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BELOVED by: Toni Morrison (Summary)


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Reporter: Suzhien Carpio
Subject: Literary Criticism
Instructor: Mrs. Yolanda Reyes
Course: English Education

Published in: Education, Self Improvement
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BELOVED by: Toni Morrison (Summary)

  1. 1. Summary Beloved Toni Morrison
  2. 2. Part 1 124 was spiteful.
  3. 3. - After the two sons of Sethe, Howard and Buglar ran away because of the encounter of the baby ghost and the death of Baby Suggs, there was only Denver and Sethe living in 124.
  4. 4. - Paul D and Sethe got reunited
  5. 5. - It was now Sethe, Paul D, and Denver living in 124.
  6. 6. - Starting all over again as a family, Paul D chased the ghost away.
  7. 7. - Just when the ghost was gone, Beloved appeared in the story
  8. 8. - Paul didnt like Beloved, unlike Denver and Sethe who welcomed her warmly and let her stay in 124 indefinitely
  9. 9. - Aside from the baby like characteristics of Beloved and her age, she used to ask questions that only the murdered child of Sethe could ask, making Denver believe that she is her sister.
  10. 10. - Paul D, started to feel uneasy in 124 with the presence of Beloved
  11. 11. - He used to sleep with Sethe, then to the rocking chair, next to Baby Suggs' room until he decided sleeping in the store room
  12. 12. - Beloved seduced Paul D and they had sex to fully isolate him to Sethe
  13. 13. - Paul D tried to confess to Sethe, but he ended up telling Sethe he wanted her pregnant (so as to have a hold onto her)
  14. 14. - Stamp Paid showed Paul D the newspaper where the crime of Sethe was published
  15. 15. - Although he didnt believe it, he confronted Sethe. Hearing it from Sethe, he moved out of the house with disgust
  16. 16. Part 2 124 was loud.
  17. 17. - Stamp regretted showing Paul D the newspaper .He tried to visit 124 but didnt have the guts to face Sethe . During that visit he saw the new girl in 124, Beloved. Stamp visited Ella and was told that Paud D was staying in the basement of the local church.
  18. 18. - Stamp paid told Ella about the new girl he saw in 124.
  19. 19. - Stamp paid went to the church to see Paul D - They talked and Stamp asked him about the new girl he saw in 124 - Paud D told him that the girl came from nowhere and has no memory
  20. 20. - Stamp told Paul about the story of this woman locked inside a house by a white man. Later, the man was found dead and the woman was gone. Stamp made a conclusion: 'It must be her.'
  21. 21. - However Sethe heard Beloved hum a familiar tune. A song she only knows and used to sing to her children. Making Sethe believed that Beloved has really come back.
  22. 22. Part 3 124 was quiet.
  23. 23. - After Paul D moved out of the house, the relationship of Beloved and Sethe become intense. Sethe would spend most of her time with Beloved so she comes to work always late. Sethe was fired from her work. Having no source of income hunger strikes in.
  24. 24. - They become dependent to whatever's left until everything was gone.
  25. 25. - Beloved was the priority, she became abusive. She gets the best of everything first. Beloved gets bigger and bigger resembling a pregnant woman.
  26. 26. - Denver steps out of the house to ask for help, she went to Lady Jones (her teacher before). She asks for food. She didnt mention anything about Beloved, instead she told them her mother was sick so she herself needs a job.
  27. 27. - The neighborhood started to deliver sacks of food in front of 124
  28. 28. - Denver went next to the Bodwins where she talked to Janey (the servant) and asks to work. Janey spread the news about the return of Beloved to make Sethe pay
  29. 29. - Ella and the rest of the women came over to 124 and pray.
  30. 30. - Sethe and Beloved where standing in front of the house. Mr. Bodwin came to fetch Denver to work when Sethe saw him and thought he was schoolteacher. Sethe tried to kill him with an icepick.
  31. 31. - Beloved just disappeared
  32. 32. - Denver became an independent woman. She’s working now with the Bodwins and looking forward in entering College.
  33. 33. - Paul D comes back to 124 to check on Sethe after Beloved was gone.
  34. 34. - Beloved was soon forgotten by the people just like a bad dream.
  35. 35. Prepared by: Suzhien Carpio BSE IV - English