about freedom Freedom to choose your cloud providers Freedom to publish your services on both public and private clouds Freedom to use any type of hardware or software Freedom to move your applications where you need, when you want Freedom to adapt the code to your own particular needs Freedom to maintain control over the security and the quality of the services
  5. 5. KEY COMPONENTS CompatibleOne provides an open source "cloudware" allowing creation, deployment and management of private, public and hybrid cloud platforms ACCORDS Advanced Capabilities for CompatibleOne Resources Distribution Services CORDS CompatibleOne Resource Description Schema EZVM Virtual Machine Interoperability PaaS4DEV Runtime OSGI
  7. 7. ARCHITECTURE V2.5CompatibleOne Manager CompatibleOne Agents Publisher2 3 COSS COOBAS COES Knowledge Base PaaS4Dev COMONS CORDS Plan Parser CONETS CORDS SLAP Broker MASTER COEES EZVM HTTP/REST/OCCI Manifest ACCORDS Contract(s) HTTP/REST/OCCI CompatibleOne Design CompatibleOne Operator 1 4 ProActive Procci SLAP Procci CORDS  Procci Carriers Azure CORDS Procci Service(s) OpenNebula Amazon Procci Procci OpenStack Procci More information on
  8. 8. DESCRIPTION MODEL Logical ViewOCCIOpen Cloud ComputingInterface EntityCore Resource Link MixinInfrastructure Network Compute Storage StorageLink NetworkLinkCORDS NetworkCompatibleOneRessource Description ConfigurationSchema Package Infrastructure Image System Carrier Monitoring Appliance CarrierType Action Configuration Constraint Manifest Requirement User Account Plan
  9. 9. DESCRIPTION MODEL Virtual Instance ViewOCCIOpen Cloud ComputingInterface EntityCore Resource Link MixinCORDSCompatibleOneRessource DescriptionSchema Appliance Manifest Profile 0 to N 1 to N Plan Service Contract Carrier Tarification
  10. 10. ACCORDS Communication Architecture User PUBLISHERCORDS Request Announcement REST Service Parser provider Service Broker provider Service provider Service HTTP SNMP consumer REST OCCI Service consumer Carriers dit Service Au consumer Collector AMQP
  11. 11. ACCORDS OpenStack Nova Provisioning User Accords Accords Instance Action Publisher REST OCCI Carrier Announcement REST OCCI Accords Open Broker Carrier Enquiries REST Stack Procci OpenStack REST OCCI Nova HTTP SNMP Operations REST OCCI REST OCCI 1Service Contracts Carrier Provisioning 2 Accords Procci 3
  12. 12. NEXT EVENTS Open World Forum, Sept 22, Paris – CompatibleOne in Open Cloud « Making Cloud Interoperate » Standards In the Cloud: A Transatlantic Mindshare - Sophia Antipolis, Sept. 28-29, organized by ETSI, European Commission and NIST Cloud & IT Conference, Paris, Oct 18-20.
  13. 13. Lets Work Promoting freedom in the cloudTogether! ➢Contribute ➢Share ➢Spread the word