Digital Footprint By Heather Graham


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Social Media facts/strategies

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  • Heather - good start but you have only covered one half of the coin - what you say about yourself. A digital footprint is also about what others say about you.
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Digital Footprint By Heather Graham

  1. 1. Digital Media By Heather Graham
  2. 2. Where Should You Be and Why? 2
  3. 3. Facebook Facts  Largest social network – 2nd most trafficked website in world  Facebook reached 100,000 users in less than 9 Months  350+ million active members  170+ million log on daily  65+ million on Facebook via mobile devices – 50% more active  10+ million join Fan Pages every day  2nd most popular site with 134+million unique visitors in 1-10  Fastest growing for 35+ yr olds, median age 33 years  Projected to reach 500+ million users by 2011  Largest photo sharing platform – 2 billion per month  ~70% of users are outside the US  3rd most popular video site  Can add rich media, landing pages, opt-in boxes  Social ads – inexpensive, targeted marketing, CTA, TY
  4. 4. Twitter Truths!  Fastest growing social network ~ 1,382% per months  40+ million users, 100+ million users by 2010  50+ million tweets daily, 600 tweets per second  53% Female, 46% College graduates  Largest age group of 35-49 year olds, median age 31 years  31% of people in 25-34 age bracket adopted Twitter in 2009  Aids immensely with SEO  List profile on many ‘twitter’ sites  Ability to follow determined demographics  Ability to track conversations regarding company
  5. 5. LinkedIn Logic!  60+ million users, 5 million new users in Jan/Feb 2010  Growing by 1.3 million users per month  Professional audience – 50% are decision makers  8% are C-Level Executives  Average salary = $109k  Average savings = $250k  Average age is 41 years  Average years of experience is 15  95% are college educated – 64% college graduates  Half of members are International  Members are used to engaging
  6. 6. YouTube & Mobile Madness YouTube  20+ million users  100 million videos posted daily  101 videos viewed per person January 2009  Second largest search engine  Ranks organically with Google Mobile  260 million subscribers  Spending expected to quadruple in next 5 years  73% utilize txt messaging  13.4% mobile web, 6% mobile search, 5% mobile video  iPod Applications reached 1 billion users in 9 months  91% use mobile device to engage on social networks
  7. 7. RSS Feed & Blogging Basics  200+ million blogs, over 50% post daily  20-35 years old bloggers embed 57% of the videos, 35+ yr olds  Positions as expert, allows interaction with public  Great resource for Brand Development & Reputation Management  Active blogs draw 6.9% more organic search traffic, increase SEO  Targeted content, event promotion  Platform to create, test, roll out new ideas  Guest bloggers can be beneficial and give more credibility  Combine with RSS Feed, users opt-in (RSS for articles/forums too)  RSS Feed allows for automatic and instant publishing
  8. 8. Consider - What you are offering and how will you communicate your offerings to your target markets? Think – Small Niches…reach people where they are…you have to go find them! Education – Continuous education on how to work within these platforms, utilize many facets of your life….people are interested and want to engage!
  9. 9. Social - Digital Media Strategies  Facebook – design dynamic fan page, give-aways for fan milestones reached, schedule postings, monitor daily to engage, add options including opt-in box on welcome landing page, design interactive tabs, event planning, groups, reaching out to ‘friends’ to recommend page (short cut).  Twitter – design dynamic twitter page , give-aways for follower milestones reached, schedule postings (insights/excerpts from client), re-tweets based on keywords, monitor daily to engage, live tweeting, expanded tweet-ups, expand branding with MMT and avatar. Incorporate twitter parties (live/virtual/both) which are exciting, fast moving, can become top trending subject and allows for personal interaction.
  10. 10. Social - Digital Media Strategies  Blogging – Design blogging strategy (have idea), utlilze blogging Streams, reach out to hot, high profile bloggers, press releases  LinkedIn – design LinkeIn page, build recommendations, recommended reading, network with other executives from target market, utilize surveys. Post regularly, develop/join/interact within groups.  YouTube – design YouTube channel to showcase client interviews, readings, trailers, clubs etc.
  11. 11. Social - Digital Media Strategies cont  Utilize Key words for various activities  Webinars/Teleseminars – for clients, promoters, charities  Wikipedia - has 13+ million articles  Unique ways to market/advertise, ie Hulu, Vook, Widgets  Solicit recommendations/sharing (WOM) on Amazon, Shelfari, etc  Prizes for buying pre-determined amounts of product  Unique business cards  Geo Marketing – Gowalla, Foursquare, Yelp  Co-Branding – alignment/packaging with relevant product  Chapter giveaways in many formats: audio, video, Kindle, ipad  Custom application(s) – ie for iPhone  Custom song (co-branding) – sell on iTunes  T-shirt promo  White papers
  12. 12. Let’s Rock! Social Media is #1 activity on Internet. Think of Social Media as continuous high energy events which allow for constant celebration of your brand. Building the brand’s buzz, making it viral, and protecting it’s reputation is what it’s all about. Continuous buzz will generate maximum exposure, turn your social communities into a promotional army, elicit long-term relationships, and ultimately bring you revenue. Statistics, while invaluable , are not the end-all answer. One must relentlessly monitor the trends for changes and always be watching for what is hot, what is saturated, and what may be the next gold mine. My goal is to help clients make a difference, develop a vibrant footprint, manage the streams, and maintain/grow the buzz. My personal success and joy comes when clients reach their goals!
  13. 13. Thank You!