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Analysis of applications: Foursquare, Pinterest and Instagram

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  • Instagram- All photos are public by default which means they are visible to anyone using Instagram or on the Instagram.com website. If you choose to make your account private, then only people who follow you on Instagram will be able to see your photos.
  • Mix & Match

    1. 1. MIX AND MATCH INTERNET MARKETINGGROUP MEMBERS Tahina Aid Megan Cabrera Emily Chang Jerry Cheng Framitt Chung Blake Coffin Diana Colgrove Kévin Delmotte Jordan EllistonEmmanuel Scharsch Amélie Wisniak Jing (Emma) Yue
    2. 2. A I- Applications OverviewG II - Pinterest & InstagramE III - Pinterest & FoursquareN IV - Foursquare & InstagramD V- CampaignA
    3. 3. I. APPLICATIONS OVERVIEW Social Media PurposesConsume Yes Yes Yes Create Yes Yes No Control Yes Yes/No* Yes Connect Yes Yes Yes *No privacy settings
    4. 4. I- APPLICATIONS OVERVIEW User DemographicsGender Female Female Female Age 25-35 25-34 35-44Income $29-49K N/A $25-49KLocation 33% USA 45.3% USA 23.7% USA Source: Alexa.com Platforms Android iPhone iPad/Tablet Desktop Yes Yes No No No Yes Coming Soon Yes Yes Yes No Limited
    5. 5. I- APPLICATIONS OVERVIEW Sharing Capabilities Facebook Twitter Tumblr Foursquare Pinterest Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Type of Application Game Location Photo Video No Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes Only with 3rd Yes Yes Yes party app
    6. 6. I- APPLICATIONS OVERVIEWRevenue Models  not currently monetizing  Only income is from the $1 billion Facebook buyout  Potential revenue: from additional filter charge?  modify users’ affiliate links to commercial sites – replaces the original affiliate tracking code with Pinterests’ words  Receive a portion of the sale when a user purchases an item  Tool for online referrals for retail companies (partnership)  revenue sharing  Foursquare informs users where there are daily deals for checking in (receive a cut when purchased)  Partnering with major sponsors such as American Express
    8. 8. II- PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM Similarities  Photo based applications  Both allow you to search by category Pinterest Search Instagram Hashtag (can set as defaults)
    9. 9. II- PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM Similarities  Photo based applications  Both allow you to search by category  No clear revenue sources from sites such as advertisements  Both have a mobile application that allows photos to be taken and posted to boards and social media including Facebook and Twitter
    10. 10. II- PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM Similarities  Photo based applications  Both allow you to search by category  No clear revenue sources from sites such as advertisements  Both have a mobile application that allows photos to be taken and posted to boards and social media including Facebook and Twitter  Cookies - personalization
    11. 11. II- PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM Differences vs Allows you to see the content of Only shows your friends’ photosusers who are not in your friends list on your home pageand allows you to re-pin that contentto your own boardOriginally based as a desktop Originally designed as a mobileapplication application
    12. 12. II- PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM Marketing Uses  The ability to show products and brands in a new and exciting way with different filters (automobiles, homes, furniture, etc.)  Very similar to Instagram where products, categories, or companies can be searched and all of the photos relating to that company are displayed.  Instagram users will share photos and post on Pinterest.
    13. 13. II- PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM Real World ExamplesIDEA All Ford vehicle photos with hashtag #ford from Instagram are displayed on a Pinterest Board. Pinterest offers the ability to click on a link showing where the picture is from. This link then takes you to the proper Internet page.
    14. 14. II- PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM Real World ExamplesIDEA Currently existed without the Instagram integration until Pinstagram.com, (Pingram.com) which is an integration of all photos from Instagram on a pin type wall. http://mashable.com/2012/05/02/pinstagram http://mashable.com/2012/03/06/pingram-pinterest-
    16. 16. III- PINTEREST & FOURSQUARE Similarities  Both can link to your Facebook and Twitter accounts  Share photo and comment on Facebook and Twitter  You can browse content by category  Both applications can be used to help customers guide their purchasing
    17. 17. III- PINTEREST & FOURSQUARE Differences vs Not based on geolocation Based on geolocation and finding business nearby No reward system Reward system consisting of earning badges and mayorships (Game)Business Model based on Affiliation Business Model based on development of Customer LoyaltyUsers are 83% women, showing Mainly targeted at tech-savvy malescreative and artistic interests
    18. 18. III- PINTEREST & FOURSQUARE Marketing Uses  Company can pin its product/brand on a pin board and include its resource link on Foursquare.  The photo will automatically post to Facebook and Twitter to gain more awareness and greater exposure.
    20. 20. IV- FOURSQUARE & INSTAGRAM Similarities  Check-in capabilities  Location  Followers/Friends  Recommendations (difference in types)  Privacy Settings  Commenting abilities  Ease of use
    21. 21. IV- FOURSQUARE & INSTAGRAM Differences vs No photo filters 17 photo filters Recommendations of locations Recommendations for photos Check-ins more accurate No rewards (maybe will change withRewarded for multiple check-ins campaign) Desktop capabilities/options Not based on a desktop application Foursquare cannot share to Instagram can share toInstagram Foursquare Cannot send Foursquare check- True social integration forins to all social applications Instagram
    22. 22. IV- FOURSQUARE & INSTAGRAM Marketing Uses  Brands use Instagram to engage with customers, create awareness/display products  Companies can use Instagram to create a personality/personal connection/ambient intimacy for the company (e.g. in-direct ads, mini ads)  Attract new customers  Develop customer loyalty  Learn about customers  Learn about competitors  Go viral
    23. 23. IV- FOURSQUARE & INSTAGRAM Marketing Uses  Create a reward system not only for frequency of check-ins, but for posting integrated pictures from Instagram.  Ex. Mayor of AGSM, Best Photographer at AGSM – voted on by usersTOGETHER Visibility increases by using both applications, Instagram has more users than Foursquare. More details provided about the deals, creating more intimacy. Brand image improves based on beautiful pictures.
    24. 24. V. CAMPAIGN
    25. 25. V- CAMPAIGN For a Travel Agency/Airline Users travel to beautiful places and check-in
    26. 26. V- CAMPAIGN For a Travel Agency/Airline Users take a photo ... check-in on ... and upload thethrough Instagram… Foursquare... photo through Foursquare
    27. 27. V- CAMPAIGN For a Travel Agency/Airline The Travel Agency can pick one overall winner with the “Best Photo.” Metrics could be number of likes, or simply attractiveness of the photo. Winner receives a gift card or free trip.
    28. 28. V- CAMPAIGN For a Travel Agency/Airline In addition, users can create Travel Pinboards on Pinterest. The board with the most overall re-pins could win a smaller prize (because this does not involve checking in).
    29. 29. V- CAMPAIGN For a Travel Agency/Airline If Pinterest could pull all Foursquare pictures (and know that the user checked in at a certain location), Pinterest pinboards could be made with the Instagram photos and the contest could be based on the best pinboard made of Instagram photos. This would create a streamlined process: users could easily upload the Instagram photo on Foursquare when they check-in, and it would automatically upload to their contest pinboard. In the process, the check-in information would be maintained, to ensure that users are checking in before they can upload a photo/board to be entered in the contest.
    30. 30. CONCLUSIONInstagram, Pinterest, and Foursquare are all in the growth stageThe opportunities to mash up these applications for marketing purposes are vast
    31. 31. QUESTIONS?