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NICE - China's answer to Instagram/Swaag


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Chinese social media goes niche in 2015.

This presentation provides an introduction to NICE ...another of China's up-and-coming social media.

NICE and other Chinese social-photo apps (Yoho!Show, In and Pinco), have been growing quickly (especially since Instagram was blocked during part of 2014).

NICE is A Swaag-like picture-labelling & sharing social app that enables users to tag floating labels on their pictures in a fun and creative way.

Launched in Oct 2013, NICE has gained 1.2 million daily active users and generates an impressive 1 million new, labeled pictures every day.

Brands have moved quickly into NICE, working with celebrities, KOLs and audiences to co-create social content.

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NICE - China's answer to Instagram/Swaag

  1. 1. new chinese social media: nice An introduction by Totem Media.
  2. 2. what is nice
  3. 3. what is nice what is nice Social media goes niche in 2015. “Nice” and other Chinese social-photo apps (Yoho!Show, In and pinco), have been growing quickly. Nice is A Swaag-like picture-labelling & SHARING social app that enables users to tag floating labels on their pictures in a fun and creative way. Launched in Oct 2013, Nice has gained 1.2 million daily active users and generates an impressive 1 million new, labeled pictures every day. brands have moved quickly into “nice,” working with celebrities, kols and audiences to co-create social content.
  4. 4. is a social photo-Labelling app nice 12m+ users Nice Internal Report Dec, 2014
  5. 5. m0HfBHn5lXI0L8XY.html In June, 2014Launch 12m users Dec 2014 Source: Nice Internal Report, March 2014 Photo-Tagging Apps 12m users Dec 2014 1.2m DAU Dec, 2014 Oct, 2013Launch Nice YOHO!SHOW March, 2014Launch 5m users April 2014
  6. 6. Homepage Recommendation based on LOCATION Posts by people you are following MeHomepage refresh Discover Chat/News/Likes Take a picture
  7. 7. Navigation Recommended brand & personal accounts to follow. Location-based search for cities in China and Overseas. Highlighting the latest stickers, photos and features.
  8. 8. Nice - A Post Account name Like, chat, or comment Comments Hashtags and text description Sticker Leave your comments The post Label Users who like the post and total Number of Likes
  9. 9. 1 2 3 4 5 Pictures can be shared on WeChat, Weibo and Qzone You can tag anything besides “Brands”, “Place” and “People” who are also nice users Every sticker has a limited quantity - usually a few thousand Users un-lock “My Sticker”, by sharing an announcement into Moments or Qzone. Or upload from your album 5 steps to shoot, edit and share
  10. 10. Nice - Stickers every week, there are 50,000~100,000 photos shared with stickers Source: Nice Internal Report, 2014
  11. 11. user analysis
  12. 12. Source: Nice Internal Report, 2014 Who Uses It 12m+ registered users, 1.2m daily active users 1m new photos every day
  13. 13. She is a 19-year old sophomore from a top university in BeiJing, who likes music, photography and travel. Talented in design & DIY, she is deeply interested in fashion and wardrobe styling. SHe is particularly influenced by japanese/taiwanese style. She strives to be unique, standout from others, to be a real individual. Nice is a good resource for discovery ...and allows her to share her evolving pov on life. User Profile
  14. 14. 25 : 75male 12m Registered users: female Who Uses It 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 39.5% 26.2% 23.9% Post 85s Post 90s Post 95s Beijing 4.2% Shanghai 3.3% Guangdong 9.7% Overseas 10% geographic distribution is highly fragmented Source: Nice Internal Report, 2014
  15. 15. Source: Nice Internal Report, 2014 Celebrities Who Uses It KOLs+ Model/Actress Model/Actor Host Songwriter/Director investor of BNC Fashion Blogger Model Founder of DEAMON
  16. 16. how brands use it
  17. 17. 1. Open a verified account for your brand
  18. 18. Account Tags Block User/Message A Post Brand Homepage
  19. 19. Allows for Interactive communication between followers and brands. Chat Function
  20. 20. 2. Interact with Audiences Create stickers or hashtags, and attract audience with incentives to increase engagement. campaign page Use KOLs to spread contents (images) about brands, activities and related topics. kols
  21. 21. Audience uploads pictures and text matching the brand’s requirements. Audience Participation Brand Tags + Upload Add tags & Stickers Share for rewardsTag Friends or Campaign Tags Stickers (Pics) Tag friends on the photos. (Brands like MINI have asked audiences to tag friends in photos as part of campaigns) Share to join a “lucky draw” or get reward. Share to get discounts on products (at store/ online) - Nice O2O Connection. or In Brand Campaigns
  22. 22. Brand on Nice
  23. 23. case studies
  24. 24. uniqlo: Spring/summer 2015 Product launch Nice took 10 KOLs to Japan for UNIQLO to reveal the Spring/Summer 2015 collection All KOLs visited Uniqlo’s flagship store in Tokyo Ginza, and shared their visits on Nice as a “live show” During the trip, 34 photos were generated from the 10 KOLs, and 15,699 Likes from audiences
  25. 25. Nike: Roshe Run Nike selected 20 KOLs, and asked each of them to post 7 unique looks with a pair of Roshe Run’s A new look was uploaded every day during Shanghai Fashion Week Each of the looks were promoted by Nice to relevant users 3,000+ Roshe Run new followers were added
  26. 26. I.T: it is nice Users were asked to take a photo with i.t clothes They tagged the image with brand names, added the sticker “i.t IS NICE” and upload it Participants were rewarded with a 10% discount at retail by showing “tagged” images Resulted in a RMB600,000 increase in sales 75,000+ stickers were made/shared
  27. 27. Alexander WANG X h&M: Be Wang Users added the sticker “Be Wang!” to photos, upload and synced it on WeChat Moments Participants were enrolled in a lucky draw to win “Alexander Wang x H&M” products The campaign lasted 29 days - with one winner each day 87,844 photos with “Be Wang!” stickers were created
  28. 28. MINI: (team with me/Make it a five with Me) Users added the sticker “ ” to pictures, tagged friends, and upload it Everyone tagged in a post was entered into a lucky draw for a limited edition MINI Tee 55,536 photos were posted with the sticker
  29. 29. key insights on Nice 1. Audience Co-Creation Nice makes it easy for fans to design good looking images - and provides easy access for fans to co-create with brands. Photos, tags, and stickers yield good quality contents for brands to share thru mass social channels, Weibo and WeChat. 2. Online-to-Offline The O2O opportunities are interesting ...getting audiences to go to location to "take an image," to then edit/share online, and finally go back to a physical location (retail shop) to buy/redeem rewards. Could be really interesting as part of trial/sampling effort. 3. Be Nice, to Nice Brands looking to do something on Nice should try to create content programs that "add value" to the community. Nice is largely about fashion and trend spotting, so look for ways to give users more "stylized" tools and options. 4. Social going Niche The rise of more and more social/mobile apps in China (including Papa, Weishi, Meipai...etc) are leading to a lot of smaller, more niche (focused) communities. Each of these communities are organizing around shared styles, stories, and interests.
  30. 30. Chris Baker, Managing Director Email: Twitter/WeChat: Talktototem