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Gaining a competitive advantage
for your business requires effective
management of IT risk. GuardEra’s
professionals focus...
The Problem

It’s no wonder businesses today have difficulty managing risk. Organizations
are beset by layers of regulator...
Virtual    Virtual     Virtual
Headquartered in Lombard, IL with offices in downtown Chicago and Cincinnati, OH, GuardEra Access
Solutions, Inc. is an IT...
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Guard Era Corp Brochure 2008


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GuardEra Products & services

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Guard Era Corp Brochure 2008

  1. 1. Gaining a competitive advantage for your business requires effective management of IT risk. GuardEra’s professionals focus on driving innovative solutions. GuardEra’s IT solutions encompass security and compliance while delivering high performance, robust IT infrastructure platforms. Let GuardEra help turn IT into a competitive advantage for your business.
  2. 2. The Problem It’s no wonder businesses today have difficulty managing risk. Organizations are beset by layers of regulatory mandates compounded by a daily barrage of new security threats and a technology landscape that obsoletes an investment before it’s depreciated. It’s even more difficult to find a way to manage risk strategically and align risk with business strategy for that elusive competitive advantage. With limited budgets and scarce resources, businesses today must manage risk while keeping a firm hand on operations in a competitive marketplace. Staying a step ahead of the competition means paying attention to: • Security as it migrates from the latest vulnerability to the next hacker threat. How can the organization maintain a clear business focus while identifying high impact and probable threats requiring considerable skill and experience to thwart? • Compliance with evolving regulations and audit guidance for technical infrastructure, business polices and procedures, in addition to legacy financial statements. What can be done to stay ahead of the vicious cycle of increasing resources and budgets for never-ending assessments and audits? • Changing technology as the rate of technology change continues its rapid march, making systems lacking a flexibility premium obsolete before an upgrade can be applied. Where can investments be made in technology that remains flexible while increasing efficiency and effectiveness? The SoluTion Business today needs a technology partner to protect the investment in critical applications and data. GuardEra’s proven risk management skills span the risk management lifecycle, delivering a complete solution starting with compliance assessments for business policies and procedures and extending through security testing and risk mitigation. Network infrastructure is a huge investment and a large business risk. GuardEra can assess your business requirements against workloads and performance, and compliance regulations for privacy and security. We will design and deploy a secure network infrastructure tested to be secure against the latest threats and with flexibility built-in. We have the skills and experience to design multi-purpose switched networks for servers, multiple types of data and applications, fixed and mobile clients, and other network infrastructure including: • Routers to enforce access policies • Switches to speed throughput • Cabling to accommodate growth and change • Network management for maximum performance and reduced failures Compliance policies and procedures are critical to any regulated organization today. Our skilled experts can identify and manage your exposure to privacy and security regulations in financial services (GLBA), healthcare (HIPAA) and public companies (SOX). GuardEra eliminates the need to keep expensive and specialized skills on your staff by managing: • Assessments to identify your gaps against critical regulations • Policies and procedures that document your efforts to protect sensitive information • Technical safeguards and countermeasures to implement and enforce your policies and procedures
  3. 3. Virtual Virtual Virtual Servers Desktops Laptops Control Any Applications Security Infrastructure Type of Application Web Application Web Perimeter Access Single Content Security Control Sign-on Monitoring & Optimizer Applications Foundation Services Management Load Balancer PDA Presentation Network Infrastructure Server Windows SAN Client/Server Laptop Monitor Compress Network Set and Host Network Optimize Traffic Monitor Performance Virtual Desktop Data Replication Desktop Levels Infrastructure Individual Network Hosted SAN Windows Desktop OS Application Delivery Terminal Streaming Public Kiosk Infrastructure Applications To User Devices DR Site or Load Balanced Infrastructure • Security scans and tests to ensure your technical safeguards and countermeasures are performing properly • Remediation and forensics for areas needing attention Security layers to enforce your compliance policies and protect your critical resources against internal and external threats to networks, servers, applications and data. GuardEra has deep skills and experience in designing and deploying security technologies in networks, servers, desktops and mobile wireless devices, including: The benefiTS • Firewalls to protect perimeters and content against the increasingly GuardEra reduces your exposure hostile universe of threats from spyware, viruses, spam, hostile to business risk while increasing material and application attacks operational efficiency and effectiveness. • Intrusion detection and prevention systems that identify, stop and • More cost-effective operations from remedy network and host-based attacks while capturing critical data dependable, high performance for compliance audits and forensics networks and systems enable • Access controls for servers and endpoints that automate patches, planning technology investments enforce secure configurations required by compliance polices and and compliance efforts instead of securely log events putting out fires • Protecting your rest, and in motion • Identity management for strong authentication, user provisioning and • More effective management from single sign-on from the trusted network or the Internet a proactive compliance posture that better aligns with business processes • Security management to manage logs, and capture and correlate and delivers business agility from events before the damage is done planned growth and changes Managed IT Services insure that your infrastructure is securely operating • Proactive compliance due diligence at 100% efficiency with on-site and remote operational support. GuardEra’s and due care to reduce legal risk seasoned and certified professionals can relieve you of the risk of manag- and worries ing complex IT infrastructure while avoiding making major investments in changing technologies. GuardEra managed IT services can include: • Stronger security to minimize risk • Training your staff in the latest technologies to critical and sensitive data and applications, and reduce threats of • Managing distributed networks of servers and client devices technology change and new exploits • Remote network monitoring • Outsourced security functions such as web filtering, anti-virus, • Outsourced operations to design, antispam, e-mail protection and other services implement and manage technology • Services ranging from contracted operations support up to and while shifting capital budgets to including a virtual CIO service operating expenses
  4. 4. Headquartered in Lombard, IL with offices in downtown Chicago and Cincinnati, OH, GuardEra Access Solutions, Inc. is an IT solutions provider with the ability to deploy solutions on a local, regional, or national level. GuardEra was a founding member of THISA, a national network of regional solution providers dedicated to delivering high-confidence information solutions to healthcare, financial, manufacturing, and other organizations. GuardEra’s participation in THISA provides our clients with the benefits of a national service delivery footprint, and the commitment to your success that only a focused, local solution provider can deliver. GuardEra Access Solutions, Inc. Corporate Office: Cincinnati Office: 200 W. 22nd Street, Suite 220 10999 Reed Hartman Highway, Suite 323 Lombard, IL 60148 Blue Ash, OH 45242 Phone: (847) 348-0600 Phone: (513) 579-1701 Fax: (513) 579-0282 Fax: (847) 934-1100 Downtown Chicago Office: 70 E. Lake Street Chicago, IL 60601