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TA security

  1. 1. Tech Alliance Security Consulting Services
  2. 2. ChallengesMany organizations assume that Information security can be achieved by a goodfirewall.Information security threats come from various directions , not just from internet.Information security needs holistic approach that covers,Computer Security : Computer access control, Antivirus and Anti malware, backup,data encryption.Operation Security: Software security, Database security, File shares and access control,Business applicationsProtection against Burglary: Physical security and guardsProtection against fire: Fire suppression systems, AlarmsExternal and Internal threats: Espionage, Abuse, eves dropping, shoulder surfingCommunication: Telephone lines, internet, emailContinuity planning: Emergency response, recoveryPersonal Security : Recruiting, access control, human mistakes, piggybacking, incidentreporting
  3. 3. TA SolutionTA designed five services that effectively address organization’s securityconcerns.Our security services are, Enterprise Security Program Design and Implementation IT RISK assessment Disaster Recover Planning and Business Continuity Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Security Operations Center
  4. 4. Enterprise Security Program Design and Implementation Information Project Information Current State Gap Analysis Security Program Planning Gathering Assessment Roadmap  Identify the businessIdentify  Ensure that risk processes that involve  Obtain current policies mitigation strategiesStakeholders Information Security and procedures covering  Identify risk that arise are aligned withProject Kickoff Systems and facilities information systems. from the gaps information securityScope  Identify key stake  Prioe risk assessment program objectives  Prioritize the risks byreconfirmation holders for each results business process (HIGH,  Develop/RevisitUnderstand business process and  Intermnal Audit reports MEDIUM,LOW) information Securityclient underlying IT  Other relevent reports charter components  Present findings to therequirements in from Information security stakeholders  Prepare a roadmapdetail by phases  Conduct walk team if any  Determine the risk to information securityDevelop a throughs with each  Benchmark the existing programproject plan stake holders mitigation strategies controls against Security best practices frameworkDeliverable Deliverables Deliverables  Risk prioritization Deliverables Project plan Process Narratives Deliverables that define boundaries Matrix  Information Security Weekly Status  Controls benchmarking Charter for information systems spreadsheet  Executive dashboardReports  Inforsec program roadmap
  5. 5. IR Risk Assessment Identify risk During this step, TA analyses the business process and comes up with a list of components assessts that fall under the scope of Risk Assessment ProcessIdentify Threat Once the list is prepared, TA indentifies the possible threats on the assets Identify In this step, TA consultants identify the vulnerabilities that exist with the assets andVulnerabilities processes Control After the previous step of vulnerability identification, TA analyses the existing controls and Analysis processes Impact This step involves TA consultants calculating the impact of the risks Analysis Recommend Risk mitigation controls that need to be applied on assets to protect the assets ControlsRisk Mitigation Implementation the identified controls to the assets
  6. 6. Disaster Recovery Planning And ImplementationAnalyse The TA consultants work with customers management to identify the key processes that need Need to be included in the DR/BCP Design The technology solution and processes will be designed SolutionImplement Solution Implementation SolutionTest Solution Testing plans and test to make sure the solution is effective
  7. 7. Vulnerability Assessment and Pen TestingFeatures:• Scan the target network for open ports and services• Scan the open ports and services for known vulnerabilities• Prioritize the vulnerabilities based on the impact• Report the vulnerabilities in a comprehensive report• Perform penetration test to confirm the vulnerability• Recommend resolutions to security vulnerabilitiesDeliverables• Vulnerability report• Pen test report with recommendations
  8. 8. Security Operation CenterA dedicated facility from where customer’s security operations are carried out.Features:• 24X7 Operations• Network Device log monitoring• OS and Application log monitoring• Antivirus Console• Event Correlation and Alerting• Reports• Firewalls, IDS/IPS, Antivirus, Internet Proxy• Vulnerability Management
  9. 9. Please contact security@techalliance.in to discuss our services in detail 040-44327761