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Visions of life professional services business plan


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Visions of life professional services business plan

  1. 1. <ul><li>Visions Of Life Professional Services, Inc.Business PlanCandace L. Hurdle1242 20th StreetNewport News, VA, 23607www. I. The BusinessThis section includes:Executive SummaryMarketingCompetitionProducts & ServicesPersonnelBusiness InsuranceExecutive SummaryVisions Of Life, Professional Services Inc is a business marketing and consulting firm geared to aid professionals with the tools to market themselves and provide an environment that incubates growth and ultimately births them into success.Visions Of Life, Professional Services Inc’s business plan provides details as to its product and service development and distribution efforts. The unique mixture of services supports a breakeven point after year one and a recovery of all production costs by the end of year two. Profit projections in year three are shown at 20% assumption anticipated growth in production and salesThese projections demonstrate an ability to repay a business loan of $100, 000Our PurposeLast year the doors to over 800,000 new businesses opened in the United States for the first time. Most of these businesses were created by entrepreneurs who envisioned an opportunity to develop a new product or service, and pursued that vision in search of independence and financial reward. While these visionaries started with solid ideas to form the foundation of their new ventures, most do not have many of the skills necessary to transform their ideas into reality. Additionally, the scarcity of talent in today's market makes it extremely difficult for small business owners to attract and retain those skills. Here at Visions of Life, Professional Services Inc. we are supplying these small businesses with the necessary tools to reach their full potential and ultimately success.</li></ul>Description of Business<br />Visions Of Life, Professional Services, Inc will be a business marketing and consulting company specializing in marketing of small businesses. The company offers business professionals a reliable, high-quality alternative to in-house resources for business development, market development, and channel development.<br />Visions Of Life, Professional Services, Inc will be created as a Virginia S corporation based in Hampton, Virginia, owned by a sole proprietor. The initial office will be established in A-quality office space in the Hampton area of Virginia, the heart of the Virginia business industry. <br />Mission Statement<br />Visions Of Life Professional Services, Inc. has but one mission, to provide superior customer service to our clients. We envision this happening through an exceptional educational approach to marketing that results in long lasting process improvements. Our goal is to establish a lifelong relationship with each valued partner. <br />VOL will work tirelessly to become “vested partners” in the systems and processes that make our clients successful, competitive and comfortable within their markets. We will assist our clients in meeting and exceeding their full potential; helping them to make systemic changes in areas they have identified as important.<br />VOL is dedicated to improvements in the critical business functions: Management performance, employee productivity, and organizational improvements at the most basic of levels. We pledge to keep it simple, informative and useful throughout our joint business life. <br />At VOL we teach businesses how they can compete in an ever evolving market, retain market share improve Customer Satisfaction, employee performance, and field a staff of managers fully prepared to assist them in goal achievement. <br />As the name of the firm indicates, our aim is teaching businesses to envision and apply concepts, techniques and proven business models to management; which is a critical part of a company’s success. <br />VOL is dedicated to stimulating intellectual discussions in your businesses that will result in significant advances in your company’s performance. <br />Marketing<br />Target Market<br />Within the small business firms that VOL plans to target, we will focus on first-time business professionals. Our secondary target will be ministry geared; Pastors and their churches. One of VOL's challenges will be establishing itself as a real consulting and professional services company, positioned as a relatively risk-free corporate service provider.  <br />Market Analysis<br />Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Potential CustomerGrowthCAGRSmall Businesses/ Start-up Entrepreneurs/Churches100.0%475950190038007600100.0%Medium Business/Managers80.0%684123122163989718080.0%Established Companies20.0%9711613916720019.83%Total85.84%12562297425579561498085.84%<br />Competition<br />Industry competition comes in several forms, the most significant being companies that choose to do business development and market research in-house. There are also large, well known management, advertising and consulting firms. These companies are generalist in nature and do not focus on a niche market. VOL strives to combine all three services. Furthermore, they are often hampered by a flawed organizational structure that does not provide the most experienced people for the client's projects. Another competitor is the various market research companies, VOL's advantage over such companies as these is that VOL provides high level consulting to help integrate market research data with the company’s goals and then apply them.<br />VOL will be priced at the upper edge of what the market will bear, competing with the name-brand consultants. The pricing fits with the general positioning of VOL as providing high-level expertise.<br />The company's founders are marketers of consulting services, market researchers, website developers and Advertising professionals all in different markets. They are founding VOL to formalize the consulting services they offer. VOL should be managed by working partners, in a structure taken mainly from Smith Partners. In the beginning we assume 1 sole proprietor but then evolve with 3-5 partners.<br />The firm estimates profits of approximately $65,000 by Year 3 with a net profit margin of 6%. The company plans on taking on approximately $130,000 in current debt and raise an additional $50,000 in long-term debt to invest in long-term assets. The company does not anticipate any cash flow problems arising.<br />We will obtain our first clients through word-of-mouth from the board of directors and board of advisors as well as the previous connections of Paul Berry's freelance business. Each mini-site will contain a small "powered by MarketCamp" logo which will lead to information about us. Because of the quality of our work, and the desirability of our expertise, we expect to add a number of clients in the near future.<br />Marketing Strategy <br />Competitive Edge<br />The strongest competitive edge that VOL has is our expertise in a very complicated field. Obtaining high click-through and top placement in search engines is a fine art that our founder has tremendous, world-class experience in. <br />Sales Strategy<br />The beauty of this business is in the subscription model and the commissions based earnings. Once we sign a client, most will stay for a long period of time, possibly for the lifetime of the business. We feel 30% to 60% growth rates are very modest; therefore we could potentially sign many clients more quickly.<br />VOL will market through T.V. Commercials, Website Ads, Direct mail, Flyers, Business Cards and of course word of Mouth<br />Sales Forecast<br />We expect that a 30% to 60% growth rate throughout the first year is very modest. If we find more clients signing up we can scale the team quickly to reach those expectations. The back-end of the business will be built by the founder and a network of top programmers.<br />Sales ForecastYear 1Year 2Year 3SalesMonthly Revenue$210,550 $290,000 $410,000 Commission Sales$86,760 $130,000 $200,000 Total Sales$297,310 $420,000 $610,000 Direct Cost of SalesYear 1Year 2Year 3Monthly Revenue$39,831 $54,860 $77,561 Commission Sales$17,352 $26,000 $40,000 Subtotal Direct Cost of Sales$57,183 $80,860 $117,561 <br />Products & Services<br />For Businesses:For Churches: <br />Business CardsBusiness cards<br />Website DevelopmentWebsite Development<br />Event PlanningSeminar Coordination<br />FlyersWeekly Bulletins<br />Business AdvisingChurch Accounting<br />Logo CreationStationary/Letterheads<br />Bulletins/Brochures Calendar Management<br />Banners Posters<br />Posters Banners<br />Business Advising Marketing Consulting<br />Marketing Consulting Event Planning<br />For Professional Individuals:<br />Resume Building<br />Business Cards<br />Website Development<br />Business Advising<br />Job Search Aid<br />Product Costs<br />The product costs consists of all materials, services, and hardware.<br />Cost of Goods<br />ProductQuantityPrice<br />HP Multipurpose Paper(2500)$ 26.99<br />HP Matte Laser Paper (photo)(100)$ 18.99<br />HP Glossy Laser Paper (photo)(100)$ 35.99<br />HP Trifold Color Laser Glossy Brochure(150)$ 25.99<br />HP Trifold Color Laser Matte brochure(150)$ 20.99<br />Avery Clean Edge Business Card(1000 Cards)$ 56.99<br />*Note: Paper used by Visions Of Life Professional Services Inc. will be from recycled material. Paper will be bought in Bulk (5 packages at a time)-Once every 3 months.<br />Personnel <br />Job Descriptions<br />Printer/Production Specialist 1<br />Duties and Responsibilities: (Any one position may not include all of the listed duties, nor do all of<br />the listed examples include all tasks which may be found in positions within this classification.)<br />Operations<br />Coordinates, schedules, facilitates and monitors printing and production services for the Sacramento<br />County Office of Education (SCOE); organizes and implements a production work schedule for processing requests; creates and implements an accountability system for each phase of the production schedule to insure the timely completion and availability of projects; provides direction and support during schedule interruptions to accommodate emergency requests; operates printing presses, cameras and other production equipment as needed; verifies completed projects meet quality standards; monitors all printing systems to insure appropriate and safe procedures are followed as required by operation manuals; performs other related duties commensurate with the requirements of the printing and production department.<br />Consultation/Client Services<br />Provides consultation and assistance to clients during project development regarding the printing production process including how to coordinate and facilitate the project’s requirements in a timely manner, formulating and preparing print requests, choosing appropriate paper and ink combinations, and the impact of choosing the appropriate paper quality for the finished print job; recommends various printing systems including cost analysis and timeline impacts for specified projects; acts as a resource to advise SCOE and district clients regarding appropriate printing and production methods to meet print needs within budgeted goals; coordinates printing and production requirements with outside vendors as necessary.<br />Minimum Qualifications<br />Education, Training, and Experience:<br />Any combination of education, training, and experience which demonstrates ability to perform the duties and responsibilities as described, including progressively responsible experience in business printing and production needs; experience working in a lead role is desirable; experience operating offset presses, and related equipment..<br />Knowledge of:<br />Print shop operations including the relationship between graphic artwork, offset printing, and computer generated printing products; maintaining print and copy schedule formats to meet shop needs; desktop publishing programs including Publisher, In-Design, Adobe Illustrator and other related programs; and safety regulations including the safe use of chemicals related to the printing process.<br />Printing/Production Specialist 2<br />Skill and Ability to:<br />Effectively coordinate priorities of various production functions simultaneously; follow strict production<br />timelines; organize and conduct production meetings with a variety of clients; effectively communicate in<br />both oral and written form; exercise a high degree of judgment and utilize various strategies regarding<br />project development and the production process; interface emergency requirements into the production<br />process; prepare job cost estimates; troubleshoot and perform operator maintenance on copiers, presses<br />and other related production equipment; operate office equipment including computers; determine paper<br />types, weights, finishes and sizes; provide technical direction and support to staff and clients; lift and carry<br />supplies, printed materials, and bulk paper; establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with<br />staff and clients.<br />Website Developers<br />The Web Application Developer will be responsible for supporting the existing infrastructure as well as develop new technologies.<br />The ideal candidate must display excellent written and oral skills with demonstrated interpersonal and organization abilities. A candidate for this position must be able to work in a varied, fast paced environment. Flexibility and tolerance is a necessity. Candidate must be willing to travel extensively during the summer months.<br />Essential Duties and Responsibilities: include the following. Other duties may be assigned as required.<br />Develop new Web applications as identified by supervisor and management through packaged and customized applications. <br />Create a company-wide Intranet, allowing data manipulation for each internal staff member. <br />Maintain and enhance existing Web applications and all internal systems are integrated. <br />Perform complete testing of Web applications–unit and system, engaging users as necessary. <br />Conduct all user acceptances testing, and report results. <br />Design and implement user-driven templates, databases and interfaces for ease of use. <br />Develop database-driven Web interfaces for rapid, real-time information sharing. <br />Develop external Web portals allowing users to input and retrieve accurate information. <br />Participate in dynamic priority setting sessions as the summer season unfolds. <br />Candidate must be a team player and willing to teach and to learn. <br />The Ideal candidate will also possess the following skills:<br />Able to work independently and efficiently to meet deadlines. <br />Able to promptly answer support related email, phone calls and other electronic communications. <br />Self-motivated, detail-oriented and organized. <br />Experience with hardware and software issues. <br />Proficient in Internet related applications such as E-Mail clients, FTP clients and Web Browsers. <br />Excellent communication (oral and written), interpersonal, organizational, and presentation skills. <br />Typing proficiency: 40-60 wpm. <br />Qualifications: To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required.<br />Education and/or Experience:<br />Bachelor’s degree in computer science, MIS, or related experience. <br />Must possess superior skills in ColdFusion 7 +. <br />Must possess superior skills in SQL. <br />Must possess strong skills in Object Oriented ColdFusion Development. <br />Must possess strong skills in Microsoft SQL Server 2005. <br />Minimum of three years of ColdFusion experience. <br />Experience in structured environment with increasing levels of responsibility and complexity. <br />Previous experience in a nonprofit industry a plus. <br />Previous experience with ticketing, merchandise, Point-Of-Sale systems a plus. <br />The ability to communicate and teach non-technical users a must. <br />Excellent written and oral communications skills. <br />Strong attention to detail. <br />Ability to work additional hours as needed. Summer weekends required. <br />Respond proactively to training, technical support and customer service needs in line with provided guidelines. <br />Flash video/animation experience a plus. <br />Business Consultants<br />iness consultants are experts on various business practices and monitor a company by making suggestions on how the company can become more productive and profitable. They usually deal with specific departments within an organization like management, marketing or advertising. <br />Duties and Responsibilities<br />The primary responsibility of a business consultant is to analyse, plan, implement and evaluate projects <br />He works with clients to discuss and reach project targets and meet expectations <br />He discusses strategies with teammates and leaders to deliver the best solutions for the projects <br />He has to follow market trends to develop a brand and also to make improvements in existing products and services <br />They must network with clients to build relations and sustain them <br />He must prepare and present business proposals and presentations <br />He needs to carry out extensive research on business and market trends and incorporate those results in the strategy for the company <br />Data collection on different aspects of the industry is also part of the job which helps him to advise a client and maximise the business performance of the client <br />Skills and Specifications<br />Business consultants must have good analytical, deduction and problem-solving skills <br />They must have good communication skills, both written and verbal <br />They must be confident and outgoing and be adaptable to change <br />They must be versatile and deal with clients from various walks of life <br />They need to know about the basics of computers and follow the latest technology <br />Long hours are quite common in this field, and hence they business consultants must be able to deal with stress and work under pressure <br />He also needs to have good presentation skills <br />Education and Qualifications<br />Business consultants usually have a bachelor’s degree in business management, sales, economics or finance. One can also go for an MBA or an equivalent course.<br />Marketing Researchers<br />The Market Research Analyst is principally responsible for interpreting data, formulating reports and making recommendations based upon the research findings. To accomplish this task, the Market Research Analyst works with the client (either internal or external) to understand, define and document the overarching business object. The Market Research Analyst applies qualitative and quantitative techniques to interpret the data and produce substantiated recommendations. Market Research Analysts frequently present the findings and recommendations to the client.<br />Responsibilities:<br /><ul><li>Communicating with clients to understand and document the business objectives
  2. 2. Formulating analysis plans and acquiring client sign-off
  3. 3. Designing or assisting in the development of questionnaires and moderator guides to ensure the necessary data is captured Conducting in-depth data analyses using traditional and advanced methods
  4. 4. Authoring reports containing actionable recommendations
  5. 5. Making presentations—answering questions and instilling confidence </li></ul>Requirements:<br /><ul><li>A minimum of 3 to 5 years within the custom Market Research industry
  6. 6. 1 to 3 years of industry/sector experience
  7. 7. Strong analytic and critical thinking skills
  8. 8. Exceptional written, oral, and presentation communication abilities
  9. 9. Expertise with Excel, PowerPoint, and SPSS/SAS
  10. 10. Bachelors or advanced degree in business, mathematics, or the sciences </li></ul>Marketing Consultant<br />Marketing consultants plan and implement strategies which help their clients sell products or services. The various marketing tools include demographic research, which would help the company understand consumer behaviour and preferences, and advertising and public relations initiatives. Based on the results of this research, the consultant designs various approaches to suit a client’s needs. <br />Duties and Responsibilities<br />A marketing consultant implements and manages marketing procedures and processes <br />evaluates and develops the portfolio of marketing tools and services <br />Discusses with the client about their targets and determines the marketing strategy by interacting with the sales and product teams <br />Organizes marketing events like exhibitions, competitions, road shows, seminars etc <br />May also need to maintain records of marketing literature and interactive media for better branding and sales support <br />Discusses with the client the budget that needs to be allocated for a project and decides the marketing strategy based on that <br />May have to write press releases and hold press conferences for promotions and product launches <br />One also needs to track the marketing initiatives and make weekly or monthly reports <br />Also needs to review branding, positioning of the company’s ads to make sure that the impact of the company is maintained and more and more people are aware of the products <br />Skills and Specifications<br />A marketing consultant needs to have good communication and negotiation skills <br />Needs to follow the latest trends in the market in order to formulate effective marketing strategies <br />Leadership skills, creativity, and good writing skills are also necessary <br />Education and Qualifications<br />In order to be a marketing consultant one needs to have at a bachelor’s degree or higher in business administration with specialization in marketing and sales. Courses in business, law, finance, advertising and accounting can also be helpful. Internships are also valuable.<br />Resume Builder<br />Resume writers prepare resumes, or summaries of the qualifications of an applicant who is searching for a job. Resume writers are aware that potential employers may only look briefly at a resume. Therefore, they prepare an applicant's resume so that it makes a favorable impression quickly. Resume writers make sure that the resume presents the applicant's qualifications, job history, and experience in a clear and readable format. Resume writers research the best design to catch a potential employer's attention. They can set up the applicant's work experience on paper in a variety of ways. They can suggest different methods for printing resumes. Resume writers also know the correct words to use when listing the applicant's qualifications, skills, education, and job history.<br />Many resume writers specialize in writing resumes for one type of applicant. For example, some writers prepare resumes only for executives or only for applicants to a specific industry. These writers may use specific wording in the applicant's resume ensuring that it appeals to potential employers from that industry.<br />Resume writers may be employed by companies that provide this service, or they may work on a freelance basis out of their homes. Many resume writers use word processing or desktop publishing software programs to prepare the resumes. The writer can use these programs to produce a high-quality, professional-looking document that is very readable.<br />Education and Training Requirements<br />Most resume writers have a college degree, although there are no specific educational requirements for this job. Resume writers should have typing skills, proofreading skills, and a basic knowledge of computers. They should be able to communicate with a customer to decide what information about him or her would be most valuable on the resume. They should write well and be able to produce error-free resumes. Many resume writers have previous experience in personnel departments, where they learned to evaluate effective resumes. This can contribute to their ability to write resumes that will attract a potential employer's attention.<br />Receptionist/Customer Service Representative<br />Attend to visitors and deal with inquiries on the phone and face to face. Supply information regarding the organization to the general public, clients and customers.<br />Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities<br />answer telephone, screen and direct calls <br />take and relay messages<br />provide information to callers<br />greet persons entering organization<br />direct persons to correct destination<br />deal with queries from the public and customers<br />ensures knowledge of staff movements in and out of organization<br />general administrative and clerical support<br />prepare letters and documents<br />receive and sort mail and deliveries<br />schedule appointments<br />maintain appointment diary either manually or electronically<br />organize meetings<br />tidy and maintain the reception area <br />Education and Experience<br />high school diploma generally required<br />knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures<br />knowledge of computers and relevant software applications<br />knowledge of customer service principles and practices<br />keyboard skills<br />Key Competencies<br />verbal and written communication skills<br />professional personal presentation<br />customer service orientation<br />information management<br />organizing and planning<br />attention to detail<br />initiative<br />reliability<br />stress tolerance <br />Business Insurance<br />Visions of Life Professional Services, Inc. will obtain all business insurance necessary from Zurich NA Insurance <br />General Liability Insurance<br />Professional Liability Insurance<br />Business Interruption Insurance<br />Commercial Property Insurance<br />Workers’ Compensation Insurance<br /> * Price Quotes are unavailable at this time<br /><ul><li>II. Financial Data:This section includes:Loan applicationsCapital Equipment and Supply listBalance SheetBreakeven analysisPro-forma income projections (profit & less statements)Three-year summaryDetail by month, first yearDetail by quarters, second and third yearsAssumptions upon which projects were basedPro-forma cash flow</li></ul>Loan Applications<br />Capital Equipment and Supply List<br />Description of Item (include make and model number)Serial NumberDate AcquiredVendor or LessorCostColor HP Laser Jet 5550 Printer001-00001/01/2011Hewlett-Packard$2999HP Design Jet Z6100 Printer002-00001/01/2011Hewlett-Packard$8995HP OfficeJet 4500 Wireless All-in-One (Printer, Scanner, Copier Fax)003-00001/01/2011Hewlett-Packard$99HP Z800 Workstation (FM017UT) 011-00001/01/2011Hewlett-Packard$8999 x 4HP ProLiant DL360 G7 Server Series012-00001/01/2011Hewlett-Packard$2279 x 2HP ProCurve 4204VL- SWCH123-00101/01/2011Zones$1499Vinyl fan Back Stack Chairs (Red)-4 Pack133 Series01/01/2011OfficeMax$179.99 x 4Macaria Task Chair122 Series01/01/2011OfficeMax$129.99Office Port Credenza Hutch144-00101/01/2011OfficeMax$299.99 x 4Office Port Lateral File Hutch144-00201/01/2011OfficeMax$219.99 x 4Office Port Executive Desk144-00301/01/2011OfficeMax$349.99Office Port Computer Credenza144-00401/01/2011OfficeMax$299.99 x 3Office Port Library Base144-00501/01/2011OfficeMax$119.99 x 2Beststar Prestige + Credenza (Printer Stand)144-00601/01/2011OfficeMax$159.99 x 5Rolodex Rotary Business Card Filer144-00701/01/2011OfficeMax$26.99 x 5Vaultz Personal File Tote, Legal Size144-00801/01/2011OfficeMax$29.99 x 5GoECOlife GMC120D 12 Sheet Micro-Cut Green Commercial Shredder044-00901/01/2011OfficeMax$399.99Casio PCR- 272 Cash Register033-01001/01/2011OfficeMax$99.99<br />Balance Sheet<br />Visions Of Life Professional Service, IncPro Forma Balance Sheet - 12/31/10                Assets        Current Assets:      Cash    $283,076   Accounts Receivable $0     Less:Reserve for Bad Debts 0  0   Merchandise Inventory   1,000  Prepaid Expenses - Insurance   600  Notes Receivable   0   Total Current Assets     $284,676        Fixed Assets:      Vehicles 0    Less:Accumulated Depreciation 0  0           Furniture and Fixtures 6,000     Less:Accumulated Depreciation 2,000  4,000           Equipment - Computer Fax Machine 3,000     Less:Accumulated Depreciation 600  2,400          Buildings 0     Less:Accumulated Depreciation 0  0          Land    0   Total Fixed Assets     6,400         Other Assets:      Goodwill   0   Total Other Assets     0         Total Assets     $291,076                 Liabilities and Capital        Current Liabilities:      Accounts Payable   $4,504   Sales Taxes Payable   0   Payroll Taxes Payable - third quarter   2,880  Accrued Wages Payable   4,078  Unearned Revenues - January Deposits  7,000   <br />Breakeven Analysis<br />Pro-Forma Income Projections (profit & loss)<br />Assumptions upon which projections were based<br />These projections and forecasts are based upon assumptions which Management believes are reasonable but may not represent actual events, including those discussed above. We will not have control over the circumstances underlying many of these assumptions. The projections and forecasts are only intended as an illustration of the possible results if Management's assumptions are accurate, and they do not constitute a prediction of actual results. No assurances can be given that the assumptions will prove accurate or that the actual financial results will not vary substantially from the projections. We cannot assure an investor that any results, operations, levels of activity, performance or achievements indicated or assumed in the projections will actually occur. All of the projections, forecasts or other forward looking statements have been prepared by Management and none have been reviewed or audited by independent accountants.<br />Pro-Forma Cash Flow<br /><ul><li>III. Supporting DocumentsThis section includes:Tax Returns of principalsPurchase AgreementLicenses and other Legal documentsResumes Of PrincipalRisk AnalysisRationales</li></ul>Tax Returns<br />This subsection includes the tax return documents of the year 2009 from the principal (Candace L. Hurdle)<br />Purchase Agreement<br />This subsection includes a (sample) purchase agreement for the acquisition of office space.<br />Principal Resume<br />Candace L. Hurdle Resume<br />Candace L. Hurdle<br />1242 20th Street(757)329-6066<br />Newport News, VA,<br />Summary Of Qualifications:<br /><ul><li>Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
  11. 11. Ability to type 35 Words per minute
  12. 12. Excellent problem solving skills with the ability to follow through on projects
  13. 13. Strong communicator and team leader
  14. 14. Outstanding project management skills</li></ul>Education:<br />ECPI College of TechnologyNewport News, VA08/2009-Present<br />B.S. Degree in Business Administration<br />Major in Business Management<br />Relevant Coursework:<br />ACC150 Accounting I<br />ACC151 Accounting II<br />BUS122 Principles of Business and Management<br />BUS211 Introduction to Human Resource Management<br />CIS106 Introduction to Operating Systems<br />IST120 Computer Applications<br />Affiliations:<br />The Business Club of ECPI, Newport News Campus-Secretary 02/2010- Present<br />Employment History:<br />*New Rising Sun ChurchChurch Secretary/Accountant09/2006-Present<br />AVON Products, Inc.Independent Sales Representative02/2010-06/2010<br />K-Mart StoresRetail Sales Associate04/2009-10/2009<br />NCO Group, Inc.Customer Service Representative09/2008-03/2009<br />Work for ProgressVoter Registrar07/2009-08/2009<br />Risk Analysis<br />SWOT Analysis<br />SWOT Analysis for Visons Of Life Professional Service Inc.EnvironmentEvaluation PositiveNegativeInternalStrengths Weaknesses   DiversitySmall employee workforce    Reliability      Responsive          ExternalOpportunities Threats   New ServiceIncreasing competitive pressures  Building current brand              <br />