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  1. 1. Shreddings e a n k i r k p a t r i c k
  2. 2. thesiseducate the world on the true values ofskateboardingget rid of the black and white view of the sportdisclaim the media’s portrayal on the sportfinally show the posotive light skateboardingdeserves
  3. 3. personal relevanceSkateboarding is gnarlyalways been a major part of my lifedirectly ties to art and expressionhas enhanced my ability to create and viewthe world differently
  4. 4. skateboarding and its imagethe many faces of the sport make its imageone that is hard to grasp,brews speculation and misconceptionmostly youth participating in itblack cloud of stereotype
  5. 5. the stereotypethe main view is the competition and retail ofthe sportESPN’s x games and mall skate shops take allthe credit for the sports successthe true skaters are fighting tooth and nail fora place to skate, not for neon clothing andyellow helmets
  6. 6. how we got herethe 80’s and 90’s had polar opposite affects onthe sport80’s bought in a newskool aerial assault, and thebeginning of corperate companies.90’s brought the streets into the game and actualskateboarders began to take control of theindustry
  7. 7. mainstreamto the occasional skateboard enthusiast thesport stands as a fairly new alternative sport.tony hawkskateparkskidstownship space
  8. 8. subculturesubculture makes the freedom of the sportmusic, terrain, landscape, and attitude defineskateboarders style on and off the boardincreases the oportunity for the sports growthby creating nich’es
  9. 9. subcultureinner city styles are generally asssociated withurban hip-hop, and a more devoted efforttoward clothing.the urban landscape creates a playground ofpossibilities and freedom
  10. 10. subculturetowards a more rural area one will begin tosee a more focused area of skateboardingless things to skate meens you get good atwhat you havemore vert ramp and skatepark devotion
  11. 11. subculturethe gray area in style is a great improvementin the sportthe next generation of skateboarders isbeginning to embrace all elements of the sportgrant taylor
  12. 12. musicvery much like music, skateboarding providesa creative release for participantsinstruments and skateboards both serve asempty canvas for the creative mindboth embrace the rythem of human motionand expression
  13. 13. musicmusic listening directly influinces theskateboarders on board styletricks, ride aways, spot selection and attitudeall play a partslow= stylish fast=hardcore
  14. 14. urban
  15. 15. rural
  16. 16. board control
  17. 17. the law
  18. 18. the youth
  19. 19. magazines
  20. 20. core
  21. 21. money hunters