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How does your media product represent social groups?


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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How does your media product represent social groups?

  1. 1. How does your media product represent social group?
  2. 2. Gender Tiffany is a very stereotypical teenage girl, we dressed her in fashionable clothes, and very ‘girly’ colours such asIt is not shown in our titles pink, which showed a bigbut later on in our film, we contrast between Jen (thewould show flashbacks stalker character).and shots of Tiffanysevery day life. Going toparties and hanging outwith her friends Tiffany is always seen as a happy, fun and outgoing person, especially in Jens eyes, however what is she really like behind closed doors?
  3. 3. In our film opening, there is a shot of hairdye, as later on in the film Jen dies her hairjust to be like tiffany. Jens hair is veryscraggily, showing that she doesn’t makemuch effort on her appearance, or really care Jen is the completeabout anything other than tiffany, and opposite to the very girlywanting to be here character Tiffany. She always seems very uptight and enclosed. Which we especially notice in her room and her whereabouts, as its very dark and that’s the only place she seems to be. Her clothes are very dull, plain and dark, which would suggest she is uninteresting however from the Jen is portrayed as a very lonely opening we don’t get this impression. dysfunctional person. And learn a lot more about her, which you would not expect.
  4. 4. Mental illness Mental illness in our film opening Is shown through the character Jen. She isolatesherself, and all you see is her shut away in her room, which also reflects her illness asit is very dark and dingy, which is not healthy. This is a hint to the audience about her illness. Not only this but a shot in our titles shows a number of photos of Tiffany, which we then find out that she aspires to be this girl, she dyes her hair, and follows her wherever she goes. This shows dysfunction as you would not expect the typical person to stalk other people.
  5. 5. Status Jen Jen is portrayed as a very low class and status girl, as she dresses in very basic clothes which is all we really see her wearing so would assume that she only hasthose clothes. Jen was also abused when she was younger, which could also mean that her parents struggle financially, and therefore take it out on Jen. Tiffany Unlike Jen, tiffany dresses very upper class, always up to date with the latest fashions. Status is a huge part of our film, as although tiffany seems like she hasthe perfect life, turns out its all just a barrier to hide all the bad things going on in her life.