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Charisma CLOUD


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TotalSoft expanded its product offerings in the cloud business model as a result of an increased interest from its customers for Microsoft CRM and SharePoint solutions, acquired as a service. Currently, TotalSoft provides various cloud solutions as part of Charisma Business Applications suite, covering various activity fields: purchasing (Charisma eProcurement), cost control (Charisma Cost Control), professional services (Charisma Office Automation), HR document management (Charisma HR Document Management) or workflow management (Charisma Workflow).

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Charisma CLOUD

  1. 1. BUSINESS APPLICATIONSCloud Computing Simple | Intuitive | Flexible | Complete
  2. 2. Cloud ComputingCloud Computing Business solutions represent a new model for the use of hardwareand software within a company. In this new formula, all servers, networks, applicationsand other elements related to data centers are made available to the IT departmentand end users through the Internet, in a way that enables them to acquire preciselythe type and amount of computing services they need.Cloud computing differs radically from traditional outsourcing networks in whichcustomers may not provide accurate management of their IT resources. In this system,customers are connected to cloud services (e.g.: hardware maintenance) andbusiness solutions (e.g.: domain-specific applications); the management is performedaccording to the volume of contracted services so that users don’t actually perceiveany difference between this regime and the traditional one (where business solutionsare installed locally). Cloud Computing benefits Unlike traditional applications that are installed on computers and servers in the customer’s location, the cloud computing provider owns the software and runs it in its data center while the client hires the solution on a monthly fee. Compared to a classical solution installed on the customer’s site, cloud IT solutions provide the following advantages: n IT resources are reduced: Client’s customers receive these benefits as Infrastructure – purchasing, soon as possible; maintenance and upgrade are Software upgrade is performed n performed by the provider regularly and automatically by the according to the system provider; requirements; 24/7 accessibility, internet n Software – back-up, update and connection required; user security are performed at n easier to implement due to Much network level; the fact that it almost does not Human resources – no IT specialist require any software to be installed is required; in the client’s location, there are no Data security is ensured by the n licenses to be purchased, neither provider and is stipulated in the special hardware to support more contract; complex specifications; Improved control of system costs n Well performing and cheaper n and investments; security systems due to their Customers benefit from “network n standardization towards a large progress” effect: once providers number of clients; gain more knowledge about Reduced implementation time; n managers’ needs, new features are Reduced TCO. n incorporated into regular service upgrades so that all network
  3. 3. TotalSoft’s solutions benefits Cloud computing business solutions TotalSoft expanded its product offerings in the cloud business model as a result of an increased interest from its customers for Microsoft CRM and SharePoint solutions, acquired as a service. Currently, TotalSoft provides the following cloud solutions as part of Charisma Business Applications suite Charisma Charisma Cost Control eProcurement (cost control) (procurement management) Charisma Business Applications in Cloud Computing Charisma Charisma Workflow Office Automation (workflow (professional services) management) Charisma HR Document Management (Human Resource documents management)TotalSoft’s solutions benefitsn performance and computing power compared to traditional systems;SuperiorExceptional scalability, uninterrupted activity;nNo additional investments in IT infrastructure required;nPermanent access, regardless of the location;nPayment in the form of monthly service fee;nnrange of business solutions.Wide .ro
  4. 4. SolutionsProcurement managementCharisma eProcurement is designed (Requests For Proposal /specifically for the planning, execution, Quotation) or any other type ofevaluation and improvement of requests;procurement, contracting and n Recording and comparing therenegotiation processes with various quotations posted directly bypartners. It includes policies and suppliers or imported frompractices to control costs and is used external sources;by the largest companies in Romania, n Reviewing, selecting andin various activity fields and is perfectly approving the best offers;integrated with the rest of the modules n Opening bids on determinedincluded in Charisma Cost Control. period, by inviting the suppliers with the best offers to competeFeatures: for the final selection;n Quick access to the potential or n Concluding the contract with current suppliers by managing and the supplier. querying a database with partners; n complete information and Providesn management of Efficient history of suppliers, existing offers, procurement processes, covering signed contracts, invoices. the entire process, from the definition of a companys need to the contracting and actual fulfillment of the request (the approved expense request).n platform for: Optimal n Management of RFPs / RFQsHR Document ManagementCharisma HR Document Management n integration with the ProvidesModule ensures a comprehensive workflow existent in Charismamanagement of HR documents (time HCM;sheets, administrative documents, n location for document Uniquecertificates, employee worksheets, storage (Document Center), whichcontracts, certifications and diplomas), allows various functionalities suchbeing fully integrated with the existing as document saving, archiving,workflow of the company. retrieval, history, version control,The solution includes features such as reporting, adding and updating,document scanning, saving, archiving, access to documents according tochange history, version control, the rights granted to users;reporting and levels of access Document history; ndefinition by the system administrator Employee document history – nor approval of certain documents multiple filters and advancedalready uploaded on the system. search criteria; Document location; nFeatures: Library-type features. nn management of digital Provides versions of working documents, as well as other personnel documents;
  5. 5. Cost Control Charisma Cost Control decreases the are the expense budgets, order cards, financial risk by controlling the approval processes and flows for the expense budgets and by tracking the expense requests, the possibility to expense approval workflows, according query the internal inventory. to the established budget. The solution monitors the procurement processes eProcurement is designed specifically (RFP, RFQ, offer bids), increases the for the planning, execution, evaluation efficiency of the offering and ordering and improvement of procurement, process and the company’s capability contracting and renegotiation to capitalize opportunities. Moreover, processes. It includes policies and Charisma Cost Control manages the practices to control costs and is used provider invoices approval, as well as by the largest companies in Romania, the history of the contractual in various activity fields. The module is relationships with the business perfectly integrated with the rest of the partners. solutions included in Charisma Cost Control. The product consists of a suite of independent applications that are Supplier Contract Management seamlessly integrated with Charisma module tracks the lifecycle of any ERP, or any other resource purchasing contract, from its management system. preparation to its signing and termination. Supplier Contract eExpense Request Approval module is Management module is an the best solution for tracking, indispensable component for controlling and increasing the supporting the strategies of companies efficiency of expenses in a company, running large purchasing projects, and is part of Charisma Cost Control becoming a requisite both due to its suite, which fully covers the internal features and integration capabilities. purchasing flow. The main tools
  6. 6. Professional servicesCharisma Office Automation is a Charisma Office Automation comprisesproduct dedicated to service providers, the following modules:which simplifies project tracking, n& Expense Management Timeincreases the efficiency of the (efficient timesheet tracking);resources involved in their execution n Management Projectand maximizes the revenues of (tracking, planning andcontracts. The solution streamlines and improvement of operationalautomates the invoicing and collection activities of projects);cycle based on the registered hours, n Resource Managementmanages the interest documents and (resource planning andprovides support for the decision- management);making process based on metrics and n Contract Managementperformance indicators. (recording and management ofBy using SharePoint principles and contracts with clients andusing the most advanced technologies partners);from Microsoft, Charisma Office n Financial ManagementAutomation provides a collaborative (financial management ofwork environment where all operations of projects);employees have access to consistent n Analysis Officeinformation stored in secure (advanced reporting system).databases, based on specific accessrights that are predefined for userroles or groups they belong to.
  7. 7. Workflow management Charisma Workflow enables Provides decisional support by n organizations of any size to quickly implementing execution stages, build complex processes whether by conditioning and time restrictions accessing a Web browser or the user’s assigned to the execution; back-office system. At the same time, n task management that Includes the solution enables defining and helps users (actors) interact with automating the business processes, the workflow at a certain moment, reviewing the task flows and including the owner, the generating automating the tasks related to flow, the documents attached, the Charisma ERP modules. actions and entities affected, the priority and status (stand-by, Features: working, finished, cancelled). All n new flows through visual Creates actions performed by users can be configuration, eliminates the need managed through checklists; for additional developments and Automatically notifies each actor n responds to a broad spectrum of within the flow regarding the steps business needs; that were not performed or those n Completely manages all the that are to be performed; elements included in the Automates the usual business n configuration process - users, user processes and afferent tasks; groups, entities (documents and n an updated, real-time Provides tasks), inputs and outputs, image of the tasks within the interaction and control methods workflow, as well as the execution etc.; plan; n Efficiently manages bottlenecks, n user and security Ensures including delegating and error mechanism management; it also handling, ensuring the continuity includes the delegation and the and proper system functioning; transfer of responsibilities and n independent workflows Defines rights; specific to any task type within the Generates a detailed report at n organization; Generates workflows company level; in hours and days; Measures the performance of a n n Manages and tracks the evolution flow or a certain task through of To-Do lists by users (actors) or expandable indicators, used in user groups; Includes a multi-user various statistics and reports. approval feature for various workflow tasks;.ro
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