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WeChat vs Weibo - User Activity


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This infographic shows the latest data on user activity for WeChat and Weibo. It illustrates the monthly active user stats together with insights on what functions are used in each application and the times of day when each are used most.

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  • Very good slideshare about WeChat. There is no doubt that WeChat is growing, and is growing at the speed of light.
    As a fashion marketer, i'm experiencing a challenging era, where is getting more difficult to attract customers. And we know that we have to be where our clientes are, and surprisingly, they are in WeChat. (As the numbers appoint)
    So many retailers now do almost everything in this platform and now sell! . I read on Fashionbi (, that a lot of brands, specially premium and luxury, have presence on the platform, and in that way, they are gaining more Chinese consumers. And although there is not a 'magic recipe' to succeed in the platform, i can see the efforts that fashion brands are making in order to reach those customers.
    Definitely this is just the beginning of the app, which now allows you to purchase, we'll see how the future comes and how companies react to the WeChat Tsunami.
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WeChat vs Weibo - User Activity

  1. 1. wechat builds lead weibo flat vs monthly unique visitors Millions of Users 0 100 200 300 Sep 13 Oct 13 Nov 13 Dec 13 Jan 14 Feb 14 0 375 750 1125 1500 Sep 13 Oct 13 Nov 13 Dec 13 Jan 14 Feb 14 time spent (hours) Millions of Hours iResearch, MUT April 2014 Mobile Applications WeChat Claim 355 totem wechat weibo 74% after meals 73% before sleep 55% commuting 51% at work wechat usage Key Occasions (Times) Used 65% after meals 62% before sleep 39% commuting 38% at work weibo usage Key Occasions (Times) Used 90% voice messaging 62% group chatting 92% Text messaging 75% using moments 70% reading news 52% videos & music 70% sharing information 65% making posts wechat top activities % of Audience Using Each Function weibo top activities % of Audience Using Each Function CNNIC, Nov 2013 CNNIC, Nov 2013 Weibo Claim 129