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Aktibo vol.01


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Aktibo! Pahayagan ng Mamamayan - Akbayan Official Mag, October issue. :)

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Aktibo vol.01

  1. 1. AVol. 1 ktibo! OctoberIssue # 1 2011 Pahayagan ng mamamayan Active Citizenship
  2. 2. Table of contentsActive Citizenship as Remedy to National Crisis:Some Sketch Notes........ 3Mayor Daus: Simple pero rock....... 5Desisyon ng Korte Suprema sa Hacienda Luisita,Panalo ba o Talo?........... 7Akbayan National Council meeting ........... 9Pamumunong tatak Akbayan.......... 10 Brainstorming for Aktibo!Akbayan sa Buong Kapuluan ........... 11Rough and rugged road toward change.......... 12Pagasa: An Unlikely Paradise........................ 15Tuloy tuloy. Isulong ang mgaprogresibong batas............ 17MODA Akbayan........... 18 Paa n ok aya ??? Inspiring??? ar? the ye yee of emplo Aktibo! Pahayagan ng mamamayan Conrad Catillo Editor in chief Brain(washing) for Aktibo? Perry Legaspi Managing editor Aaron Moralina Contributing editor Contributing Writers Sabrina Gacad team building??? Edwin Chavez Aktibo! Pahayagang Akbayan: Kaka Bag-ao 36-B Madasalin St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City Carlo Vargas (02) 433-6933 / (02) 433-6831 Graphic Artist Edz Ayson AkbayanParty 1
  3. 3. Editor’s NotePagpupugay sa lahat ng Aktibo! readers,Andito na ang natatanging PAHAYAGAN NG MAMAMAYAN. Ang Aktibo ay isa sa mga proyekto ngpartidong Akbayan upang ihatid ang mga maiinit at malamang isyu na kinahaharap ng ating bansa.Nais nitong ipaabot sa taong bayan ang mga opinyon, kuro-kuro at posisyon ng Partido sa mga iba’tibang usapin.Subalit hindi lamang ito talaan ng mga batas na ating ipinaglalaban sa Kongreso, ito rin aynagpapakita ng mga pangaraw-araw na buhay Akbayan. Mula sa pamamahala ng isangmunisipalidad hangang sa “leadership training”.Ang mga bumubuo ng Aktibo ay taos pusong nagpapasalamat sa inyong pagnanais na patuloy nakumalap ng impormasyon, paglalaan ng oras at panahon para basahin ito at higit sa lahat angpatuloy na pagiging Aktibo! ninyo.Mabuhay tayong lahat, mabuhay ang partidong Akbayan,CONRAD CASTILLOEditor in chiefAktibo! 2
  4. 4. ActiveCitizenship As Remedy to National Crisis: Some Sketch Notes by Aaron MoralinaComrades, I wrote this piece forAktibo, originally set to bereleased in time for our NationalCouncil Meeting (but because oflogistical issues, was releasedmuch later). Here, Ive drawn onthe ideas of citizenship, socialism,and democracy by Martell, Laclauand Mouffe, and Hirst. I wish theessay could still be developed byincorporating other writings onactive citizenship and bysharpening the reference toPhilippines. Since this is by nomeans a definitive piece on activecitizenship, I hope it could jump rethinking new forms of peoples A key feature of active citizenship is thestart conversations regarding this struggles, mobilization, and strong presence of civil society. Here empowerment. We need a culture of individuals could look for meaningfulimportant aspect of our party active citizenship that addresses the ways to participate and have a stake innarrative. – A.R.M. democratic deficit in the country, and the political decision-making. VoluntaryWe are all too familiar with Philippine stasis in political motion among the organizations, unions, and cause-politics. While formally a democracy, the people. oriented groups are made to pursuedeficit in democratic accountability is their particular advocacies based onvery much palpable in various levels. their particular interests. Still, due to theMuch of the conduct in government is Active Citizenship and the commitment to a general social good,influenced by exchange of favors, Aspiration for Empowerment organizations pursue their interestsdispensation of spoils, and formations of while meaningfully interacting with eachclientelist alliances. A handful of families The aim of active citizenship is to other: this is to prevent the actualizationwith their extended kin and clients empower. Hence, it aspires to engage of their interests at the expense ofdominate politics. While universal adult governmental institutions. This is done others interests. A common good issuffrage is practiced and elections serve through proposing various ways to shared by all and should respond toas chief source of political legitimacy in place public goods under greater everyones needs, and this should bethe country, peoples participation in democratic control. It does not aspire to forged through continuous interactiongovernment remains limited and relieve the state from its conventional with each other. Since a plurality ofsuperficial. Save for some surges of responsibilities, rather, it prods on the interests is involved in setting socialEDSA-esque mobilizations, the people state to perform its responsibilities priorities, any kind of centralization ofhave no meaningful and substantial role through meaningful participation from power is prevented. In this way, politicalin political decision-making. the people. At present, the role of decision-making is brought down to the defining and actualizing public goods local level where people are able toIt is no longer surprising that a big are in the hands of private interests participate more freely and moresegment of our population has been (e.g., corporations, the economic elites, meaningfully.resigned to cynicism vis-à-vis socio- powerful families embedded in statepolitico issues. Such attitude is even institutions, among others, whose chief This is not to say that active citizenshipcompounded by the value systems aim is to accumulate wealth and strives to bring ALL political decisionspromoted by popular cultural forms: on produce profit). It is a challenge to outside formal representationalone hand, a culture of mendicancy is advocates of active citizenship to structures of the state. The presentpromoted by game shows which peddle contribute to the creation of a culture system of representation is retainedthe promise of quick riches; on the other transcending the formal institutions of whereby multitude of parties of varioushand, one can sense a general feeling of democracy in the country. The present colors, traditions, etc. continues toapathy among the slightly monied who structure will not be allowed to continue, pursue their politics. But on top of theare resolved to leave everything in favor rather, measures are carried out to formal political structures, public forumsof migrating abroad. change it. Advocates of active are created and allowed to thrive so that citizenship promote reforms to the organizations participate in identifyingHence, the country seems to suffer from political, economic, as well as social their common needs. Although thea chronic crisis in accountability and structure of the country, in the hope that present formal democracy in thesocial conscience among the people. it will culminate in a more pluralist and country has so many flaws, a lot of itsThere is an exceptional need for participatory democracy. components still need to exist to 3
  5. 5. continue the existence of mechanisms Active Citizenship and Individual citizenship promotes a strong sense offor accountability and other forms of Freedom individual freedom, it also promotescheck and balance to political authority. solidarity among diverse experiencesNevertheless, they should not be Since active citizenship holds plurality in and plural interests. Hence, advocatesseparated from forms of direct highest regard, it aspires to create a of active citizenship have a strong senseparticipation. Aside from formal culture that places utmost respect to of egalitarianism.involvement in elections, pluralist individual freedom. An individualsinterests could influence political expression of selfhood is sacred, hence Active Citizenship and the Marketdecision-making. it is also protected. Expression of diverse individualities is also allowed to Within an active citizenship framework, Active Citizenship as an Answer to flourish in a free environment where no people are empowered producers and Old Socialist Thought kind of force—physical, ideological, consumers. They strive to sway etc.—can suppress the individual in enterprises to respond to the real needsIt seems that active citizenship is no favor of a collective identity. Hence, of the citizens, not only to the demandslonger new as there has been a plethora people are called on to raise their level of the market. Needs should not definedof political groups who advocate similar of consciousness so that they become by the enterprises or market forces, butends. It is clear that active citizenship aware of any force that could stifle by the people themselves through theaddresses the deficit in accountability of individuality—from the most manifest recognition of their diverse interests.the present political system in the forms of repression such as totalitarian External forces are not allowed tocountry. Likewise, active citizenship regimes that aims to impose one- impose a unitary decision of whataspires to propose an alternative to dimensional thinking, to the most should be produced or sold, becauseMarxism-Leninism-Maoism pushed concealed such as structural bases for the people themselves should be able toforward by the National Democratic skewed distribution of power and identify and acknowledge genuinemovement, whose goal is to establish a wealth, unequal opportunities for social needs through mutually inclusivesociety whereby decision-making and personal growth, unevenness in the political forums. In a society inspired bypolitical actions are all centralized to the production of knowledge, among active citizenship, people engage instate. Within this paradigm, no discursive others. People are called on to act in both entrepreneurial and governmentalspace is created for the existence of order to change or outright remove decision-making through individualpluralist interests, aside from those who these obstacles to the actualization of actions and trade unions, workersexpress the aspirations of the vanguard individual freedom, and propose or associations, consumer action groups,party. The community is a collective establish alternatives. cooperatives, etc. Through thesewithout plurality: it is assumed that thepeople have a “singular form” of interest, “Active citizenship is founded in values likewhich is by and large actualized by the egalitarianism, cooperation, and unity. But itvanguard party. A society built on this is firmly based in a deep sense of plurality,premise does not draw its strength fromcooperation and plurality. On the and it unequivocally opposes any form ofcontrary, diversity is conflated into a centralization of state power.”“unitary” decision, which is imposed by avanguard party that purports to As much as advocates of active citizens organizations, enterprises are swayed,“represent” all peoples. promote freedom at the level of the if not pressured, to do consultations and individual, they also strive for a society dialogues with the people, whose inputsIn this sense, diverse interests are with a clear sense of social good which become integral in production and saledisempowered as they are not allowed to is over and above the individuals of commodities. In support of thiscome together, negotiate with each desire. One cannot be allowed to pursue venture, people also strive to createother, and reach a settlement among individual freedom without any sense of communal structures that promotethem. Hence, even in the outset, there common good or else it would only coordination and cooperation betweenseems to be a great likelihood to resort to promote the competition of individual enterprises and government agencies.violence and excess, most especially if interests. Competitive individualism isthis was to be advanced in large and actually promoted by neo-liberal Conclusionhighly complex societies characterized thought. Within the neo-liberalby fractions and diverse interests paradigm, all forms of obstacles to We must emphasize that at the core of(theres enough historical precedence individual freedoms have to be active citizenship lies the aspiration forthat attests to this). To actualize its removed—chief among them is the unity, cooperation, and equality. Itpursued “good,” the vanguard state does state—and the concept of a general intends to promote genuine democracynot allow the participation of the people good is left to the consideration of the anchored in a deep and strong sense ofbecause the state itself expresses, individual. This kind of thinking is pluralism. While it recognizes therepresents, and carries out unitary opposed because of its danger: without primacy of pursuing individual interests,decisions. attempts to negotiate a common good, it does not aim to essentialize the there would emerge a vicious culture individual over the collective. Truly, inOn the contrary, in a society inspired by where self-interests are pursued at the the face of crisis of accountability in theactive citizenship, mutually inclusive cost of other individual freedoms. A country, alongside the general feeling ofinteractions between diverse interests “dog-eat-dog” culture is no longer new hopelessness harbored by the people,are strongly encouraged and not to the Philippines where theres a wide there is sore need for active citizenship.suppressed. Active citizenship is gap between a few rich and an endfounded in values like egalitarianism, impoverished mass. Thus, there iscooperation, and unity. But it is firmly utmost need to create an environment photo on the other page: Janela Arcosbased in a deep sense of plurality, and it Lelis during typhoon “juaning”, July 26, that is genuinely caring and nurturing to 2011(taken by and property of Frankunequivocally opposes any form of all, not only to a few. So while active Lurzano)centralization of state power. 4
  6. 6. “Simpleng tao si Mayor.” hindi bakas sa kanya ang ugali ng Pagsabak sa Pulitika at saYan ang unang sagot sa iyo ng mga tao pagiging “trapo” o traditional politician. Partidong Akbayansa Laur, Nueva Ecija kapag iyongtatanunging kung ano ang pagkakakilala Sa katunayan, payak ang pamumuhay Sa pagpasok ni Mayor sa pulitika bilangnila sa kanilang alkalde, si Mayor G. ni Mayor magmula noong bata pa siya chairperson ng isang lokal na partido, diAlvaro Daus. Kaya naman hindi kahit ngayon. Sa pagsasaka ang kalaunan nakilala din niya ang ibatkatakataka na malapit si Mayor sa mga hanapbuhay ng kaniyang pamilya ibang grupo at personalidad na aktibotao ng Laur. Sa katunayan, pangalawang bagaman mas mataas ang antas ng sa lokal na pulitika ng Nueva Ecija. Isatermino na niya ito ng paninilbihan sa buhay nila kumpara sa ibang na rito si RG Escuejo na lokal na pinunobayan. Pero higit sa pagiging malapit sa kababayan. Gayunpaman, hindi ito ng Akbayan sa Nueva Ecija. Bagamattaumbayan, kasama na rin sa kanyang naging handlang sa pagiging malapit ng hindi pa siya tahasang sumasali sapamumuno ang tatak ng pagiging tapat ama niya at ng pamilya sa mga Akbayan, nasaksihan na ni Mayor angat matuwid sa panunungkulan. ordinaryong tao. katapatan sa paninilbihan sa kapwa angMasdan lang ng sinuman ang daan ginagawa ng Partido.papasok sa Bayan ng Laur sa Nueva “Tinuruan kami ng mga magulangEcija, mababatid ang ilang hirap ng namin na laging tumulong sa masa,” Nang tanungin si Mayor kung wala bapangangasiwa sa lugar na ito. ayon kay Mayor. Ito ang naging tatak ng siyang alinlangan nang makilala angSementado naman ang kalsada pero pamumuno ng kanyang ama bilang Akbayan, “Siyempre sa ibang tao na dimalaking problema tuwing tag-ulan ang alkalde ng bayan mula 1960 hanggang nakaaaalam sa Akbayan may pananawbaha. Agrikultura ang pangunahing 1986. na ang Akbayan ay makakaliwa, mgapinagkakakitaan ng Laur partikular ang Noong 1986, lumipat si Mayor sa aktibista, o di kaya NPA. Pero noongpagtatanim ng palay at sibuyas. Hindi Estados Unidos kasama ang pamilya at makilala ko ang Akbayan nagustuhan konaman malaki ang populasyon ng Laur doon piniling maghanapbuhay. Doon, ito dahil reporma ang pangunahingna nasa humigit-kumulang sa 30,000 naging tsuper ng trak sa Jersey city ng naisin.”katao. Dito rin matatagpuan ang Fort halos 18 na taon at naging miyembro ngMagsaysay ng Armed Forces of the unyong International Brotherhood of Dahil na rin sa responsibilidad na dala-Philippines. Teamsters na kilala bilang isa sa dala ni Mayor Daus at sa pagkakakilala pinakamalaking unyon sa Estados ng tao sa kanya at sa kaniyang pamilya,Sa maliit na bayang ito hindi mo aakalain Unidos. di naglaon na maraming tao na nasana may tinatago silang yaman sa Bumalik si Mayor sa Pilipinas noong poder ang nagkaroon ng haka-hakangmaayos at tapat na pamumuno sa 2003 upang balikan ang iniwang bayan maaaring ninanais na rin niyangkatauhan ni Mayor Daus na “orig” na at bumalik sa dating simpleng tumakbo sa isang lokal na puwesto.mayor ng Akbayan (nakatala siya sa pamumuhay ng pagsasaka. BagamanCOMELEC na ang kanyang partido ay huli ang pulitika sa dahilan ng kanyang “Sa katunayan, wala talaga sa akingAkbayan). Pag pupuntahan mo siya sa pagbalik. Aniya, “Hindi ko plano ang isipan ang tumakbo. Hindi mo namankanyang bahay, siguradong mabibigla ka pagpasok sa pulitika. Malayo yun sa kailangan maging pulitiko parana lang na ang alkalde ay simple sa aking isipan”. tumulong e. Nagkataon lang na yungkanyang pananamit, malayong malayo kapatid ng naging kalaban ko sasa marangyarng imahe na meron ang Gayunpaman, napasabak na rin siya halalan, inakala na tatakbo ako siguro.mga mayor o pulitiko dito sa ating bansa. dito dahil na rin sa paguudyok ng isang Pinagsasabi pa nga na hindi raw akoBagaman hindi maituturing na baguhan kaibigan at suporta ng mga mananalo dahil wala nga akong pera osa pulitika si Mayor Daus, ikalawang mamamayan. Noon, napasali siya sa yaman para ipanggugugol. Parangtermino na niya ito ngayon at BALANE party bilang isang local nahamon ako, eh di syempre tumakboang kanyang ama ay dating chairman nito dahil na rin sa nakitang na ako para sa pagka-alkalde.” wika nimayor ng Laur, pagiging likas na malapit ni Mayor sa Mayor Daus. taumbayan. “Naging chairman ako sa local area ng partido BALANE (Bagong Sa unang pagtakbo ni Mayor sa halalan, Lakas ng Nueva Ecija) dito sa Nueva malinaw sa lahat na kredibilidad ang Ecija dahil na rin kay Voltaire Chua na pangunahing puhunan ni Mayor at hindi congressional candidate noon ng pera o makinarya na meron ang partido. Kaya ako nakumbinsi ay dahil kanyang kalaban. Di naglaon nang nakita ko na rin na mabuting tao itong si umusbong rin ang relasyon nya sa Voltaire,” ayon kay Partidong Akbayan at tuluyan na siyang Mayor Daus. naging miyembro. “Kaya ko pinili ang Akbayan, dahil sa katangian nitong magsulong ng matinong pulitika. Hindi kagaya ng ibang pulitiko na pagpapayaman ang iniisip. Kita naman sa partido na hindi tayo mayaman at gustong magpayaman.” 5
  7. 7. Ang ganitong pananaw ni Mayor ang Pagtingin sa pulitkanagdala sa kanya sa pagkapanalo at angpagkakakilala sa Akbayan sa Laur. Sakatunayan, maliban sa isang konsehal, Ayon na rin kay Mayor Daus, likas saang buong sangguniang bayan ng Laur kanyang pagkatao ang tumulong saay pawang mga miyembro at kasapi ng masa. Palibhasa ganito na raw siyaPartido. pinalaki ng mga magulang niya. Halata rin ang pagiging iba ni Mayor sa“Talagang kinampanya namin ang tradisyunal na pagtingin ng mga PilipinoAkbayan dito sa Laur. Dito kilala ang sa mga pulitiko. Kung bibisita saAkbayan sa maayos na pamumuno.” tahanan ni Mayor, mapapansing ang lagi niyang pag-aalala sa mga isyung Tatak Mayor Daus pampamahalaan. Sa tuwinay usapan ni Mayor sampu ng ibang lokal na opisyalDi maikukubli ang pagiging malapit sa at mga mamamayan ng Laur angpuso ng mga taga-Laur si Mayor Daus. problema ng bayan at mga proyektongBukod sa pagkakakilala nila sa kanya ipatutupad.bilang mabait at tapat na pinuno, kilaladin siya sa pagiging isang epektibo na Kabaliktaran ng tradisyunal na pulitiko, * May populasyon nalokal na ehekutibo. Sa katunayan, sa si mayor ay araw-araw na pumapasok 30,997 ang Laur, Nueva Ecija.ilalim ni Mayor Daus napasementuhan sa munisipyo para magopisina at laging 3 na lang 31,000 na!ang dating mga lubak lubak na kalsada pwedeng lapitan ng mga taongsa bayan at nakabili na rin ng mga humihingi ng tulong. Nagsisimula siya * 1917 ng tinatagang bayanmakinaryat kagamitan ang lokal na ng ika-8 ng umaga hanggang dapit- Laur.pamahalaan. Ang dati nilang health hapon, hanggat may mga tao pa ringcenter na walang doktor ay mayroon dumudulog sa kanyang tanggapan. * Ang opsiyal na selyo ng bayannang isang regular na doktor at isang ng Laur ay nagpapakita ng mgamedical technician. Nang matanong siya “Dapat diretso ang utak at matinong bundok, pananim at kalabaw.kung paano niya nagagawa ito para sa mag-isip,” ang bukang-bibig ni Mayorbayan ng Laur gayong ang ilang serbisyo nang tanungin kung ano ang katangiangat proyekto na mayroon siya ay wala sa meron dapat ang isang pampublikongibang mas mayaman na lungsod at opisyal. Itong pagiging “diretso” atbayan, sagot ni Mayor ay, “Yung pondo “matino” ang siyang pinakapilosopiya nilang talaga na binibigay sa bayan ay Mayor sa pagsilbi sa kapwa. Kitang kitaginagastos agad para sa ito sa pamamalakad ni Mayor sapangangailangan ng mga tao. Yung munisipyo. Mismong mga kawani ngibang nasa pwesto kasi, siguro sarili ang lokal na pamahalaan ang saksi sainiisip sa halip na sa nakararami.” diretso at matinong pamumuno ni Mayor sa Laur.Naipamamalas din ni Mayor sa panahonng kalamidad ang kanyang pagmamahal Dahil na rin sa mga prinsipyong ito nisa mga kinasasakupan. Sa katunayan, Mayor, di maiiwasan na mapagmuni sibago pa man sumapit ang panahon ng Mayor sa pagkakaiba niya sa mga ibangtag-ulan o bagyo, inihahanda na ni pulitiko. Saksi siya sa karangyaan ngMayor ang mga kakailanganin ng mga ilang pulitiko gayong naghihikahos angtao. “Kapag alam mong magtatagulan nakararami. Kaya payo ni Mayor sana, inihahanda na naming yung gamit Partido at sa mga kasamangpara sa mga maapektuhan. Bahain kasi naninilbihan sa tao ang pagpatuloy saang lugar namin kaya kailangan laging tapat na serbisyo. Aniya, “Yung ibanghanda. Kung tag-ulan nga, uunahan ko pulitiko perang ipanggagastos na langna sa pagronda sa mga lugar na sa mga tao, ibubulsa pa. Kungtatamaan ng baha para matugunan papayuhan ko ang mga sasabak saagad.” pulitika sa Partido, tandaan lagi na maging honest. Huwag dapat tularanNagpapatupad din ng isang programang yung ibang mayor at pulitiko. ”Universal Healthcare sa Laur ang lokalna pamahalaan. Sa ilalim ng Ibang-iba talaga ang uri ng pamumunoprogramang ito, kahit ang mga kapos ni Mayor Daus sa Laur, kaya ngatpalad ay maaaring mabigyan ng mga ganoon na lang ang pagmamalaki ngserbisyong medikal nang di na Akbayan na may isang mayor nakailangan pang gumastos ng malaki. nagsasabuhay ng mga prinsipyo ng Partido at ipinamamalas ang tatak ng pamumuno ng Akbayan. Sana ngay marami pang mayor, gobernador, bokal at konsehal ang magsabuhay ng tatak Akbayan sa pamumuno ng kanilang sinasakupan. lahat ng larawan ay end mula sa kuha at pananaliksik ni Carlo Angelo Vargas at Edz Ayson 6
  8. 8. Sinasabing ang kaso ng Hacienda . Pagkatapos ng halos isang taong Sa isang banda, kinilala ng KorteLuisita ay isa sa mga mahahalagang paghihintay, naglabas ang Korte Suprema na may legal standing angkaso sa repormang agraryo. Naging Suprema ng kanilang resolusyon. mga magsasaka at manggagawang-malaking usapin ito noong naging bukid sa kasong ito. Kinilala rin ngPangulo si Cory Aquino at ngayong Noong lumabas ang desisyong ito sa Kortena sangkot sa kasong ito angPangulo na ang anak niyang si Noynoy. kasong pagpapawalang-bisa ng Stock interes ng publiko at ito ay hindiAng mangyayari sa Hda. Luisita ay Distribution Option (SDO) ng Hda. simpleng sigalot sa pagitan ng mgamagbibigay ng isang napakalaking Luisita, marami ang nalito. Inakala ng stockholders ng korporasyon kungpulitikal na senyales sa pagpapatupad marami na magbubunyi ang mga kayat ito ay usaping sakop ng mgang administrasyong ito sa programang magsasaka at manggagawang-bukid probisyon ng mga batas sa repormangrepormang agraryo. ng hacienda dahil pinawalang-bisa ng agraryo. Korte ang kinekwestyong StockAng kasong nakasampa sa Korte Distribution Plan (SDP) ng HLI. Kaya Bahagyang kinatigan ng Korte angSuprema ay bunsod ng resolusyon ng nagtataka ang marami kung bakit lubos batayan ng desisyon ng PresidentialPresidential Agrarian Reform Council ang pagkadismaya nila at ang nagbunyi Agrarian Reform Council (PARC) na(PARC) noong 2005 na pinapawalang- ay ang management ng hacienda. ipawalang-bisa ang SDO ng hacienda.bisa ang SDO ng Hacienda Luisita Inc. Tunay ngang nakakalito ang desisyong Sinabi ng Korte Suprema na mali ang(HLI) at nag-utos sa DAR na ipamahagi ito dahil sa katunayan ito ay ginawang proseso ng HLI sana ang lupa ng hacienda sa mga nagpapanggap na panalo ng mga pamamahagi nito ng shares of stocks sabenepisyaryo. Kinuwestyong ng HLI and magsasaka ng hacienda subalit ito ay mga magsasaka at manggagawang-resolusyong ito ng PARC sa Korte totoong panalo ng hacienda at ng mga bukid. Anila, sa ginawa ng HLI naSuprema at nakakuha sila ng temporary Cojuangco. Ang mga positibong pagtakda ng 30-taon na pautay-utay narestraining order (TRO) na nagpahinto bahagi ng desisyon ay nilamon ng mga pamamahagi ng stocks at ang pagtakdasa DAR na ipatupad ang desisyon ng bahaging nagbibigay ng malalaking ng shares batay sa man-days (naPARC. Nagkaroon lamang ng pagkilos banta at ligal na implikasyon sa katumbas ng bilang ng mga araw sasa kasong ito nitong nakaraang taon pagpapatupad ng repormang agraryo pagtratrabaho ng isang manggagawa sakung saan nagsagawa ang Korte hindi lamang sa Hacienda Luisita at iba hacienda), lumabnaw ang halaga ngSuprema ng oral arguments sa kaso. pang mga katulad nitong isinailalim sa shares of stock ng mga magsasaka atNagsubok pa ang Korte Suprema na SDO kundi pati na rin sa kabuuang manggagawang-bukid. Sinabi rin ngmagkaroon ng negosasyon sa mga pagpapatupad ng programa. Korte Suprema na lumabag din sa SDOpartido sa kaso subalit walang inabot na ang HLI nung hindi nito lubusangkasunduan ang prosesong ito.Desisyon ng Korte Suprema sa Hacienda Luisita, naipatupad ang pamamahagi ng mga homelots sa mga magsasaka. Sa kabilang banda, hindi sinang- ayunan ng Korte ang tatlo pang batayan ng PARC sa kanilang pagsasawalang-bisa sa SDO ng HLI. Ayon sa Korte hindi ligal na obligasyon ng HLI ang paunlarin ang kabuhayan ng mga magsasaka at manggagawang-bukid. Sapat na raw na nabigyan sila ng HLI ng posibilidad na umangat ang kanilang kabuhayan. Dinagdag pa ng desisyon ng Korte na hindi obligasyon ng HLI na panatilihing buo ang mga lupang agrikultural na sakop ng SDO kayat sinususugan nito ang conversion ng mahigit 500 ektaryang lupang agrikultural sa loob ng hacienda. Sinabi pa ng korte na hindi ito labag sa SDP. Dinagdag pa ng Korte na hindi nilabag ng HLI ang SDP noong hindi nito naipamahagi ang mga shares of stocks na ayon sa batas. 7
  9. 9. Sabi ng Korte ang dalawang taong dapat patungo sa adhikaing ito. Hindi Pang-apat, naninindigan tayo nanakasaad sa batas ay tumutukoy dapat iniiwan ang kapakanan ng mga walang kahit anuman ligal na batayanlamang sa proseso ng aplikasyon para magsasaka para sa panig ng isang ang inutos ng Korte Suprema nasa SDO at hindi yung aktwal na palubog na korporasyon at kapag hindi referendum. Hindi ito nakasaad sa kahitpamamahagi nito. nito kayang gampanan ang pagpapa- anumang batas pang-agraryo. angat ng kabuhayan ng mga Pinawalan ng bisa ang SDP dahilBagamang dineklara ng Korte na benepisyaryo ng reporma naniniwala naagrabyado ang magsasaka, bakit pa“unconstitutional” ang SDP sa Hda. tayong dapat ipamahagi na ang lupa sa hinahayaan ng Korte Suprema naLusita, ginamit ng Korte Suprema ang kanila. ipagpatuloy ang SDP?prinsipyo ng “operative fact” paramabigyan ng ligal na batayan ang Pangalawa, naniniwala tayo na hindi Ito ay ilan lamang sa mga pangunahingpagpapatuloy nito. Ayon sa prinsipyo ng dapat kinatigan ng Korte Suprema ang punto ng ating mga argumento laban sa“operative fact” kapag ang isang batas konbersyon ng mga lupang agrikultural desisyon ng Korte Suprema. Kasamaay dineklarang “unconstitutional” ang sa loob ng hacienda. Kung papayagan ng FARM-Luista at mga kasama natingmga epekto ng batas na ito bago natin na maconvert at maibenta ang mga abugado sa repormang agraryo,pinawalang-bisa ay dapat irespeto. Ito mga lupa, malaki ang posibilidad na tayo ay nagsampa ng Motion forang ginamit nilang pundasyon para sa hindi lamang malulusaw ang Reconsideration sa desisyon ng Korte.posibleng pagpapatuloy ng SDP sa pagmamay-ari ng mga magsasakapamamagitan ng isang referendum sa kundi mawalan pa sila ng kabuhayan. Patuloy tayong maninindigan atmga origihinal na mang benepisyaryo Ang puso ng repormang agraryo ay ang magtutulak na ipamahagi na ang mgasa loob ng hacienda. pagmamay-ari ng mga magsasaka ng lupain ng Hacienda Luisita sa mga lupa. kwalipikadong benepisyrayo nito.Ang mga deklarasyong ito ng Korte Patuloy nating ipagtatanggol angSuprema ay hindi naaayon sa Pangatlo, naniniwala din tayo na kapag kagalingan at kapakanan ng mgapaninindigan ng Akbayan at ng pinawalang bisa ang SDP, napawalan magsasaka sa Hda. Luisita, sa iba pangmaraming mga civil society na rin ng bisa ang SDO dahil hindi mga hacienda at sa buong bansa.organizations. naman magkaiba ang dalawang ito. Kapag Akbayan ang lumaban, panalo Naniniwala tayo na ang prinsipyo ng ang mamamayan.Una, hindi tayo sang-ayon na walang “operative fact” ay magagamit lamang endobligasyon ang HLI na paunlarin ang kung may naiwang legal vacuum angbuhay ng mga benepisyaryo. Ang batas pagsasawalang-bisa ng isang repormang agraryo ay isang social Sa kaso ng Hda. Luisita walanglegislation na ang pakay ay paunlarin ganitong puwang dahil ayon sa Sec. 31ang buhay ng mga mahihirap. Kayat ng CARP, kapag hindi natapos angdapat lang na ang lahat ng hantungan pamamahagi ng stocks dapat direktangng mga programa sa ilalim ng CARP ay ipapamahagi ang lupa. Photo (left): the supreme court of the Philippines (right): Chief Justice Renato Corona Photo (left): farmers of the Hacienda (right): Court hearing the case of Hacienda Luisitaabove photos are property, UCAnews and lng12blog respectively 8
  10. 10. Political officers and political organizers conference - brainstorming and status report. Committees and Units report Roll call of the members of the National Council NC members Kiko Isaac presenting Crazy as Pinoy performing Terms of Engagement for the Solidarity Night Political Report from Akbayan acting President Machris Cabreros National Council MeetingRep. Walden Bello presenting the Economic Platform of the Party Aug. 2011 9
  11. 11. Pamumunong Tatak-Akbayanby Edwin ChavezMagandang araw mga kasama! Sa unang labas ng Aktibo, minabuti kong paksain angPAMUMUNO. Naniniwala akong ang lakas at tagumpay ng partido ay nakasandig sa uring pamumuno na mayroon ito. Ang pamumuno ng partido ay hindi lamang yaong nasapambansang antas, kundi katumbas na mahalaga ang pamumuno sa lokal na antas. Mahalaga sa partido ang pagpapaunlad ng mga lider. Kaya ngat naglunsad tayo ngayon ng programang kung tawagin ay ALAMAT o Akbayan Leadership and Party Management Training upang sanayin ang mga pangunahing lider mula sa mga dibisyon at seksyon ng partido, gayundin ang mga sektoral na lider. Kahulugan at Kahalagahan ng Pinagmumulan rin ng impluwensya ang Makikita rito ang mga batayang Pamumuno salapi, materyal na bagay, armas, katangian at pagpapahalagang tunay posisyon o estado sa buhay. Para sa na makabuluhan noon hanggang saAyon sa mga ibat-ibang babasahin, ang atin, hindi ito ang mga tunay na ngayon. Ang Kartilya ang gabay sapamumuno ay IMPLUWENSYA. Ito ang pinagmumulan ng impluwensya. Sa pang-araw-araw na pamumuhay ngkakayahan ng isang tao o grupo na kasaysayan ng Pilipinas, maraming mga kasapi at lider ng Katipunan.impluwensyahan ang iba upang kumilos naging lider na naluklok at sinusunod ng Walang sapat na armas at yamangtungo sa pagkamit ng layunin. Ang mga tao dahil lamang sa kanilang materyal ang Katipunan katumbas ngsinumang pangunahing nakakapag- posisyon, o dahil sa suporta ng padrong mga Kastila, subalit may mga lider atimpluwensya sa grupo o mga tao ang pulitiko. Ginagamit rin nila ang kasaping may ningas at rubdob parasiyang maituturing na lider. kapangyarihan ng pera, pabor, sa pagbabago at kalayaan. posisyon, o armas para mapalawig angAng pamumuno ay isang proseso kung pagsunod ng mga tao sa kanila. Lider sa Lidersaan ang isang tao aynakakaimpluwensya sa iba upang abutin Tinutuligsa ng mga lider ng partido ang Ang laban para sa pagbabago ayang isang layunin at nagbibigay ganitong kalakaran. Upang maihahantulad din sa labanan ng mgadireksyon sa isang samahan o grupo maisakatuparan ang demokratikong lider. Kung tayo na naghahangad ngupang mas maging matibay at higit na adhikain, pangunahing pinagmumulan pagbabago ay may mga lider, sila nanagkakaisa. ng impluwensya ng lider ang kanyang nais manatili ang kasalukuyang kakayanan at kaalaman. Gayunpaman, sistema ay nagpapaunlad rin ngBilang lider ng partido, mahalagang mahalaga ring sandigan ng pamumuno kanilang mga lider. May tagisan samapalakas natin ang ating kakahayang ang ugali at pagpapahalagang pagitan ng mga lider para saimpluwensyahan ang ating mga kasapi, pinaunlad at patuloy na pinauunlad ng pagbabago at mga lider para samga ka-alyado, at ang mamamayang isang lider bilang isang aktibong kasalukuyang sistema. Sa dulo, sinoating inoorganisa at pinapakilos. kasama at kasapi ng partido. ang mananalo? Huwag nating hayaang ang mga lider ng reaksyon atAng tagumpay o kabiguan ng isang Kung babalikan lamang natin ang mga pwersa ng pang-aapi angpangarap o layunin, o kahit na anong karanasan ng Katipunan ng huling ika- manalo. Tayo ang kailangangplano o gawain, ay nakabatay sa pinuno 19 na dantaon, mahalaga ang naging pamumuno. Makikita ito sa ibat-ibang papel ng Kartilya ng kilusanghalimbawa at larangan—sa pamilya, rebolusyonaryo sa pagpapanday ng Ito ang malaking hamon sa mga lidermga panlipunang institusyon, wastong pagpapahalaga sa pamumuno ng partido. May malalaking labanpalakasan, mga samahan, estado, at at pagsapi sa kilusan. tayong hinaharap ngayon atkahit saan pa man. haharapin sa mga darating na taon. endMaraming mga organisasyon angbumagsak at nasira dahil sa masamang Narito ang anim sa 13 puntong nakasaad sa Kartilya:uri ng pamumuno. Marami ring mgabansa ang patuloy na nasasadlak sa Ÿ Ang buhay na hindi ginugugol sa isang malaki at banal nakahirapan at nananatiling atrasado dahil kadahilanan ay puno na walang lilim, kundi man damongsa mga lider na naluklok. Sa kabilangbanda, marami ring mga organisasyon, makamandag.gobyerno at iba pang institusyon ang Ÿ Ang gawang magaling na nagbubuhat sa paghahambog onaging matagumpay dahil sa kanilang paghahangad na makasarili at hindi talagang nasangmga naging pinuno. gumawa ng kagalingan, ay di kabaitan. Ÿ Ang tunay na kabanalan ay ang pagkakawang-gawa, ang Mga Pinanggagalingan ng Impluwensya pag-ibig sa kapwa, at ang isukat ang bawat kilos, gawat pangungusap sa talagang katuwiran.Kung ang pamumuno ay impluwensya, Ÿ Maitim man o maputi ang kulay ng balat, lahat ng taoyano ang mga pangunahing magkakapantay; mangyaring ang isay higitan sa dunong, sapinanggagalingan nito? Bilang isang yaman, sa ganda; ngunit di mahihigitan sa pagkatao.demokratiko at mapagkalingang partido,kinikilala natin na ang impluwensya ay Ÿ Ang may mataas na kalooban, inuuna ang dangal o puripangunahing nagmumula sa ating kaysa sa paghahangad na makasarili; ang may hamak nakaalaman, kamalayan, kasanayan, mga kalooban, inuuna ang paghahangad na makasarili kaysaasal at pagpapahalaga. puri. Ÿ Ipagtanggol ang inaapi; labanan ang umaapi. 10
  12. 12. Nards Dapitan11
  13. 13. ROU RUG GH & GED ROA D tow CH ard AN GE Akbayan Party’s Statement on the especially because of the legacy of Anti-corruption and political reformsFirst Year of the Aquino Government corrupt and ineffective governance that was put into practice by the previousThe country just marked the first year of government, which like a stubborn Together with the Filipino people,President Benigno Simeon Aquino III’s stain, is hard to wash off. Arroyo’s Akbayan celebrates it victory inadministration, a government put into henchmen are now busy subverting our removing an inept ombudsman, whopower by the Filipino’s hope for a better aspirations for reforms by making the chose to serve the interests of thefuture, an administration that the people journey toward change more difficult corrupt over that of the people. Herhoped would be radically different from and the straight path crooked. removal cleared the way for the peoplethe despotic nine-year reign of Gloria “The people must not be seduced to call erring public officials to account,Macapagal Arroyo. leaving Ms. Arroyo, her family and by their political rancor and lies. cohorts no other choice but to face theThe people’s expectation for this new The people must not let them music.administration to perform is naturally exploit our occasional impatiencehigh, since the previous government and distract us from the straight We also express joy in the advances wesystematically stripped us of our political, path toward change. We must not made in prosecuting the corrupt. Justicecivil, and economic rights, that horrid Secretary Leila De Lima’s swift, yetexperience taught us to value let Gloria Macapagal Arroyo win in judicious, handling of the plunderdemocratic entitlements all the more. It the end.” charge against Ms. Arroyo and thealso reminded us how to hope, leading criminal case we filed against theus to recover our collective desire for First Year: Planting the Seeds of Sandiganbayan Justices who approvedchange. Change, Winning Important Battles the lopsided Garcia plea bargain deal is laudable. The same goes for the BureauStains of the Past: Arroyo’s Decade of Truth is, not all is unwell. A year has of Internal Revenue’s courageousCorrupt and Ineffective Governance passed and the Aquino government has pursuit of big-time tax evaders including a l re a d y p l a n te d th e s e e d s o f Mikey Arroyo.For this reason, it is not surprising that meaningful change, won importantthe Filipino people welcome the Aquino battles in order to reverse Arroyo’s Furthermore, we commend the Aquinogovernment’s first year with feelings of brand of corrupt and as such, Akbayan government for heeding the Filipinodisappointment and anxiety coupled with joins the administration in celebrating people in its decision not to give the latea more cautious hope, sentiments the the significant gains we made in dictator Ferdinand Marcos a hero’sAquino government must learn to cleansing the bureaucracy of erring burial. We support President Aquino’sembrace and keep near its heart. The public officials who were glaring decision on the matter, which is firmlypeople are disappointed because they symbols of corruption and obstacles in based on the truth and consistent withbelieve that this government is different the dispensation of justice. the just struggle of the people againstfrom the previous one and capable of tyranny and oppression.effecting needed change. However, the crooked governance, and begunpublic is still hopeful albeit now in a more reclaiming our lost political and We also celebrate the passing of thecautious way because they know too economic gains. These are major GOCC Governance Act of 2011, whichmuch is already at stake for them to slide accomplishments, which Akbayan is a step in the right direction to endback into the dark years of Arroyo past. Party, being a coalition partner of the endemic cronyism and political government has contributed patronage in government-owned andTruly, the change we are direly working significantly.for does not happen overnight, 12
  14. 14. controlled corporations, something but also crucial in a period when climatepracticed capriciously by the previous change is a grim reality. It alsoregime. demonstrated that the hue of the Aquino government’s politics is not onlyLikewise, we recognize President yellow but could also be green.Aquino’s firm support for the passage ofthe Reproductive Health bill, an Social Contract to Broaden and Deepenimportant legislative measure, which ReformsAkbayan is resolutely pushing for itspassage. Despite the strong opposition Definitely, we have planted the seeds ofof the Catholic church hierarchy and its change, and have emerged victorious inthreat to withdraw support from his important battles against corruption.administration, Aquino’s decision to However, the seeds need properadvance women’s rights and Filipino nurturing and the war against corruptionfamilies’ just claim to have another is yet to be won. As much as wechance in life is remarkable. celebrate our triumphs in the struggle for reforms, more work are yet to beThe same can be said of our victory in accomplished.synchronizing the election of theAutonomous Region of Muslim Being a member of the coalitionMindanao (ARMM) with that of the government serious in its reformnational in 2013. Now the region has agenda, Akbayan Party would like toample time to implement essential make the following recommendations toreforms to promote peace and political the Aquino administration to sustain themodernity and work towards the momentum of change. We believe nowelimination of warlordism and electoral is the time for President Aquino to enterviolence that was hideously exemplified into a social contract with the people toby the Ampatuan massacre. implement broader and deeper reforms in the political and economic fronts.Foreign Policy Here are some proposals:In the international scene, we welcome Prosecution of the Corrupt andthe Aquino government’s firm stand on Recovery of Ill-gotten Wealththe Spratlys conflict. We laud its effortusing diplomatic channels in fighting for The Aquino government must not lowerour sovereignty in the West Philippine its guard against corruption. The publicSea. However, we caution the demands no less than the prosecutiongovernment in relying on the United of big-time corrupt public officialsStates to help resolve the issue. We starting with Ms. Arroyo, her family andbelieve the conflict is a regional issue the state’s deficit in transparency and cronies. President Aquino must alsoand any intervention from another accountability. see to it that all ill-gotten wealthsuperpower will only complicate matters. amassed by the previous regime is Similarly, Congress must pursue expropriated. The same must go for theAddressing the immediate needs of the legislation that would drastically reform illicit wealth accumulated by the re-poor the party-list system and transform it emergent yet still unrepentant Marcos into a viable arena for proportional family.In the economic front, we support the representation.government’s effort to address the Human Rightscountry’s poverty problem. Its swift and Agrarian Reform and Justicebold implementation of the conditional Concurrently, we call on Presidentcash transfer (CCT) program as a With only 2 years left before the Aquino to certify as urgent the Marcospoverty-containment measure points to Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Compensation bill that would giveits sensitivity to the needs of the poor, Program- Extension with Reforms indemnification to all human rightswho for the longest time have been told (CARPER) expires, there remains victims under the brutal Marcosto wait for the promises of trickle-down around 1 million hectares of dictatorship.economics. undistributed agricultural lands. It is therefore urgent for the government to We also urge the government to step upThis poverty containment measure is ensure the swift distribution of all lands. its drive against state and non-statereinforced by the subsidies the state human rights violators. Particularly, theprovided to mitigate the series of Also, it is incumbent on President Aquino administration must curb theeconomic crises such as the Aquino to use his moral and political alarming incidents of extrajudicialskyrocketing prices of oil, which fell suasion to resolve the Hacienda Luisita killings of journalists and politicalhardest on the ordinary people. issue in the event the Supreme Court advocates. fails to render a just decision. The HLILastly, we celebrate the issuance of issue strikes at the very heart of the Political ModernityExecutive Order No. 23, which provides every Filipino farmer. If they cannotfor an indefinite log ban in all national and obtain justice from the court of last We ask President Aquino to certify theresidual forests. Such executive resort or anywhere else in this country, passage of the Freedom of Informationdirective is not only timely then it is the onus of the President to put Bill as urgent to address right this historical injustice. 13
  15. 15. Economic Development We are alarmed by the growing Challenges beyond the first year violations on the rights of workers suchNow that CCT is in place, it is imperative as those demonstrated in Hanjin While one year is too short to judgeto implement more strategic economic shipyard. We therefore urge President the performance of any respectableprograms to complement its tactical Aquino to certify the Security of Tenure government, it is already enough toones. bill pending in Congress as urgent. give a fair appraisal of its commitment to meet the promises itPrimarily, labor-intensive infrastructure Urban Poor made to the Filipino people. Fromprograms must be implemented to planting the seeds of change andgenerate more jobs and give the We call on the Aquino government to winning several important battles,economy a boost. This must go hand in impose an indefinite national the Aquino government, in its firsthand with emergency employment moratorium on the demolition of all year has proven its sincerity andprovided to poor households that were informal settlements. The duration of the resolve in accomplishing thenot included in the CCT to complement moratorium must be used to develop challenging tasks of restoring thethe initial poverty-containment strategy. comprehensive state policy on mass integrity of democratic institutions, housing, which will lead to the realization social justice and ensuring theStrong regulation on oil prices must also of state-subsidized, onsite and in-city economic welfare of the imposed to stop the erosion of the low-cost housing programs.people’s welfare. We need a group that The next step is to build on the initialw o u l d d i r e c t t h e g o v e r n m e n t ’s We likewise call on President Aquino to gains and lead the people into aintervention comprised of the Energy support House Bill No. 4022 mandating vision of a better future where it cansecretary, independent technical all private developers of subdivisions to reap the fruits of what they sowed.experts, consumers and representatives allot 20% of the total subdivision area forof the big oil companies. The mission of socialized housing. Akbayan Party, being a coalitionthis team: to keep fuel prices at a partner of this government and withreasonable, minimum price to allow the Universal Health Care the support of the Filipino peoplepeople respite from the economic will strive to significantly contributehardships of today. Lastly, we must put a premium on in this endeavor by helping sustain ensuring the universal coverage of the momentum of effecting change.Consequently, we request President improved publicly provided health care.Aquino to craft an energy policy relying For this, it is important to expand the The straight path may be a roughon renewables rather than depending membership of PhilHealth towards and rugged road and could indeedheavily on dirty technologies such as universal coverage, and ensure the be the hardest path, but that is whatcoal and fossil fuel. adequate access and upgrade of health the straight path is, a road less facilities. Accordingly, the government traveled, but a path that we mustMoreover, the country’s debt problem must step up on its capacity-building, necessarily take to realize themust be seriously addressed. A particularly in enhancing barangay change we want.comprehensive debt audit starting with health workers’ skills that is crucial for endthe illegitimate debts accumulated by the the implementation of public healthprevious administration is a good way to programs in poorer municipalities acrossbegin this endeavor. the nation.We also need to redesign the rules These are some of the daunting tasks wegoverning contractual work and ensure face in the coming years.workers’ security of tenure. “Sa tuwid na landas, ang dulo dapat maaliwalas!” Akbayan Party on Pres. Aquino’s 2nd State of the Nation Address July 24, 2011 14
  16. 16. Pag-asa: An Unlikely Paradise by Sabrina GacadIt was in the early morning of July 20 At the time of the mission, Pag-asa was there are no doctors or health workers towhen we flew with the sun rising at our inhabited by only 69 people; 44 look after the health concerns of theback. Destination: Pag-asa Island, civilians, including children, that made community. Indeed that there have beenMunicipality of Kalayaan. The members up seven families, and 25 armed two live-births recently is a miracle. Theof the Peace and Sovereignty Mission to personnel. The people live a simple life. people had also asked for a multicabthe West Philippine Sea, the first-ever They live in nipa-huts fortified by that the community could use tocivilian undertaking to the island concrete slabs. Their main source of transport goods around the island,composed of a handful of Congressional livelihood is fishing and a little bit of engine- powered grasscutter orRepresentatives, local government subsistence farming. Soldiers and lawnmower to facilitate easierofficials, military personnel and press, civilians alike share the multipurpose maintenance of the airstrip and thetouched-down on the grass-strewn hall, and recreation facilities: a billiards grass, and improve recreation facilitiesrunway at half-past 10 in the morning. table and a basketball court. The people to ward off the boredom.We were received by the warmth of the shared that on clear nights, some ofsun and the mild breeze from the sea. them would lay mats under the trees by the seashore to exchange stories under Trouble in paradisePag-asa is a 37.2-hectare island in the the moonlight.middle of the West Philippine Sea, a littleover 200 nautical miles from Palawan. But even in this paradise, much is left to Listening to the various stories aboutYear-round the weather on the island is be desired. their simple life on the island, one almostsunny, with the sea breeze blowing in. forgets the most crucial point of theThe island experiences occasional rains The quarterly shipments of food rations peoples existence. Why are they givenwhen the monsoon season rolls in, but, and other basic commodities, as well as P3,000.00 every month to live on anbecause it sits outside the typhoon belt, civilian reinforcements, are sometimes island in the middle of the Westnever the storms that ravage other sea- disrupted by the high waves and strong Philippine Sea?side municipalities in the country. And winds during the monsoon. Kalayaanbecause the Kalayaan Island Group, like Mayor Eugenio Bito-onon told of the The Philippines first staked its claimPalawan, is situated outside the Pacific peoples experience years back, when over the Spratly Islands in the late -Ring of Fire, the island is spared the the shipments were delayed, and 1950s, when navigator Thomas Clomadestructive wrath of earthquakes and people had to subsist on papaya discovered them during his explorationtsunamis. cooked in all sorts of ways due to the of the West Philippine Sea and he unavailability of rice. Electricity is only decided to establish the Kalayaan stateThe sea, we were told, teems with available for a couple of hours every composed of some 50 isla nds and rockmarine diversity. Coral reef formations day. Fresh water is likewise limited due formations that he found. It was only inare home to different species of fish and to the lack of personnel capable of 1968, however, that the Philippineother sea creatures. Out on the sea, one operating a water desalinization government, led by former dictatorwould easily encounter dolphins and system. A cellular communication Ferdinand Marcos, sent troops to Pag-other migratory sea animals; people satellite, their sole window to the asa Island and a handful of other bigwould occasionally come across a outside world, is only powered a couple rock formations.pawikans nest on the shore. 10 meters of hours per day to make what a militaryfrom the shore all around the island, the personnel described as “necessary Since then, we have engaged Vietnam,waters of the West Philippine Sea reach communication.” As Pag-asa does not China, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan inonly below the neck of an average-height have schools, the handful of children on asserting our authority over the variousgrown individual. Perfect for swimming, the island would have to return to rocks and reefs in the area. Today, theand cultivating seaweeds and other Palawan to receive formal education. Philippines claims seven islands ormarine flora for livelihood. While the island has bare-minimum islets and three reefs. medical facilities,Pretty much like paradise, indeed. But why all the fuss? 15
  17. 17. It was Commission on Maritime andOcean Affairs Secretary General Henry All the government has to do is takeBensurto that pointed out the development one step further: providesignificance of ownership of the Spratlys: for the welfare of the Filipinos living in“(S)he who owns the land, owns the sea.” Pag-asa.As stipulated in the United Nations Mayor Bito-onon has exactly that on hisConvention on the Laws of the Sea mind. Plans for creating a greenhouse(UNCLOS) a country gets authority over to meet some of the food needs of thethe waters surrounding its land and the community are already in the pipeline.resources found in the same waters. And He is also looking at the development ofowning the sea in the case of the Spratlys a marina in the medium-term to jump-means having complete control over the start economic activity on the island,passage of vessels and owning rights to and a longer-term aspiration ofexploit marine resources in the area and developing Pag-asa tourism, amongthe alleged fossil fuel deposits in the sub- others. The national government mustsea terrain. support these efforts, and they must prioritize Pag-asas unimpeded accessThis is precisely why the Peoples to basic services—health, education,Republic of China has declared the water, communication, and electricity.entire sea, almost up to the coast ofPalawan, as theirs based on ridiculously While the Philippine military couldformulated historical arguments. This is easily be overcome by the Chinese,why the Chinese are scrambling to build effective civilian authority and Filipinoan aircraft carrier to patrol “their” seas. settlements are harder to dislodge. InThis is why they held live-fire exercises fact, an attack on Filipinos livingagainst the Vietnamese just in the past peacefully on an island would constitutemonth. And this is why China raised its genocide. Clearly, the best way for the“great concern” with the mission to the Philippines to cement its claims onDepartment of Foreign Affairs and said Kalayaan is by propping up thethat the mission would ”undermine community. And for the longest time thatpeace and stability in the region and civilians have been living on meagersabotage China-Philippines resources on the island just to keep therelationship.” Chinese or the other nation-states claiming the island. At bay, theIt is both to ward off Chinas imperialist government owes them that much.ambitions and maintain our authorityover currently occupied islands, islets, On that day, we spent four hours tryingand rock formations that Pag-asa Island to understand the life that people livedand the nine other formations that the call in Pag-asa, how they deal with the newsto fortify Kalayaan Island Group of territorial disputes, how they relate tobecomes important. foreign soldiers that they come across fishing in the seas, and how they wardGen. Sabban couldnt have said it better: off boredom that is a staple in dailyPag-asa Island, being the sole island in island life. And upon leaving thatthe Spratlys Archipelago that has an unlikely paradise, I am sure we hadairstrip, is a floating aircraft carrier in the each felt we needed to fulfill a greaterWest Philippine Sea, and that the purpose than that which we carried thatPhilippines is in possession of it is a clear morning that we came, and that was tostrategic advantage. At this point, we let the rest of the nation know Pag-asasneed to match this strategic advantage hopes for a more peaceful tomorrow.with adequate military facilities and endimproved naval and patrol capacities tomaintain authority .Hope in ParadiseBut nothing spells out Philippine territoryover the Kalayaan Island Group moreclearly than the development of theFilipino civilian community in Pag-asa.Already, the local government hierarchyis in place—you have a barangay, amunicipality, and the correspondingleaders. They have been holdingelections since 1992, and were delivereda fully-functioning PCOS machine in May2010. 16
  18. 18. Tuloy-tuloy.Isulong ang mga progresibong Perry LegaspiTatlong panukalang batas mula sa mga Ilan pang batas na isinusulong nginihain ng Akbayan Party sa Mababang Akbayan na umabot sa plenary ay angKapulungan ng Kongreso ang kasama Security of Tenure Bill (HB 4853) at angsa priority bills ng administrasyon ni Marcos Victims Compensation Bill (HBPang. Noynoy Aquino. 00302).Napagkaisahan sa pulong ng Naaprubahan naman ng MababangLegislative-Executive Development Kapulungan ang Credit Assistance forAdvisory Council (LEDAC) na isama sa OFWs (HB 5439) habang nasa ibatmga priority bills ang Reproductive ibang antas ng pagsasabatas ang mgaHealth Bill, amendments sa Balanced sumusunod: Anti-Trafficking (HB 4212),Housing Development Act (HB 4022) at Irrigation (HB 4231), Rescueang Kasambahay Bill. Olympics— “Disaster Preparedness Thru Sports” (HB 4397), Food“Aktibong isinusulong ng Akbayan na Sovereignty (HB 4626), SILIP SALNmaisabatas ang Reproductive Health (Statement of Assets, Liabilities, andBill, ang Balanced Housing Net Worth) (HB 2827), OverseasDevelopment Act, at ang Kasambahay Absentee Voting Amendments (HBBill sa Kongreso bilang bahagi ng 3201), Anti-Trafficking Amendmentsmakamamamayang agenda ng Partido. (HB 4212), Land Use Bill (wala pangNagpupugay kami sa Pangulo dahil bilang dahil hinihintay pa ang komentoidineklara niyang mga priority bills ang mula sa Appropriations), Asbestos Banmga ito,” wika ni Akbayan Rep. Walden (HB 896), Sangguniang KabataaanBello at ni Rep. Kaka Bag-ao. (SK) Reform Bill, Minerals Management Bill (HB 3763), Bio-fuels LawHindi kaila sa lahat na ang layunin ng amendment (HB 2809), Bibong BHWReproductive Health Bill ay mabigyan ng (Barangay Health Worker) (HB514),ayuda ang mga mamamayan hinggil sa Generics-only (HB 2101), Healthypagpili ng mga pamamaraan ng Beverage Options Act (HB 4268), Freshpagpaplano ng pamilya. Tinutugunan Graduates Assistance (HB 472), Boardnaman ng amendments sa Balance of Claims (HB 470), Human RightsHousing Development Act ang Resource Center (HB 471), Rights ofkakulangan ng pabahay sa bansa sa the Accused (HB 482), Anti-pagtatakda na 20 porsiyento sa ide- Discrimination Bill (HB 515) at Genderdevelop na mga lupa para sa pabahay Quota (HB 2100).ay italaga para sa socialized masshousing bilang relokasyon ng mga “The wealth of our country is not buriedinformal settlers. under our grounds. It is what we can plow from our lands and drink from ourHabang isinusulat ito, rivers. It is with this vision that thepinagdedebatehan sa Senado ang RH immediate passage of the PhilippineBill at nasa plenary na ang nais nating Mineral Resources Act of 2011 issusog sa Balanced Housing earnestly sought,” wika ni Bag-ao saDevelopment Act. kanyang sponsorship speech ng Minerals Management Bill.Layunin naman ng Kasambahay Bill nakilalanin bilang trabaho ang kanilang Naisabatas din ang panukala ngginagampang pagbabanat ng buto at Akbayan na isabay ang halalan samaprotektahan ang mga karapatan ng Autonomous Region for Muslimdomestic workers sa bansa. Kasama sa Mindanao sa 2013 elections. Angnais itakda ng batas na ito ang minimum Republic Act 10152 o ang ARMMwage para sa mga kasambahay. Election Synchronization law ay naglalayong linisin ang mga voters list“Maraming mga pang-aabusong sa ARMM at magtakda ng mgadinaranas ang mga kababayan nating repormang panghalalan upangdomestic workers, lalo na sa masigurong demokratiko angconservative countries tulad ng mga pamamaraan nito.nasa Middle East. Paano nga ba natin endsila mapuprotektahan kung mismongdito sa bansa natin ay hindi sapat angpagpapahalaga sa karapatan ng mgakasambahay?” punto ni Rep. Bello. 17
  19. 19. MODAkbayanKaraniwang makikita ang mga kasama natin sa Akbayan,na umiiikot o nakikipagmeeting sa mga Barangay na maypresensya tayo. Iba’t iba ang porma o kasootan. Angtanong meron ba talagang MODA, tatak Akbayan?Sa artikulong ito, hihimay-himayin ang mga japorms na maypagkakakilanlan sa mga taga-Akbayan.Sa tag-init.Shirt: Cotton na T-shirt ang madalas na gamitupang maspresko at komportable.Jeans:Maong na pantalon ang gamit kapag mainit lalona kapag may mobilisasyon. Masmadaling gumalaw,masmadalingtumakbo.Sunglass:Sa iba, pamorma ang “shades”. Pero dahilalam ng mga taga-Akbayan na mahalaga angproteksyon sa mata, gumagamit sila nito.Bag:Belt bag o sling bag ang gamit nila kapag tag-init,masmagaan pero lahat ng kailangan ay kasya. Sa tagulan. Shirt: Polo shirt o medyo makapal na T-shirt ang gamit kapag tagulan. Jeans: Maong o Cargo pants ang gamit nila sa tuwing tagulan para hindi mabilis mabasa. Jacket: Ang No. 1 na panlaban sa lamig at ulan ng mga taga-Akbayan ay jacket. Bag: Backpack. Terno sa jacket ang backpack at masmadaming pwedeng ilagay. Alam ninyo ba? Walang opisyal na “porma” ang mga taga-Akbayan. Subalit sa tuwing May mahahalagang okasyon o pagpupulong, sila ay nakaputi at nakamaong? 18
  20. 20. AYAW NAMIN SACOALAkbayan Party