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Metrics for a Brave New Whirled

  1. Metrics for a Brave New Whirled Daniel James | CEO | Three Rings [email_address]
  2. What is Whirled? Player-created Flash virtual world Rooms, avatars, toys, games, music, etc. Social network ‘geography’ (home rooms == profiles, etc.) Flash single and multi-player games to accrue ‘Coins’ (‘play money’) Shop for player creations, comments, ratings, etc. ‘ Bars’, hard currency bought for $$$ Third ‘cash-out’ currency ‘Bling’ earned by creators on Bar sales Small, engaged beta community ~20,000 weekly registered active
  8. Whirled Simultaneous Players
  9. Hourly Simultaneous Players
  10. What is Puzzle Pirates? Casual MMO Broad demographics: Ages 7-70, ‘Double Bump’, 50/50 Male/Female Signed Java Applet, ~60mb, installs from web Subscriptions since launch Oct 2003 Virtual currency business model since Feb 2005 2007 Revenues $4M, ~$3M virtual currency ‘Doubloons’
  11. Puzzle Pirates Metrics Conversion (from landing to registration): ~5% Retention (returning after one month): ~35%,~25% into month 2 Paid Customer Conversion (registration to revenue): ~3.5% Average Customer Lifetime Value : ~$120 Average Registrant ‘Value’: $4.20 Registered Players since 2004: 4,200,312 Customers since 2004: 90,197 ‘Doubloons’, 68,807 Subscription Current active players: ~110,000 Active paying players: ~30,000 Average Hours played per player per month: 21
  12. The Whirled Funnel
  13. Economy: Soft Currency
  14. Economy: Hard Currency
  15. Economy: What Sells (Coins)?
  16. Exchange of Coins and Bars
  17. Players / Purchasers by Age
  18. Spending per Purchaser
  19. Spending by Age
  20. Item Sales Distribution (PP) Products mix of Vanity (clothes, furniture) and Utility (ships, swords) Coin shop, Mostly personal utility, some gifting, all recurring (mini-subscriptions) Portraits, vanity, often groups Rooms / Houses, sometimes group