Tech Coming To Direct Sales - Tearing Down the Wall by isocket


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Slide deck from the August 2012 Digiday Exchange conference in NYC. isocket Founder CEO John Ramey @jpramey preaching the love about how tech is finally coming to direct ad sales. See more at

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Tech Coming To Direct Sales - Tearing Down the Wall by isocket

  1. 1. Tearing Down the Wall Between Technology and Direct Sales John Ramey Founder & CEO of @isocket @jpramey
  2. 2. The two worlds must and are colliding
  3. 3. Tech, please meet Direct
  4. 4. The Fat Middle
  5. 5. Property Specific. Premium. Guaranteed.Fully Transparent. Point and Shoot. Easy.
  6. 6. RTB & Programmatic Direct Are A Cute Couple
  7. 7. Test & Scale Use RTB / spot market to learn.Properties earn their way onto direct media plan.
  8. 8. Over and Under Frequency Management
  9. 9. Buying direct is hard, slow, and costly. This makes it easier.
  10. 10. Humans Matter APIs are a better fax machine.Humans matter, and do better with better tools.
  11. 11. ControlYour packages. Your pricing. Your decisions.
  12. 12. Have a healthy fear of machines. But don’t let the fear freak you out and hurt you.
  13. 13. Holding too many shotguns at your front doorencourages people to break in your basement
  14. 14. Fear – NOT change – is what causes thesebusinesses to fail. Don’t be like the RIAA.
  15. 15. Making it easier for people to do business with you = More people will do more business with you
  16. 16. Care about how your sausage is made.
  17. 17. 1. The wall is falling. Tech, meet direct.2. New tools for programmatic and RFPs.3. Very different inventory than spot market. John Ramey Founder & CEO of @isocket @jpramey