Social Media and it's Importance


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Gave guest lecture at Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Engineering, Department of Management Studies on 12th Oct.

My session touched on various aspects of Social Media and how we misconstrue it. I got a chance to interact with 60+ students of MBA first & second year for two hours. This session provided me a lot of insights on how gen y interprets Social media. I also realized in those two hours that teaching is lots of fun and there is an audience to hear you out if you have the right stories to narrate. This being my first attempt at lecturing, a good focused preparation took care of my initial nervousness and the response was awesome.

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  • Established in 1999 was initially named as, an e-commerce retailer successfully built a strong online brand.Belief in - You get repeat customers only through superior customer service.4 weeks intensive customer service training was given for every new employee.Cost effective online marketing such as SEM and affiliates does attract consumers.
  • I believe that the businesses that create emotional bonds between them and their consumers will succeed going forward.A company with a Twitter account that it never uses is not going to do any better than a company without social media that is still able to connect satisfactorily with its customers. Social media is a means to an end, not an end unto itself.
  • Social Media and it's Importance

    1. 1. Social Media & its ImportancePresented By: Veena Gowda 1
    2. 2. What is Social Media? People like doing business with HUMAN Beings. Not paid media; not earned media; not owned media, but non-media. It is the power of peer-to-peer; human-to-human connections. Influence. Advocacy. Referrals. Credible customer-centric endorsements. Yes, even word-of-mouth.
    3. 3. Evolution of Social Media Reference:
    4. 4. Various Tools Its easy to get lost in social media. Reference:
    5. 5. Social Networkers Worldwide Global (No. of Users In Million) in 20111000 900 800 700 600 500 Global (No. of Users In 400 Million) 300 200 100 0 Facebook Youtube Twitter Google Linkedin Plus Reference:
    6. 6. Social Networkers in India India (No. of Users In Million) in 201150454035302520 India (No. of15 Users In Million)10 5 0 Facebook Twitter Linkedin Youtube Google Plus Reference:
    7. 7. Facebook• Platform to connect with Friends, Family, etc• Best used for sharing photos• Mediums for Social Engagement: – Groups for private discussions, social cause, club members – Pages for showcasing stories, fan base, public engagement – Adverts for your target audience – Events to invite your connections or public – Apps to play games, learn or showcase your product/service
    8. 8. Twitter• Twitter was originally designed as a broadcast medium• Fast growing micro-blogging platform• Challenging to say what youre doing in 140 characters or less• A communication network to help each other out goes far beyond the original idea• Importance of Twitter during real-time events - Chinas Sichuan Province Earthquake• First choice for journalists and the media
    9. 9. Linkedin• A Very Professional Network• Six Degrees of Separation Theory• Enhance & Engage your Business prospects with – Content – Groups – Company Page – Adverts – Events – Present with Slideshare – Recommendations & References
    10. 10. Pinterest• A Virtual Pinboard having user-friendly interface• Brief History – Started in Dec 2009 with 19 employees• Organize & Display – Information Gathering Tool• Interesting concept of connecting with strangers sharing your tastes• Jan 2012 : ComScore reported Pinterest had 11.7 million unique users, making it the fastest site in history to break through the 10 million unique visitor mark.• Brands - The Wall Street Journal , UNICEF, Sony Electronics, Mashable
    11. 11. YouTube• Popularized the concept of sharing videos online• Shot into limelight when Google acquired it in Oct 2006 for $1.65B (in stock)• Typical stat for a day -Over 100 million video streams are watched• Success Factor - Eliminated the need for downloads and local media players• United Breaks Guitars
    12. 12. Quora• Ever growing collection of questions & answers which anyone can update• Founded in June 2009• People come to give real answers and share their experiences• You can create boards for topics.• Ask specific individuals to answer your question• Create a blog from the answers received for your question
    13. 13. Blogging• An interesting, opinionated journal• Mediums available – Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr• Customize the blogs for your readers• Offers the author-reader dialog within/without a website• Able to earn money simply from blogging/adverts on your blog page• Keep producing great quality FREE unique content, if they like what you write, you have a follower.
    14. 14. Brand & Social Media"Humanizing the brand" shouldnt be code for "its ok to be frivolous."Humanizing the brand means:• Cheering successes• Acknowledging others• Responding individually• Admitting when your wrong.Too often brands make the MISTAKE of focusing on getting a large numberof FOLLOWERS when they should be trying to develop a COMMUNITY thatinteracts with them, no matter the size.
    15. 15. How to Humanize the Brand?• People like receiving information through their FAVORITE CHANNELS• Look for a variety of platforms and media to present what you have• Treat your followers the way they expect to be treated by your brand...and then exceed that• Mixing unique and duplicate content is the best way to move forward with a company social media strategy• Try different approaches and tactics
    16. 16. Zappos - Cyber attack “Social” or “Real-Time”?Reference:
    17. 17. Brands that ignore social media...will die.Its that simple."Agree OR Disagree? ……………………..Why?
    18. 18. Aspire to work in Social Media• Building up your own tribe• Start your own blog & post 2-3 times a week• Post original content & relevant developments• Well-researched eBook or white paper relevant to industries• Evangelize your content• Find a small company that like to get involved with social media and start experimenting.
    19. 19. Think AboutInnovation can happen ANYWHERE.According to Cisco, by 2015 there will be more than 15 billion connecteddevices in the world.Even if this number is an overestimation, it is virtually certain that tomorrowthere will be many more connected devices than there are today.Intel projects that this trend will continue until over 4 billion people haveaccess to the Internet somewhere around 2020. Reference:
    20. 20. Thank you...You can connect to me throughEmail : gowdaveena12@gmail.comTwitter: @wadyz77Facebook: wadyz77 20