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What is Viral Marketing?


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What is Viral Marketing?

  1. 1. So you want to know…The secret ofGoing Vira
  2. 2. Well you’re in the right placeBecause that’s exactly what you’re going to learn …but you might be surprised by what you hear…
  3. 3. Because we’re going to be sharing information that… No one else…is willing to talk about these days.
  4. 4. Maybe you’ve tried…
  5. 5. You spent hours, days, or even weeks or months putting together your…And finally, you posted it on the Internet.
  6. 6. And then…NOTHING .35 views. 15 downloads. 3 new users.
  7. 7. There is literally no worse feeling.You felt sluggish and helpless for days.Like you were just rejected by the world.
  8. 8. Well, here’s the good news. You’re not alone. In fact…
  9. 9. Sure, maybe you’ve heard their story… “I just committed to making a video once per week and eventually found my audience.” “I just made an app, posted it to my Facebook wall, and the next day it had 10,000 users.”
  10. 10. Here’s the thing While that sounds awesome andinspirational, that’s never the whole story. There are many more factors at play thanthey’re willing to admit.
  11. 11. Chances are……they learned the secret about how stuff goes viral that we’re going to share with you today, and then capitalized on it to propel them to success.
  12. 12. Viral Marketing is very serious business. It’s essentially the single most powerful tool for communicating a message in history.
  13. 13. In the old days…Neigh ! Now…
  14. 14. Not only is viral marketing powerful… It’s often thelifeblood of your career.
  15. 15. Whether you’re a… • Startup company • Singer • Comedian • Journalist • ProgrammerIs almost always critical to your success.
  16. 16. Which leads us to the secret……of how stuff actually goes viral on the Internet. And here it is…
  17. 17. Going viral is very rarely arandom, luck-of-the-draw occurrence. More than 99% of the stuff that goes viral these days was actually carefully planned according to a specific strategy for attaining viral growth.
  18. 18. There are 2 main pieces to the puzzle
  19. 19. The first pieceCreating the actual viral content, whether it’s avideo, iPhone app, comic, whatever.You can’t just create something and hope it catches on.You need to create something that actually has thepotential to go viral.And there are exact proven formulas for online content thatinfinitely increase your chances of going viral.
  20. 20. The second pieceThis is the part most people don’t understand.In fact, it’s the number one tactic that most the mostsuccessful people on the Internet understand and executeon better than anyone. Distributio
  21. 21. No matter how good your content is, or how well you’ve optimized it for virality, unless you have a distributionstrategy for getting your content in front of as many people as quickly as possible, you aren’t going viral.
  22. 22. Let’s look atsome facts.
  23. 23. Look at the competition.100 million registered domains.60 hours of video every minute.8 years straight of content every day.
  24. 24. The fact of the matter is…Without a strategy for viral growth, your chances of going viral are even less than your chance of winning the lottery.
  25. 25. You may not realize it…The competition for attention online is fierce.
  26. 26. You need to have a plan… …for both creation AND distribution, and you need to beserious about going viral if you’re going to pull if off.
  27. 27. This may sound intimidating.(But that much competition isn’t necessarily a bad thing, which brings us to our next point.)
  28. 28. Look at the opportunity.Almost 2.5 billion people are on theInternet.3 billion videos are viewed daily.Yesterday, there were more than 200million tweets and 1 billion Facebookshares.
  29. 29. There is literally infinit eAmount of room for new successful viral campaigns.
  30. 30. People are actually lookin for the next viral thing to share. g(And there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to create that thing.)
  31. 31. So how do you go viral?
  32. 32. We partnered up with a company called… “Viral marketing engineers”
  33. 33. Responsible for creating anddistributing some of the top campaigns for… • Artists • Entrepreneurs • Movie studios • Consumer products • Startup companies • Record labels
  34. 34. The first and only comprehensive course on going viralThe How to Go Viral course
  35. 35. It’s a 5 module online course that teaches you the exact tactics Top viral campaigns andhave used to reach thousandseven millions of people within days.
  36. 36. Rather than tell you what’s possible, let’s look at two… Viral case studies
  37. 37. 300,000 users 5 million visitors17 million pageviews~$100,000+
  38. 38. Jenna Marbles 5 million views (in less than a week) #1 subscribed female YouTube channel 369 million+ total channel viewsQuit her job because her once-a-week hobby provides a comfortable 6-figure income
  39. 39. The thing is… Both of them went into it with the intention of going viral.This stuff isn’t rocket science, you just need to know how it works.
  40. 40. What you’re NOT going to find in this course is the same tired old advice.
  41. 41. In fact, what we’re going to tell you is almost 100% of what other opposite “experts” will tell you.
  42. 42. For exampleHere are a few things that we classify as Absolutely Terrible Advice
  43. 43. “If you make something good, people will find you.”
  44. 44. Maybe that worked in the early2000’s, but it’s 2012 and that just doesn’t happen anymore.Good content is nowhere near as powerful as targeted content.
  45. 45. “Make your content shareable.”
  46. 46. Twitter buttons and Facebook badgesonly add value if you’re already in the tens of thousands of visitors. Even then, it’s marginal.
  47. 47. “Submit your content to directoriesand sites that might be interested.”
  48. 48. Unfortunately, this is one of theworst ways you can spend your time.(And is actually the complete opposite of how you should be creating and promoting your content.)
  49. 49. “Start a blog, comment onblogs, post on forums, shareeverything on Facebook and Twitter.”
  50. 50. This stuff plain and simple does not work for most people.But so little is known about going viral and how it works that everyone just seems to give the same bad advice.
  51. 51. So if you want to stop……putting out stuff that doesn’t spreadpast a few of your Facebook friends…
  52. 52. …and Start……building REAL viral campaigns that reach thousands and sometimesmillions of people in days, check out…
  53. 53. How togo Vira .co m l