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Published in: Education
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  2. 2. TEXT PROCESS OF CHOOSING MUSIC The sound we have used for our film opening has been difficult to choose. This because we wanted to choose a not very popular song from other films. But we have a chosen a very popular song for the jogging scenes.
  3. 3. TEXT HORROR MUSIC My colleague and me have been looking for various horror musics but most of them were used in films and were very popular. We tried to find one that was scary and at the same time not used by many other people. The songs are the following: • • the other one I could not find.
  4. 4. TEXT RUNNING SCENE (HEADPHONES) MUSIC For the running part we have chosen a song called Hideaway by Kiesza. We thought it was a fun song and that it was suitable for the part of the film opening when blanca the main character puts her headphones on and starts jogging.
  5. 5. TEXT DIEGETIC AND NON-DIEGETIC SOUNDS Diegetic: For the diegetic sound we only have one scene which is when the main character sofia (blanca) says, “is there anybody?”. Non-diegetic: For the non-diegetic we also have only one scene which is when the ghost says, “Me”.