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Talent Acquisition remote management template


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Published in: Recruiting & HR

Talent Acquisition remote management template

  1. 1. Priority Order Goal/Objectives Goal/Outcome What is the expected outcome? Due Date Current Status Plan to Improve What are you currently doing to remove obstacles to help reach this goal? 1 Increase employee referrals in Sales Organization Achieve 35% of hires = Employee Referrals End of Year Currently at 18% • Schedule bi-weekly meetings with Sales Leadership to discus status and challenges • Send out weekly hot job list looking for referrals • Work with Marketing team to help create a brand campaign • Investigate social media referral tool 2 Increase Diversity of Hires in Marketing Organization 30% End of Year Currently at 37% • On track but still communicating awareness/importance with business on monthly reviews 3 Increase submittal to acceptance % for all supported business Move from 75% to 80% End of Year Currently at 76% • Sales Organization causing challenges with overall averages. 4 Reduce Agency usage in Finance Organization Less than 10% of hires Mid Year 8% year to date • Continue to partner with a few key strategic agencies vs historical many • Sourcing Team partnership continues to yield solid results 5 Recruiting Business Review Deck Create/Communicate progress against plan with Business Quarterly Green • First review well received by all businesses • Good feedback from Marketing Organization, making slight tweak to format for all. 6 Improve my data centric thinking See improvement in in my mid- year feedback survey with the business. Mid Year Green • Very pleased with progress YTD especially using the new Business Review Deck • 3 historically challenging managers more engaged since showing weekly Req status report • Still some work to do in gathering external data to help influence hiring manager job requirements Current Discussion items/asks for Manager Notes/Comments Sales Org employee referrals Could use your support communicating alignment with Sales Leadership and HR team getting behind this initiative. Advice on a challenging manager One of the managers in the Finance Org will not change the practice of needing to interview 10 candidates every time they open up a position. Would like to discuss options I have tried and potential next steps. Goal/Plan Status Update