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The Talent Acquisition Value Matrix


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I decided to finally put a one page simple to follow slide together on the Value Matrix for Talent Acquisition and Recruiting

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The Talent Acquisition Value Matrix

  1. 1. The Talent Acquisition Value Matrix Define Identify Attract & Engage Assess What Talent are we looking for, Where and When Where and How we locate the Talent ‘Your Story’ as a competitive differentiator. How we assess the best Quality Talent Take the JD from the HM and post it Ask the HM what is the success criteria for this role Analyzed what is a better ‘Quality of Hire’ and where it exists Average Recruiters Good Recruiters Great Recruiters Waits for candidates to apply Proactively identifies talent Has moved beyond JIT Recruiting and is Pipelining Talent ahead of demand ReactiveProactiveStrategic Defined the EVP and leverages as a competitive advantage Analyzed what is a better ‘Quality of Hire’ and assesses against it Talks to the JD and Requirements Sells the company and group Ticks the box of functional Requirements Digs deeper into style and fit