Social Media Marketing, ad:tech Sydney 2011


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Slide deck from Castleford Media's presentation at ad:tech Sydney, March 2011. How original content can help you exploit the marketing opportunities presented by social media.

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Social Media Marketing, ad:tech Sydney 2011

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing and Original Content A look at the marketing opportunities presented by popular social media platforms; how you can exploit them with original content; and what you can learn from brands that have already gone social.
  2. 2. Castleford Media Pty LtdSydney-based Custom News Provider10 years experience in the UK, US and AustraliaFull-time, local editorial teamsIn-house SEO, Social Media, Online Marketing expertiseExclusive, original articles published in-full on client websitesDiverse client base (commercial, government, non-profit)Supporting full-range of online marketing objectives
  3. 3. Our Custom News Model
  4. 4. Custom News andYour Marketing Activities
  5. 5. About This Session• Part 1: Social media opportunities• Part 2: Exploiting original content• Part 3: Famous examples• Q&A• Bookmarks
  6. 6. Part 1Social Media Opportunities
  7. 7. Facebook 9.2 million Australians use Facebook (Opinionway / DDB) 65,000 new users in the past six months 600 million users worldwide Over 50% log in every day (
  8. 8. Twitter 2.5 million Australians use Twitter 100 million new accounts globally 25 billion tweets sent worldwide in 2010 (Sysomos)
  9. 9. LinkedIn 1 million Australian members 90 million members worldwide 1 million company pages 700,000 LinkedIn groups ( InMails to reach out to any fellow member
  10. 10. YouTube 700 billion videos viewed globally in 2010 13 million hours of video uploaded Marketing material accounted for 6 of Australia’s top 10 most viewed videos last year Majority of Australia’s most searched-for queries were brands or products (YouTube Australia)
  11. 11. Part 2 Exploiting Original ContentGaining a foothold on popular platformsBuilding followers, fans and contactsDriving engagement
  12. 12. Brands on Facebook
  13. 13. Brands on Facebook
  14. 14. Brands on Facebook
  15. 15. Brands on Facebook
  16. 16. Brands on Facebook
  17. 17. Dwell Time Meeting consumers on their own turf(Neilson Net Ratings)Facebook is the No.2 site in Australia( stay on Facebook longer than other popular sites(Opinionway / DDB)
  18. 18. Facebook Engagement84% use brands they follow on Facebook36% want to buy more from brands they follow30% say frequency of information is key to following a brand38% of followed brands are found in Facebook search(Opinionway / DDB)
  19. 19. Original Content on Facebook600 million users voting for content, products, services and brandsEngage customers on their home turfOriginal content gives visitors something to engage withPremium content can be hidden behindLike buttonsSell within Facebook environmentCanvass your followersDrive traffic to your site
  20. 20. Twitter: More UsersRecently valued at $10bnMassive growth in 2010More detailed biosMore links to websitesMore location sharing
  21. 21. Twitter: More Detail 69% have a detailed bio 73% reveal their location 45% point to a URL (Sysomos)
  22. 22. Original Content and Twitter 21% of Twitter users follow more than 100 accounts (Sysomos). Evidence that social media buzz influences SERPs. Retweeting can have an immediate impact on rankings. Marketing messages need diluting with different content types. News is the biggest driver of re-tweeting activity (HP).
  23. 23. Original Content, LinkedIn and Foursquare Point at relevant white papers and reference material via LinkedIn Answers, Groups and InMails Share articles, blogs and tweets on your Company Page Reward Foursquare users for visiting physical locations with premium or pre-release content
  24. 24. Original Content, YouTube and Quora Share original product demos or narrated slide shows Embed them in your landing pages for up to 80% improved conversion (SEOMoz) A/B testing of television ads Build a reputation as an expert in your field and engage with people who share your professional interests
  25. 25. Social Media and Mobile Users• Twitter and Facebook apps pre-loaded on popular smartphones• YouTube has 200 million mobile views every day (Eric Schmidt, 2011)• Mobile share of internet searches increased from 10% to 15% in the second half of last year (Google, 2011)• Search spike during Superbowl ad break was x38 on desktops and x315 on mobile devices (Eric Schmidt, 2011)
  26. 26. Part 3Famous Examples
  27. 27. Old School Man-up: Old Spice v Dos Equis29 million hits 1.7 million hits
  28. 28. Offline to Social
  29. 29. Bricks to ClicksOffline Facebook Likes with RFID wristbands
  30. 30. Clicks to BricksReal world discounts for Barista Badge holders
  31. 31. Free Media$10 million in free advertising for Mentos (ABC News)
  32. 32. ListeningFrom Dell Hell to IdeaStorm
  33. 33. Letting Go Dove inspires YouTube parodiesDove Evolution Slob EvolutionDove v Dove v AxeThe BeautyIndustry
  34. 34. Social Media Lessons• Lower barriers to entry• Less controllable campaigns• Conversations can happen without you
  35. 35. BookmarksExploring the use of Twitter around the world ( Statistics for 2010 ( and Brands (DDB / Opinionway)Facebook Statistics ( Facts ( Statistics ( Rewind: 2010 Year in Review (YouTube Australia Blog)Top Sites: Australia ( in Social Media: Persistence and Decay (HP Labs)12-step Landing Page Rehab Programme (SEOMoz)A Tweets Effect on Ranking (SEOMoz)Eric Schmidt at IAB Annual Leadership Meeting (Google / YouTube)Think Mobile 2011 (Google)The Mentos and Diet Coke Sensation (ABC News)All video clips used in the presentation are available on YouTube
  36. 36. ContactsCompany Website: and Social Blog: Feed: Page: Contact: