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Exceptional Hiring Managers defined


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7 Key exceptional hiring manager traits. Associated ERE Media article

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Exceptional Hiring Managers defined

  1. 1. Drives and Supports Change. Is supportive of changes that need to be made to produce a more optimal outcome. Provides Actionable insightful information that helps the Talent Advisor more effectively identify and attract the best talent. Commits to responding within 24 hours on any questions related to the hiring process, candidate and interview outcomes. Understands lollygagging puts the hiring of talent at risk. Are decisive and will make a hiring decision even after seeing one candidate if that candidate meets the defined key success criteria. Does not compare solely based on candidate vs candidate. Treats the Recruiter as a Trusted partner and constantly looks to them for counsel and consultative insights to the identification, attraction and assessment of talent. Are engaged in helping define the strategies, tactics and will leverage their own internal and external network to help identify, attract and assess the best talent. 7 Exceptional Hiring Managers Traits 1 Are committed to an Exemplary candidate experience as they understand the competitive advantage if they do. “Exceptional Hiring Managers make hiring a top priority by partnering in the attraction and assessment of talent by defining key job success criteria while committing themselves and their teams to an exemplary candidate experience. 6 4 2 3 5 7