Is Social Media Really Effective?


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Is Social Media Really Effective?

  1. 1. Social Media has hit the ground running like nothing else ever before it. Everybody with any sort of business is trying to use it but is it effective or just a major distraction?
  2. 2. For starters, lets define what social media is.
  3. 3. Its a way to get your message out. However, advertisingwill do that for you. Social media is the tool used to begin and keep running conversations going. With an online business, that means conversations with others in your niche, your prospects, customer, and clients.
  4. 4. Why conversation?
  5. 5. Its just not a one-way street any more. Its all about the two-way, baby!
  6. 6. The days of putting your message out there and "hoping"for feedback are gone. With social media, the feedback is instant. Good or bad. Right now. In the moment.
  7. 7. Its good and bad.
  8. 8. Think about those infamous Super Bowl ads. In years goneby, theyve always been effective and have produced more than their fair share of water cooler conversations the Monday after.
  9. 9. Add social media to the mix and it becomes a whole different landscape. People engaging on all levels. The conversations were amplified. They were happening onTwitter and Facebook during airtime. Forget the fact that you may never be in the market for those products. The Tweeting and Facebooking of those brand names was powerful.
  10. 10. Brand awareness was instant.
  11. 11. OK, so what does that mean to the small business owner?
  12. 12. It simply means, if you pay attention, and follow the lead of the big dogs, you can do it too!
  13. 13. The playing field has leveled. Somewhat.
  14. 14. You probably still cant afford to have your ad play during the Super Bowl. But, you DO have the means to engage with people on the social media sites. You do have the opportunity to go for it!
  15. 15. Start small.
  16. 16. It takes times to build your network. Be sure you are engaging with the folks who already know, like, and trust you. Expand on that. Continue to grow your network and get the people who are already raving fans to tell others.In social media, that means prevail upon people to use the re-tweet on Twitter, the share or like button onFacebook, the share button on LinkedIn, the pin button on Pinterest, etc.
  17. 17. See the picture?
  18. 18. Its really nothing more than getting your word out. Asking your satisfied customers and core networkers to spread the love. Does that make sense?
  19. 19. You may not be the topic of conversation the Monday after Super Bowl, but you could be the hot topic ofconversation in your niche as you continue to spread your online visibility through the social networks!
  20. 20. Dont underestimate.
  21. 21. Social media is here to stay. Yes, its evolving at the speed of light but its well worth the time and effort to engage. You can either embrace the social media networks (while they are still free) and push yourself to engage andconnect with others and build your online presence or youcan pretend it doesnt matter and watch your business sit on the sidelines.
  22. 22.