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Compatible one cloud expowest nov 2012


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Compatible one cloud expowest nov 2012

  1. 1. Next-GenerationCloud Management
  3. 3. CLOUD
  4. 4. SERVICES
  5. 5. BROKER
  6. 6. INTERMEDIATIONAGGREGATION ARBRITAGE  Cloud Services Broker provides a single consistent interface to multiple differing providers, whether the interface is for business or technical purposes.  Source: The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing Version 15
  7. 7. AGGREGATION INTEGRATIONCUSTOMIZATION  Cloud Services Brokerage refers to the market, model & roles that support the intermediation between cloud services and cloud consumers.  Source Gartner: Hype Cycle for Cloud Services Brokerage, 2012
  8. 8. Its about Freedom of Choice
  9. 9. and No Vendor Lock-in
  10. 10. Its about Trust
  11. 11. a nd G overn ance
  12. 12.  Since the IT industry is rapidly adoptingservice based business models, there is a substantialand growing need for solutions that can reduce thecomplexity involved in delivering federated businessservices and can handle the challenges of managing a distributed infrastructure.Parviz Peiravi, Principal Architect - Intel Corporation
  13. 13. Enabler forCloud Services Brokerage CompatibleOne is your passkey against vendor lock-in
  14. 14. 38% of Enterprise workloads will be hybrid in 2015 By 2015, at least 20% of all cloud services will be intermediated via Cloud Services Brokerages Catalyze the emergence of innovative services & productsSources: Intel Survey 2012 & Gartner: Defining Cloud Services Brokerage: Taking Intermediation to the Next Level G00206187
  15. 15. Disruptive InnovationComplete IT AutomationInteroperability by Design
  16. 16. Open Source Industry players Developers Academic labs Startups R&D R&D Public organizations Early adopters Maintenance MaintenanceIT Vendors &DistributorsService Providers Open Source Comprehensive AggregationCloud SoftwareVendors Software Software Integration Brokerage Brokerage PlatformEnterprise Platform CompatibleOne Customization Performant Adaptative IaaS Hybrid Cloud PaaS Cloud Cloud Multi Cloud XaaS Services Services REST Federation
  17. 17. PlatformOO ModelVersatile ScalableOO Language Autonomation
  18. 18. Intelligent AutomationAutomated ServiceProvisioning & DeliveryRepeatable RecursiveNot only Infrastructure Smart Placement
  19. 19. Run time for providersAny Cloud Service easy to integrate(IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, XaaSInteroperable FlexibleAll services areprocessed as objects Interfaces for Enterprise services
  20. 20. They support CompatibleOne
  21. 21. -End ss d-to hine En or t Tr u st w One & atible Comp ge Consumers can request services to be run only e BrokeraComp atib leOn Kvm / Xen on verified trusted compute nodes rv isors ls d Hype mpu te Poo Truste d Co XT) kT ruste ology (T Ope nStac ion Techn Execut rusted Intel T
  22. 22. Libe rate ! C loud s the One & atible Comp rm age Platfo Broker ib leOne o rmCompat men t Platf Ma nage St ackOpen Federate Open Cloud Resources
  23. 23. re C lassPremieS er v ices One & atible Comp es o ud Ser vic ulti Cl xis M With Cede kerag e Ser v ices orldwide! eOn e Bro ervices w patibl And Com available s Get the best
  24. 24. Cl oud der atedFe cosy stem E O ne & mpatible Co Get Open and Standard Access to the Infrastructure of your Choice la ce Ma rketp ed Fe derat Next del ute & Mo Comp Platfo rm ne a tibleO Comp
  25. 25. Cl oud g Mall hop pinS eOne & Compatibl e UforgGet what you want, US hareS oft ft A ppSto re areSoWhere you need it! USh tibl eOn e Broker age Compa
  26. 26. us i ne ss df or BClou tionA pp lica O ne & mpatible Co Get professional support for your cloud applications a ce Ma rketpl y ue Legac Platfo rm Prolo g ing e Broker tib leOn C ompa
  27. 27. How does this work?
  28. 28. CompatibleOne Platform ACCORDS Advanced Capabilities for CORDS
  29. 29. CompatibleOne Communication
  30. 30. CompatibleOne Model CORDS CompatibleOne Resource Description SystemReference Manual V2.11
  31. 31. CompatibleOne Model CORDS Service Control GraphReference Manual V2.11
  32. 32. CompatibleOne Service Level AgreementReference Manual V2.11
  33. 33. CompatibleOne MonitoringReference Manual V2.11
  34. 34. CompatibleOne PaaS
  35. 35. Presentation by Jean-Pierre Laisné (Bull) • Iain James Marshall (Prologue) Web site Twitter @compatibleone Contact jean - pierre • laisne @ compatibleone • org Software License Apache Version 2.0 Partners ActiveEon • Bull • CityPassenger • eNovance • Eureva • Inria • Institut Telecom • Intel • Mandriva • Nexedi Nuxeo • OW2 • Prologue • Xwiki The CompatibleOne project is coordinated by Bull, supported by Systematic and SCS, co-funded by Fonds Unique Interministériel, Région Ile de France, Conseil Général des Yvelines and Marie de Paris. CreditsPhotos from FLICKR under Creative Commons license: Frédéric Bisson • Luc Viatour • Biblioteca de la Facultad de Derecho y Ciencias del Trabajo de la Universidad de Sevilla The Commons: StatueLibrtyNPS, Gilderic Photography • U.S. National Archives • University of Washington Libraries Digital Collections • State Library of New South Wales collection • Smithsonian Institution • NASA Maurits Cornelis Escher: Cube with magic ribbons • Fishes and scales • Cubic space division • Relativity
  36. 36. FOR OPEN CLOUDS, JOIN Cloud Expo West Booth #915