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Elements of a short story.Lesson Plan


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Elements of a short story.Lesson Plan

  1. 1. A Detailed Lesson Plan in English – Grade 8 I. Objectives At the end of the lesson, 100% of the students with 75% level of proficiency shall be able to: a) Distinguish the elements of a short story b) Discuss the importance of contentment, simplicity, and honesty II. Subject Matter Topic: Elements of a Short Story Listening Text: “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant References: English for a Better World III Emerita G. Magsajo- Sarno, Ph.D.,Esther L. Baraceros,Ph.D.,Pilar R. Yu Pages 308-316 Today’s High School Readers,Book One by Benoza Reyes Materials: Cartolina, power point presentation, pictures, necklace, box Skills: Listening: Remembering facts and sequence of the story Reading: Analyzing a vocabulary word using context clues Speaking: Discussing of ideas, pronouncing words and names correctly Writing: Describing a concept or entity Values: Cooperation, self-confidence, collaboration, valuing the life at present, honesty, contentment III. Procedures Teacher’s Activity a. Preliminaries i. Prayer ii. Greeting the class iii. Checking of Attendance iv. Passing of Assignments b. Developmental Activities i. Pre-listening Activity a. Motivation Before we start our interesting lesson for today, I want the class to be divided into 3 groups. I will give each group an envelope that contains puzzle pieces to be arranged and afterwards,you are going to post it on the board. Kindly assign a representative from each group to give an idea about the image formed out if the puzzle pieces. There are only 3 minutes for you to do the activity. Is that clear? Students’ Activity The students group themselves into three. Yes, Ma’am.
  2. 2. (Teacher distributes the envelopes) May the representatives of each group come in front and say something about the picture formed by your group? Based on the given pictures, what do you think is our lesson for today? (Posting of objectives) Let us have first the vocabulary terms that we will be encountering on our listening text. b. Unlocking ofDifficulties Identify the meaning ofthe underlined term from the given choices below. 1. She detested her neighbor for being so mean. 2. Mathilde dashed outside to avoid being seen in her shabby coat. 3. He was the one who catapulted his friend to court that girl. 4. They decided to take a jaunt for they are too exhausted. 5. Rhea was so aghast to find out that her best friend was dead. Choices:  Pushed  Hated  Beautiful  Worn out  Break  Shocked Now, let’s have a short story by entitled “The Necklace”. I will introduce you the author first whose named is Guy de Maupassant. Guy de Maupassant (Henri René Albert)  5 August 1850 – 6 July 1893  one of the fathers of the modern short story  Pen Names:Guy de Valmont, Joseph Prunier  Occupation: Novelist, writer, poet  Nationality: French Before we move on to the story, I am going to present to you the guide questions that you will answer at the end of the story. (Students do the activity) (Students express their ideas about the pictures) Answers vary Hated Worn out Pushed Break Shocked
  3. 3. Guide Questions: 1.Why did the invitation displease Madame Loisel? 2.Why did Mme. Loisel borrow a necklace from Mme. Foreister? 3.What efforts were made to find Mme. Forestier’s necklace? 4. Describe in your own words how the Loisels life changed after they had paid for the new necklace? 5. What was Mme. Foreister’s reaction when the necklace was returned? Here are the characters that make up the story “The Necklace.”  Mathilde Loisel  Monsieur Loisel  Madame Jeanne Forestier You will be the one to identify their roles and contributions after you listened to the story. I’ll be needing 3 volunteers here in front and they will act as the 3 characters of the story. Are you now ready to listen to the story as you watch the great performance of your classmates in acting? ii. Listening Activity The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant In Paris during the 19th century, there was a middle- class girl, Mathilde Loisel, who desperately wished she was wealthy. She got looks and charm, but had a bad luck to be born into a family of clerks who married her to another clerk, Monsieur Loisel, in the ministry of Public Instruction. Mathilde was so convinced she’s meant to be rich that she detested her life and spends all day dreaming and despairing about the fabulous life she’s not having. She envisioned footmen, feasts,fancy furniture, and strings of rich young men to seduce. One day, Mr. Loisel came home with an invitation to a fancy ball thrown by his boss. He had gone to a lot of trouble to get the invitation, but Mathilde’s first reaction was to throw a fi. She didn’t have anything to wear,and couldn’t possibly go! Her husband was upset ti her displeasure and using money that he was saving to buy a hunting rifle, gave Mathilde 400 francs to use. It’s not too long before Mathilde threw another fit, though, this time because she had no jewels. So, Mr. Loisel suggested her to go and see her friend, Mme. Forestier, a rich woman who could probably lend her something. Students volunteer to play the assigned roles Yes,Ma’am.
  4. 4. Mathilde went to see Mme. Forestier, and she was in luck. Mathilde was able to borrow a gorgeous diamond necklace. With the necklace, she’s sure to be a stunner. The night of the ball arrives, and Mathilde had the time of her life. Everyone loved her and she is absolutely admired. She and her husband did not leave until 4am. Mathilde suddenly dashed outside to avoid being seen in her shabby coat. But once back at home, Mathilde made a horrifying discovery: the diamond necklace was gone. Mr. Loisel spent all of the next day, and even the next week,searching the city for the necklace,but found nothing. It’s gone. So he and Mathilde decided they had no choice but to buy Mme. Forestier a new necklace. They visited one jewelry store after another until at last, they found a necklace that looked just the same as the one they lost. Unfortunately, it’s 36 thousand francs. Mr. Loisel went massively into debt and bought the necklace, and Mathilde returned it to Mme.Forestier. Buying the necklace catapulted the Loisels into poverty for the next ten years. They lost their house, their maid, their comfortable lifestyle and on top of it all, Mathilde lost her good looks. After ten years, all the debts were finally paid, and Mathilde was out for a jaunt in a town. There she came across Mme.Forestier,rich and beautiful as ever. Mathilde decided to tell Mme. Forestier the sad story of the necklace and her ten years of poverty and she did. At that point, Mme. Forestier, aghast, revealed to Mathilde that the necklace she lost was just a fake. It was worth only five hundred francs. Mathilde only smiled sadly to Mme. Forestier and walked away. * Do you understand the story of “The Necklace?” Post-listening Activity Before answering the guide questions, let’s have a story-telling chain first. I have here a necklace that I will wear and I’m going to start the story. I’ll be passing on the necklace to one of you and you will continue the story, and that person will put on the necklace again to another one and so on until the story ends. Is that clear? Let’s now answer the guide questions. Who wants to read and answer number 1? Good! How about number 2? Yes,Ma’am. Yes,Ma’am. (Students do the activity) The invitation displeased Mathilde because she had nothing to wear for the party. Mathilde borrowed a necklace to be matched with her dress to Mme. Foreister so that she will be gorgeous at the party.
  5. 5. Excellent. Then number 3? Bravo! How about number 4? And number 5? In understanding short story, we have elements that will guide us to make it comprehensive and clear. We are going to watch a video and you may jot down notes about the facts presented in the video. Are you now ready? (Teacher plays the video) Since, the video presentation has helped you to have knowledge about the 5 elements; you will be the one to define each as I post the terms on the board. iii. Lesson Proper Elements ofa Short Story:  Characters  Setting  Plot 3 Parts of a Plot:  Introduction – the starting point of the story.  Climax – the highest point of the story.  Ending – the concluding part of the story.  Conflict Two General CategoriesofConflict: o Internal Conflicts o External Conflicts  Theme Do you have any questions or clarifications before Loisels searched for it until they found a jewellery shop but the cost of the new necklace was very expensive. They had a lot of debts and worked so hard to replace the lost necklace. The life of the couple became miserable and there were lots of sufferings they experienced in replacing the necklace. When the necklace was returned to her without knowledge that it was not the original necklace, she acted just normally. But when Mathilde told her the truth, she was so shocked about the story revealed by her. Yes,Ma’am. Expected answers:  People that make up the story; could also be in a form of things, animals, etc.  The place or time of action  What happens in a story  Creates drama in the story  Take place within the minds of the characters  Take place between individuals or between individuals and the world external to individuals  Central idea in a work
  6. 6. proceeding to our activity? 4.Application For you to apply what you have learned, let’s have an activity regarding the story “The Necklace.” To understand the story better,we are going to dissect the story employing the elements we have learned a while ago. I have here a box that contains blank strips of papers and some that have an element of a short story written in it. Some of your classmates will give the characters,setting, plot, conflict, and theme. But there’s a twist. You won’t only tell us the answer but there task that you must do before or during you answer the question. Is my instruction clear? Characters: Choose 2 of your classmates. The three of you should act as the characters in the story Setting: Answer the question alone. You can do it! Plot: Choose 2 of your classmates. Act out the introduction, climax, and ending. Conflict: Answer it as if you are really in conflict. Theme: Express your answer by means of a charade. 5.Generalization What lesson have you learned from the story? None, Ma’am. Yes,Ma’am Characters: Mathilde Loisel, Monsieur Loisel, Madam Jeanne Forestier Setting: Paris; 19th century Plot: Introduction: Mathilde had nothing to wear to the party. Climax: She had lost the diamond necklace lent by Mme. Forestier. Ending: Mme. Forestier revealed that the necklace was a fake. Conflict: Internal Conflict Mathilde had a great desire to be rich. She was not contented with her life and always craved something that she could not have. Theme: Contentment, Honesty, Simplicity  If she were only contented even with the little blessings she had, she would have not suffered that much.  If Mathilde possessed honesty to Mme.Forestier, she would not have lived a miserable life.  Simplicity is based how grateful you are with your life and its blessings.
  7. 7. Excellent! What are the 5 elements of a short story? Correct! Do you have any questions regarding our topic? 6.Evaluation For your quiz this time, you will read another short story entitled “Monkey’s Paw” by: W.W. Jacobs. I will read the first paragraph, and afterwards,each group will read the following paragraphs. After reading the story, you will answer the questions I have provided and write your answers in one fourth sheet of paper. MONKEY’S PAW(A Summary) By: W.W. Jacobs, 1902 On a dark, stormy night in England, Mr. and Mrs. White and their adult son Herbert – are inside enjoying a cozy evening around the fire. Soon, Sergeant-Major Morris arrives at their house and throws the monkey's paw into the fire but White quickly retrieves it. Morris warns White, but White, thinking about what he could use the paw for, ignores him. Mr. White wishes for £200 to be used as the final payment on his house. After making the wish, his son Herbert is killed by machinery at the factory where he works, and the couple gets compensation of £200. Ten days after the funeral, Mrs. White, almost mad with grief, asks her husband to use the paw to wish Herbert back to life. Reluctantly, he does so. Shortly afterwards there is a knock at the door. Mrs. White fumbles at the locks in an attempt to open the door. Mr. White knows, however, that he cannot allow their revived son in, as his appearance will be too hideous. Mr. White was required to identify the body, which had been mutilated by the accident. It has now lain buried for more than a week. While Mrs. White tries to open the door, Mr. White makes his third wish, and the knocking stops. Mrs. White opens the door to find no one there. We have learned that all of us should be honest at all times and must live a simple life to be happy. The five elements of a short story are the characters,setting, theme, plot, and conflict. None, Ma’am.
  8. 8. CHARACTERS 1. Who are the characters in the story? a. W.W Jacobs,Mr. and Mrs. White, Herbert,and Sgt. Morris b. Mr. and Mrs. White, Herbert,Sgt. Morris c. Sgt. Morris, Monkey’s Paw,Herbert SETTING 2. Where did the story take place? a. USA b. Mexico c. England 3. When did the story happen? a. Bright, sunny day b. Dark, stormy night c. Rainy afternoon PLOT 4. Which of the following was the introduction of the story? a. Sgt. Morris arrived and threw the monkey’s paw into the fire but Mr. White retrieved it. b. Mr. White wishes for £200 to be used as the final payment on his house. c. Herbert is killed by machinery. 5. Which of the following was the climax of the story? a. There was a knock on the door but Mrs. White found no one. b. Sgt. Morris had a bad experience with the monkey’s paw and threw it away. c. Herbert died and the employers gave the Whites £200 the exact amount Mr. White wished for. 6. Which of the following was the ending of the story? a. Sgt. Morris died for throwing the monkey’s paw. b. There was a knock on the door as Mr. White made his wish, but found no one. c. Mrs. White fumbles at the locks in an attempt to open the door. CONFLICT 7. What was the conflict of the story? a. Internal Conflict b. External Conflict c. None of the above THEME 8. What was the theme or main idea of the story?
  9. 9. a. Death b. Love c. Danger ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS 9. Major moral lesson of the story: a. Be careful what you wish for. b. Greediness always leads people into danger. c. Always follow the warning of an experienced person 10. The author of the Monkey’s Paw a. Charles Dickens b. W.W. Jacobs c. William Shakespeare Okay. Pass your papers sideward and then forward. 7. Assignment For your assignment, search for Freytag’s Pyramid and its function. Write it in your notebook. Are there any question? Are you sure? If that is so, let us call it a day and goodbye class. Answers: 1. B 2. C 3. B 4. A 5. C 6. B 7. B 8. A 9. A 10. B None, ma’am. Yes, ma’am. Goodbye, ma’am. Thank you for teaching us! Prepared by: Marie Buena S. Bunsoy Applicant