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Create a Mobile Tag


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Create a tag and mobilizing your brand with it

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Create a Mobile Tag

  1. 1. Microsoft Tag for Retail More effective merchandising using interactive shelving, signage, and advertisements Create a Mobitag - BISIT Series
  2. 2. Savvy retailers are finding ways to leverage mobile internet usage to build their brands, improve operational efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and drive sales. Internet users worldwide are using their mobile phones for a variety of in-store shopping- related activities that were undreamed of just a decade ago. Microsoft® Tag is a powerful new barcoding technology that helps you make the most of consumers’ mobile devices to bridge your brick and mortar marketing efforts and offline advertising with the digital world. The small graphical codes can be printed, stuck, or displayed just about anywhere, and they help transform whatever they are attached to into highly interactive and immersive portals. See how it works for yourself. Scan any Tag in this presentation to see sample mobile sites Microsoft Tag Opportunities for Retail Create a Mobitag - BISIT Series
  3. 3. Transform Gift Cards into Interactive Experiences Let customers easily check their balance, find the closest store, or view or listen to a message from the gift giver – and turn those interactions into merchandising opportunities. Create a Mobitag - BISIT Series
  4. 4. Find Retail Locations Add a Tag to print material to help consumers find your stores. In most cases, your closest store location can be provided to consumers based on their location when they scan your Tag. Create a Mobitag - BISIT Series
  5. 5. Provide Fast and Easy Access to More Information Give visitors to your brick and mortar stores immediate access to the same types of in-depth product information they have come to expect online. Create a Mobitag - BISIT Series
  6. 6. Add Interactive Content to Advertising Campaigns Magazine advertisers can use Tag to connect with consumers by delivering video to your readers’ phones, opening a store locator app, providing a “scan to buy” opportunity, or offering the chance to participate in a contest or survey. Create a Mobitag - BISIT Series
  7. 7. Connect Multiple Sales Channels Link your brick and mortar stores to your online environment, and use Tag to allow shoppers “save” an item in the store to their personalized online “list,” so they can easily buy the item later. People can also scan a Tag to “share” product information with friends for advice. Create a Mobitag - BISIT Series
  8. 8. Provide Scan-to-Order Capabilities Provide the convenience of using an easy-to-browse print catalog with the benefits of an online shopping experience, including more in-depth product information and the possibility of “one-click” ordering. Create a Mobitag - BISIT Series
  9. 9. Enhance Shelf Tags Use Tag to link shoppers to online information from within your brick and mortar stores, and give your customers quick and easy access to the in-depth information they need to make a purchase decision, such as product comparisons, details about features and benefits, videos, reviews, and links to other models. Create a Mobitag - BISIT Series
  10. 10. Enhance Couponing With Tag, there is no need for physical coupons, because a single Tag on a retail shelf or in-store signage can deliver coupons to an unlimited number of customers. Tags also offer retailers a flexible value exchange because you can tie the delivery of coupons or offers to consumer actions. Create a Mobitag - BISIT Series
  11. 11. Personalize Interactions with Your Customers Tag allows you to gather data about the specific products and promotions customers choose to interact with so you can present dynamic, personalized offers and programs to them. Create a Mobitag - BISIT Series
  12. 12. Dynamically Update Promotional Campaigns Utilize Tag’s built-in analytics and reporting capabilities to understand your customers’ interactions with Tag and dynamically update promotional materials in real-time to reflect current trends. Create a Mobitag - BISIT Series
  13. 13. Built-In Analytics and Reporting Capabilities Use the analytics and reporting capabilities to understand and adjust your campaigns in real time. Count Individual Tag: Chart the number of scans for an individual Tag within a specified timeframe See How Tags Perform: Chart the number of scans for all the active, paused, or frozen Tags within a specified category Scans Over a Period of Time: Chart the number of scans for the selected Tags in a category within a specified time frame Report by Individual Category: Charts the number of scans for an individual category within a specified timeframe Compare Category Performance: Chart the number of scans for all your Tag categories Comparative Time versus Scans for Categories: Chart the number of scans for the selected categories within a specified timeframe Heat Map: Charts on a map the number of scans for an individual Tag within a specified timeframe Create a Mobitag - BISIT Series
  14. 14. Thank You For more information: The possibilities for using Tag in retail are limited only by your creativity. Tag can help launch interactive experiences from your signage, promotional materials, catalogs, and other items, and it can help integrate your sales channels to provide a more unified experience for your customers. In addition, the potential for transforming gift cards and personalizing interactions with customers is practically endless when you use Tag and its built-in analytics and reporting functionality. Get started with Tag today, and make your campaigns more immersive, more measurable, more effective, and more fun. Microsoft Tag for Retail This material is provided for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. Microsoft is a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Create a Mobitag - BISIT Series