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eircom Managed Security: Continuous protection in a changing world

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eircom Managed Security

  1. 1. eircom Managed Securitycontinuous protection in a changing world
  2. 2. IntroductionEverything you need to knowabout eircom Managed Security
  3. 3. eircom Managed Security 3In information security,knowledge is powerProtectingProtecting your information against a growing e g information a For regulators, for stakeholders and for therangerange of IT security threats – and proving to g T e threats sake of their own reputations, today’s businesscustomers o s regulators ocustomers and regulators that you can do so – leaders need answers.is a significant challenge. significant challenge. g e Get a clearer view with eircomAs all business becomes more interconnected, all business s Managed Securityand as the IT infrastructure supporting business s e infrastructure tbecomes more intricate,becomes more intricate, traditional security o e eircom Managed Security is the first ITmethods aremethods are no longer enough. With so many h managed service that helps you mitigate risk bypeoplepeople and devices now on your network, pe w drawing on the expertise of eircom’s accreditedfrom smartphone users to remote workers on m smartphone r s security team. We help transform your ability tohome PCs,home PCs, it’s increasingly difficult to gather m s increasingly n secure your network, because we make it easierand manage the information you need to manage m information to capture information from your key networksecure yoursecure your network, protect your business and ue u devices, and spot what matters, 24 hours a day.safeguardsafeguard your reputation. g i reputation. With eircom Managed Security, in the eventDoes your team have the ability to detect your r h the of an incident, you’re better able to reactsuspicioussuspicious activity in an ocean of network p and keep everyone informed. Our solutiontraffic? When incidents occur, will your forensic fi? uses advanced forensic capabilities to identifyinvestigationinvestigation consume so much time that other s so business impacts and take appropriate action,critical projectscritical IT projects are delayed? c l e delayed? so you can manage communications with your stakeholders, quickly and effectively.
  4. 4. 4 eircom Managed SecuritySee everything according to business relevance, so you can o a you can be sure that business-impacting events are t r events areeircom Managed Security gives you the power responded to first.to see into every corner of your IT estate.It’s easy to maintain that visibility as your IT professionals know how complicated it can how complicated t can o e ainfrastructure flexes and evolves – for example, be to correlate and analyse data from various y analyse i u variouswhen you add new virtual environments or sources, in order to recognise anomalous g recognisewhen travelling staff use corporate IT services activity. eircom Managed Security cuts through d t cutsabroad. The service logs telemetry from the IP this complexity. Based on next-generation n next-generation a ndevices you nominate, so you can be confident Security Information and Event Management d Management g m nthat your logs are complete and secure. (SIEM) technology, our service, which is service, e supported by our rigorous ISO 20000 -1 rigorous u 0 20000-1Spot what matters accredited ITIL-based process, uses advanced o process, d advanced e security intelligence to detect unusual patterns e detect l patterns te and manage incidents.Our service will prioritise what matters to yourbusiness. By analysing security event data inreal-time, unexpected activity is automaticallyrecognised. This allows the earliest possiblereaction by our engineers to minimise riskto your network. Incidents are prioritised
  5. 5. eircom Managed Security 5Stay protected You stay protected and able to satisfy regulatory and compliance requirements,However dispersedHowever dispersed your infrastructure w v while still delivering the levels of access thebecomes,becomes, eircom Managed Security enables o business demands.you to recognise and react to a range of to recognise o e reactthreats thatthreats that can put your data, your customers as a u your And because it’s from eircom, the largestor your reputation at risk. your reputation risk. o p s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and network management team in theThe solution is adaptive and intelligent; that solution o o e country, you can be confident you’re inmeans it automatically learns of new security s good hands.threats. As as sthreats. As telemetry is collected over time,our solution builds a cumulative picture of solution o m cumulative eircom Managed Security transformsnormal traffinormal traffic patterns on your network. Any m a on your ability to secure your network,deviation fromdeviation from the norm is intelligently flagged ai m capturing device information andand escalated to an engineer, for fast and s a escalated g engineer, spotting what matters, 24 hours a day.appropriateappropriate action. r p t
  6. 6. 6 eircom Managed Security Next-generation SIEM technology technology cBreakthrough Security information and event management d management g m ntechnology and (SIEM) technology is one of the fastest growing e growing areas in ICT, and eircom’s managed service o service e cunrivalled service is built on the industry’s most advanced e advanced SIEM available. Next-generation SIEM lets Next-generation n seircom Managed Security unites advanced organisations make more accurate decisions on e o s decisionstechnology with best practice in interpreting security events in real time, and dramatically time, m a a y dramaticallyand managing incidents. reduce false positives. Information from any IP device you choose device h s choose switches, c points- ns – including routers, switches, servers, points- of-sale and smart devices – can be logged s logged g d and the traffic analysed in real-time. The core in The core SIEM intelligence engine adapts to changing a i g changing conditions and devices on your network, on network, o enabling a more effective response to security e o security c r issues that arise.
  7. 7. eircom Managed Security 7Expert interpretation and interpretation r eircom AssureNet, for bettermanagement of security incidents business performanceOur team works with you to develop a service works develop eircom AssureNet, a managed networkplan tailored to your requirements. We then tailored your requirements. e m service designed to monitor the availabilitytake appropriate action, determined by the appropriate o r e determined r and performance of your enterprisedefined plan, to maintain the security of your plan, a network, is a complementary servicenetwork. Monthly meetings with one of our h Monthly with to eircom Managed Security. eircomsecurity professionals offer enhanced insight f o professionals n enhanced AssureNet helps you better support youron the security reports generated security r a generated critical business functions by proactivelyby your infrastructure. fa infrastructure. monitoring and resolving incidents on your network, such as hardware or circuit faults,The up-to-date IT security knowledge of our up-to-date - a o knowledge before they impact your key operations.experienced engineers,experienced engineers, and our ISO 20000-1 e g ourand ITIL processes are your assurance that processes r c e s assurance For more information, turn to page 34,incidents will be rapidly addressed. will addressed. e speak with your account manager or visit www.eircomforbusiness.ie/solutions/ full-solutions/managed_network_ services
  8. 8. 8 eircom Managed SecurityReal benefits for your organisationeircom Managed Security benefits yourorganisation across a range of areas:Business Operations• Protection of your brand and reputation • Free up valuable resources• Regulatory compliance • Resolve incidents faster t faster• Guard your customers against identity theft • Rapidly generate compliance reports compliance reports m r• Limit corporate liability • Access expert security skills on an y• Enhance corporate governance, risk and opex basis compliance (GRC) activity
  9. 9. eircom Managed Security 9TechnologyTechnology o y Finance• Faster intervention when attacks occur Faster intervention when attacks a r e a • Retention of brand loyalty and good will• Rapid pinpointing of the source of Rapid pinpointing f a p source u • Reduction in risk malicious traffi malicious traffic • Enhanced stability of company• Secure, more effective log management 24 Secure, more effective e oe v management and reputation hours day hours a day o a • Reduced threat of fines Protection against emerging r g• Protection against emerging threats • Consumption based pricing makes IT budget more predictable
  10. 10. 10 eircom Managed SecurityA managed security service eircom Managed Security yoffering unrivalled skills provides the following features: e features:The evolving IT security and compliance Log Management, Reporting and Analysis Reporting p Analysis aylandscape makes it difficult for organisations • 24-7 log management (telemetry/data) management (telemetry/data) n / ato build and keep the in-house skills required collection and secure storage service e service vto mitigate risk. eircom Managed Security • In addition to an extensive selection of extensive selection of e ogives you access to these updated skills on an 1400 library report templates, custom templates, e maffordable, operational basis. tailored e generated reports can be tailored and generateda d if requiredSecurity incidents can occur at any time of • Reports are available instantly via your your rday. Our Customer Response Centre (CRC) customer portal, containing both real time m timeis staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to and historical information a informationdeliver managed services around the clock. • You can choose to schedule reports schedule reports c rCRC engineers, working with Level 2 and Level to run on a daily weekly, monthly e weekly,3 engineers in our Managed Service Centre, or quarterly basisprovide continuous updates to you on activity • eircom security team meet with you ono you onwe conduct in connection with incidents in a monthly basis to provide enhanced provide enhanced r cyour network. report analysis Intervention Alerting & Intervention oSecurity insights to protect your • Incidents detected by our engineers are y e engineersbusiness monitored and managed in real-time managed a • We will automatically notify you of y ofeircom Managed Security is designed to help incidents as they occur occur uyou turn your network data into business • Our security team work with you to provide o work v to provideintelligence. Each month, in-person meetings an appropriate response and plan of action o response t actionwith the eircom security team allow you to: • If authorised, we can take immediate n immediate i actions to maintain the security and the h n and•• Ensure your reports are relevant for integrity of your ICT estate based on a pre- estate pre- your needs defined action plan.•• Interpret the information in your reports•• Discuss any requirements for new IP devices . to be added to the service•• Discuss patterns of network behaviour that may indicate a threat•• Ensure our service is optimised for your needs
  11. 11. eircom Managed Security 11
  12. 12. 12 eircom Managed Security Managed n e eircom Managed Security 12 A managed security service managede • Emerging and unforeseen threats: dynamic a for a dynamic environment adaptive technology in our toolset keeps you protected against the latest exploits as The security and compliance landscape is security c t compliance i they emerge, without needing to upgrade. continually continually evolving, and we developed eircom u y d The service can also detect targeted hacking Managed Managed Security to help our customers ` a e help and phishing attacks, and hard to predict pace: a keep pace: dangers including breaches by staff or trusted third parties. • Your changing business: the service is Your changing u tailored tailored to protect the continuity of your ao d h the • Evolving compliance requirements: easy most critical systems, most critical systems, and can be changed s to use dashboards let you generate reports as your business develops. New users and s your v develops. to satisfy current and emerging standards devices devices can be added easily. The service is v s e added including PCI-DSS, COBIT and ISO 27,0001. not vendor specific and can incorporate t vendor n and devices devices from all major vendors. v s o major Did you know? Any organisation holding large databases of customer information is a target for attack. Even where organisations do not hold sensitive customer information, attackers may believe they do and attempt to penetrate security defences. eircom Managed Security enables faster remediation in the event of a security event, recognising suspicious traffic patterns or unusual activity by users (even users logging in with valid credentials) and automatically flagging this activity for investigation. Proposed European Data Protection regulation allows for heavy fines – up to one million euro or 2 percent of global annual revenue – for data breaches.
  13. 13. eircom Managed Security 13Meet our teamMartin CarrySecurity and NetworkInfrastructure PrincipalJames McLoughlinHead of Security DeliveryAndrew O’KellyChief ArchitectAllan RochfordHead of ManagedServices CentreMary MurphyHead of CustomerResponse Centre
  14. 14. 14 eircom Managed Security Allan Rochford Head of Managed Services Centre Allan can advise you on: • eircom’s 24/7 on-site engineering resources e resources o • Major incident management best practice practice c at eircom • Business continuity plan testing and plan and n invocation • eircom’s customer testing and validation lab testing s n for technology change management g change managemente Allan has over 13 years’ experience in network experience network w integration and network development at t eircom. During that time Allan developed a p developed number of business units including Network s t Network Performance Development in Core Network t Network Service Assurance and IP Service Assurance. Assurance. r e He also designed and implemented the implemented e p organisational model for the eircom Business u es Business Managed Service Centre (MSC) which includes u includes 24/7 manned Managed Service Centre Service e operations, 2nd Level support and 3rd line p support expert deep dive resources in IP, IPT and security. resourcese n e u and security.
  15. 15. 15 eircom Managed Security eircom Managed Security 15 Managed a g d Martin Carry Security and Network Infrastructure Principal Infrastructure r Martin can advise you on: on: n • Developing IT strategies that align to your to your u business plans • Securing your critical information information • Optimising your Data Centre Infrastructure cu Infrastructure • The evolution of the Enterprise Network Enterprise Network t ok Martin is an experienced technologist who has d t who h worked for the last 15 years in the ICT arena years e T arena e developing integrated solutions for a wide o solutions wide d range of industries. Martin is a Cisco CCIE since Martin t E CCIE since 2001 and has extensive experience in design, experience design,sg consulting and deployment of solutions across e deployment r across security, networking, data centre and Unified data t Unifi n Communications technologies. Martin works o technologies. n works r closely with customers to develop robust and o b t robust scalable solutions and architectures to deliver architectures o deliver r e v on their business needs.
  16. 16. 16 eircom Managed Security Managed n e Andrew O’Kelly Chief Architect Andrew can advise you on: • Security Services • Unified Communications • How solutions can deliver major business and operational benefits Andrew’s key focus is to prove to customers how managed services, unified communications and security services can deliver major business and operational benefits. A graduate in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin, Andrew was instrumental in the development of Lan Communications, later purchased by eircom, where he helped forge the company’s reputation as a network integration powerhouse.
  17. 17. eircom Managed Security 17James McLoughlinHead of Security DeliveryJames can advise you on:• Developing your security strategy and policies• Current and emerging security technologies• Information security threats, risks and vulnerabilitiesJames has worked in the ICT arena since themid 1990’s. Originally a software developer,James has also served in a number of systemsand network engineering roles. He specialisesin information security and acts as a trustedadvisor to public and private sector clients.James holds numerous certifications includingCISSP, CISA and CRISC.
  18. 18. 18 eircom Managed Security Managed n e Mary Murphy Head of Customer Response Centre Mary can advise you on: • The lifecycle of incident resolution, governed by ITIL standards • Best practice in stakeholder communication during incidents • eircom’s Customer Response Centre capabilities • Proactive and reactive managed network services Mary has worked with eircom for 16 years encompassing a variety of differing roles within the customer service and delivery areas of the business. In 2009 Mary lead development of the now Established Service Desk for the Government, meeting the specific needs of the public sector and offering an enhanced service experience to these customers. Mary has been responsible for transforming service delivery and customer experience extending our public sector model across our wider eircom Business customer base, this service is now available through our the Customer Response Centre.
  19. 19. 19 eircom Managed Security eircom Managed Security 19 Our engineers eircom prides itself on its engineering engineering n rn capability. Our teams contain highly certified y and experienced engineers. In addition to dt addition our security skillset, we also specialise in Local e s specialise Area Networking, Wide Area Networking, w Networking, Data Systems, Voice Systems, Data Centre a Data Centre technologies. n o Infrastructure and Mobile technologies. Our engineers are accredited with a mix of with certifications from our supply partners and partners t e non-vendor aligned certifications. In addition, o cations. we hold company level partner accreditations ce accreditations (including Cisco Gold partner) and partner and partner awards (including Cisco Partner of the Year). r the h Our engineering achievements include cu include certifications from Cisco (CCIE, CCSP, CCNA), S , CCSP, Fortinet (FCNSP, FCNSA), RSA Security (RSA- e Securityt CSE), International Information Systems Security se Systems y Certification Consortium (CISSP), and ISACA (CISSP), d P (CISA, CRISC).
  20. 20. 20 eircom Managed Security Managed n e Dave Bannon 10 years experience Cisco Delivery Engineer CCIE, CCSP, ENS Extreme Networks Specialist, NCSSP Nortel Certified Support Specialist Ollie Gresham 13 years experience Solutions Engineer CCIE since 2005. Various Cisco LAN, wireless and IPT qualifications Niall Doherty 5 years experience experienc ce Stability Architect CCNA, CCVP Rob Bannon 5 years experience exper rience MSC Senior Engineer CCNA, CCNP, CCVP P,
  21. 21. eircom Managed Security 21Brian Fitzpatrick 2 years IP experienceNetwork Engineer CCNABen Preece IP /VoIP specialistMSC Engineer 5 years experienceDaragh Oman 10 years experienceMSC EngineerColm Reilly 10 years experienceNetwork Engineer CCNP
  22. 22. 22 eircom Managed Security Anthony McMahon 15 years experience Senior Architect CCIE Alexey Shkrabalyu 15 years experience Senior Architect CCIE, CCNP , CUDS, CUCCE Rob Jennings 22 years experience Managed Services Solution Architect Jason Williams 10 years experience Contact Centre CVP Specialist Technology
  23. 23. eircom Managed Security 23Jim Armstrong 15 years experienceSenior Architect CCNP, CCDP, CCNAEamon Hanafin 15 years experienceEngineer CCNA, CPSI, CIPTSBarry Roche 15 years experienceSenior Architect CCIE, CCNP, CCNATom Molloy 18 years experienceApplication Specialist Holds the latest in Avaya certification
  24. 24. 24 eircom Managed Security John Dunleavy Over 20 years experience Application Specialist He holds the following certifications: Avaya Specialist, Nice Specialist, Verint Specialist Liam McCue Over 21 years experience Engineer Various voice accreditations such as Meridian Mail, ACD, Large Switch Installation MTCE, Small switch Installation MTCE plus and numerous other eircom and Nortel certificates
  25. 25. eircom Managed Security 25 Managed n 5Customer Portal
  26. 26. 26 eircom Managed Security 26 eircom Managed Security 26 Managed Security gCustomer Portaleircom Managed Securityeircom Managed Security customer portal is a gstraightforward, easy-to-straightforward, easy-to- navigate system that d avisually depictsvisually depicts the security status of tyour infrastructure.your infrastructure. c Link to Demo View the video above for a short demo of our SIEM reporting tool.
  27. 27. eircom Managed Security 27 m Managed a a 27Dashboard views: contains at a glanceinformation on the status of the network, can becustomised to highlight areas of specific interestto you and can be designed to reflect yourbusiness critical assets and functionsDetail on security incidents: View incidents bydevice against a map of the network
  28. 28. 28 eircom Managed Security28 Managed a e View View your full network and IT estate: w Interactive Interactive topology maps of your estate display n r devices devices and connections allowing you to drill c down down to device or incident level, including details w of security of security incident count by device e Analytics Analytics and reports: You can also drill down y into your into your reports to provide graphical view of t o your data your data
  29. 29. eircom Managed Security 29 Managed n 9Insights into security incidents: View, filter andsort security incidents and alerts for root causeanalysis through a single screen Analytics and reports: Easily generate custom reports tailored to your priorities or choose from the 1400 standard out of the box templates
  30. 30. 30 eircom Managed SecurityOur SIEM partnerAccelOps provides the core SIEM engine of eircomManaged Security. The technology detects complexIT patterns in high volume events and data toautomatically make sense of complexity, in real-time.AccelOps technology is used by customers in sectorsincluding financial services, government, healthcare,retail, manufacturing, entertainment and legal.Founded in 2007, the company is led by industryveterans from Cisco, HP, IBM, Mercury Interactiveand Loudcloud. AccelOps is headquartered in SantaClara, California.
  31. 31. eircom Managed Security 31 m Managed a a 31 1Why choose eircom?
  32. 32. 32 eircom Managed Security Managed n e A unique end-to-end solution “Our objective is to have a proactive, best in class security eircom, Ireland’s leading service provider , can Ireland’s e g infrastructure that will protect our offer a total voice and data solution for your data business. Our business. Our experts can evaluate, design, n s a can customers’ and our own data. deliver d deliver and manage a complete solutions e complete o That’s why we chose eircom for package tailored your package tailored to your company’s unique a a u our managed security needs. Their requirements. e e requirements. expertise covers a wide range of technologies, which allows us to Industry experts experts have a single point of contact to address any challenges we might Our people are some of the best in the people f have.” business o business so you know you’re in good hands. n s you’re Our voice, data & ICT solutions experts are voice, solutions o Mike Costello, industry leaders industry leaders who can provide innovative sr e can a IT Infrastructure and Security Manager, solutions for your business. Our dedicated for business. n Southwestern BPO account managers deliver account managers deliver a personalised u v service, and, service, and, we have Ireland’s largest specialist c , n r Ireland’s team of project managers, architects and m of project managers, r e engineers. engineers. Our longstanding relationships n . longstanding n with industry partners like Cisco, Avaya, s industry Siemens Siemens and other leading brands mean that n leading d we can bring you the very latest technology can a e very innovations innovations as and when they happen. v t n whene Outstanding Outstanding service, 24x7x365 d “Strategic partnerships in IT are the way of the future and eircom At eircom we understand just how important eircom r o understandn understand that. When we looked an uninterrupted service is to your business nn r uninterrupted e at the market we couldn’t see how essential to and how essential it is to avoid any downtime, anyone else who could do it. eircom which is why our service team are on call 24 h why e hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. s day, a week, can provide an integrated set of offer f Business s We offer a range of Business SLAs, providing services that’s very difficult to beat.” peace of mind for your business. e of mind John Shaw, CIO, Mainstream Renewable Power Based in Ireland, our highly skilled engineering d in Ireland, r g highly team is the largest of its kind in the country m s e s and has the experience to deal with any issues has the h you may have, quickly and efficiently. may have, and
  33. 33. eircom Managed Security 33 Managed a g dUnrivalled experience delivers • Expert programme management: we helpbenefits for your organisation organisations during times of significant signifi change in their businesses, with our with tAcross the island of Ireland, organisations experienced delivery management team. management mtrust eircom to deliver and manage the most Our professional planning andcomplex ICT projects, supported by best-in-class implementation methods have already eongoing service. delivered on-time, risk-managed rollouts for risk-managed e for o some of Ireland’s largest ICT and managed and nSome of the largest ICT projects in Ireland are network projects.managed by eircom, including Croke Park,Convention Centre Dublin, the Education “Good account managers not onlyNetwork for Northern Ireland (C2K) and AIB’s save me time, which of course saves u coursenew managed network. money, but also they do take on theWe have a deep understanding of your role of being a trusted advisor to i advisorcommunications needs and the required service me in their area of specialty. This is y specialty.levels throughout your business. Partnering a commercial world, and like a lot k likewith eircom for managed ICT services notonly provides a robust solution designed and of people I have to do the same orsupported by our local, highly qualified team, it more this year with fewer resources. resources.also gives you the following: It’s vital to find people who are o good partners to work with, and with,h• Cost benefits: eircom managed services are value-driven solutions. Our objective is that’s what we get from eircom.” r eircom.” to meet your budgetary requirements, add Roger Turner, value to your operations and remain flexible Ireland/EMEA, E Senior IT Manager Ireland/EMEA, to meet your needs as they evolve. Microsoft• Better agility and flexibility: Our engineering teams and our core network have supported the changing operations and offerings of our broad customer base throughout the island of Ireland. Our managed solutions extend this flexibility and scalability to your business.• A proven model: eircom’s managed service and delivery and national operations model has been in existence for a number of years, and is unparalleled.
  34. 34. 34 eircom Managed Securityeircom AssureNet, for betterbusiness performanceeircom AssureNet, eircom’s managed network More visibilityservice, is an IT partnership that protects yourcritical business functions 24 hours a day by Single view on network health & performance performanceproactively managing the network components on key business activitiesyour business relies on. More controlThrough proactive management of your Rapid recognition and resolution of incidents ofnetwork we deliver the following: utilising ITIL best practise, coupled with up-to- d the-minute reporting, keeping you empowered u to manage internal expectations
  35. 35. eircom Managed Security 35More assurance assurance a A partnership you controlYouYou decide the business activities that need o You decide the extent to which you’d like togreatest protectiongreatest protection e c out taskStronger confiStronger configuration g o For more information on eircom AssureNet,management speak with your account manager or visitRemoveRemove the pain of configuration management http://www.eircomforbusiness.com/solutions/ efrom your internal team and leave it to us, based full-solutions/managed_network_servicesfrom o internal ron ITIL best practise n practise a
  36. 36. 36 eircom Managed Securityeircom for Business VoiTechnology you can count on ce Sol utio ns Bu sin ess Bro ad ba nd Conferencing Solutions n s t io n ica Service tre u en m m s Co Data C d i fie Un Advise Design Instal www.eircomfor
  37. 37. eircom Managed Security 37 y ivit Co ion ect ork erat nn n Ne xt Ge tw Ne rvice t y Se Se curi g ed M ana ICT E Solu quipm tion ent s M an ag ed IT Ma vice Se na s r ge dN etw orkll Monitor Managebusiness.ie
  38. 38. Get in touchTo find out how eircom managed security can benefit your business,please contact your eircom account manager or call 1800 400 200.www.eircomforbusiness.ie