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Mad tech


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Mad tech

  1. 1. Land Meets Tech CJohn Webb @WebbJS
  2. 2. future of Marketing 2002…
  3. 3.…is here NOW
  4. 4.‘HUB’
  5. 5. Connects the Startup World
  6. 6. a Tech Cultural Melting Pot
  7. 7. ofEnergy& Ideas
  8. 8. Breads Collaboration
  9. 9. ContentisDrivingOnline Consumption
  10. 10. is Pre-Eminent as a Creative Centre
  11. 11. Calling…The real ‘Tech City’
  12. 12. Do We Need to Do?• Stimulate grass-roots entrepreneurship• Focus on the startups,not the ecosystem• Work with corporations,not against them• Find and promote the flag-bearers• Build an inclusive,collaboration-fueled community
  13. 13. future of Marketing is NOW……so we need to invent a new one!
  14. 14. WebbStartups Lead