Business Plans and Consulting Services


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Business Plans and Consulting performs nationwide professional business plan wirting services for a wide range of requirements.

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Business Plans and Consulting Services

  1. 1. Company Presentation Presented by Larry Van Horn Business Consultant Business Plans & Consulting, LLC “Our business is to know your business”
  2. 2. AgendaOur Service Offering Development ProcessBusiness Plan Services Client’s ReceivesBP&C Offers Terms & ConditionsBP&C Uses Why Our Clients Have Hired UsBusiness Plan Format Business Plan SummaryWhy Have a Business Plan Member of the Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
  3. 3. Our Service OfferingProfessionally Written Business PlansManagement ServicesGrant Proposal WritingManagement Consulting Our work is 100% Guaranteed and Tax Deductible
  4. 4. Business Plan ServicesWrite Your Business Plan From ScratchFinish Your Business PlanAnalyze Your Business PlanAnnual Updates/Revisions Full range of business plan services
  5. 5. BP&C OffersProfessionally Written Business PlansCustomized for Your IndustryCustomized for Your Type of BusinessCustomized for Your LocationCustomized for Your Target Market Economies of Experience
  6. 6. BP&C Uses Your Business Idea Your Concepts Your Goals Your Additional InformationOur focus is on honesty, quality, and on-time delivery
  7. 7. Why Have a Business PlanPrepare to start, buy or sell a businessIdentify and minimize risks that may causethe business to failTo obtain a business loanDetermine the best way to manage the businessProject financial operations to take maximumadvantage of financial resourcesEstablish vision and values, that will guide thebusiness to become effective and ethical “My business is to know your business”
  8. 8. Business Plan Format Executive Summary The Management Plan The Marketing Plan The Financial Plan AppendicesProfessionally written comprehensive business plans
  9. 9. Development Process 1. Workbook 2. Industry Analysis 3. Research Company 4. Collect Data 5. Write First Draft 6. Edit First Draft 7. Clients Review 8. Write Revision 9. Proofread 10. Make Corrections 11. Print Final Copy12. Deliver/ Consultation 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 Source: Business Plans & Consulting, LLC. Newport News, Virginia Excellence in research, planning, analysis, and forecasting
  10. 10. Client ReceivesPlan Written in Microsoft WordFinancial Section in Microsoft ExcelEmphasis is On Management,Marketing and Financial AspectsPrinted and Professionally BoundAssembled In One PDF File Confidential professional assistance
  11. 11. Terms & ConditionsInvestment priced at three fixedpaymentsWork begins when advance paymentis receivedPrinted and professionally boundTotal delivery time is one monthBased on proven common business practices
  12. 12. Why Our Clients Have Hired UsWe are the most appropriate resource to exceedexpected rate-of-return on your investmentWe have the education, skills and experience tohelp our clients reach their business goals at anaffordable feeOur clients have raised between $30K to $40 millionWe have developed over 500 quality business plan inmost industriesIf you want to be impressed – See our example business plan
  13. 13. Business Plan Summary For Management Purposes or to Raise Money Almost No Standard Format Based on Industry, Type, Location, Market Emphasis is On Management, Marketing and Financial Management Financial Projections Are for 3 Years A Written Document Between 40 – 50 Pages Takes About One Month to Write Should be Revised Once a YearOur clients are not an interruption of our work, they are the purpose of it
  14. 14. If you remember nothing else...“There is only one boss … the Customer. And he can fireeverybody in the company from the chairman on down,simply by spending his money somewhere else.”- Sam Walton Larry Van Horn751 Thimble Shoals Blvd., Suite H-1, Newport News, VA 23606 (757) 595-1305