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Client servicebreakfastws1


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Client servicebreakfastws1

  1. 1. Client Services Breakfast 13 May 2014
  2. 2. The Challenges of a CS professional
  3. 3. • 17 years = 119! • Falling into CS • Growing up • My passion About Me
  4. 4. Challenges • Challenges of being a Client Services professional • Challenges of having a Client Services function within your business
  5. 5. CS practitioner challenges  Understanding which key skills, attributes and competencies are associated with the different roles within a CS team  Keeping up to date  Finding peer forums that add value enough to create the time and space to engage  Recognition of the CS function amongst peers and clients Organisational challenges  Attracting, nurturing and retaining talent  Professional development in an ever-changing, dynamic sector  Role definition and ensuring process and culture appropriately integrate, ensuring a CS professional can add maximum value within their own company  Chargeability and ensuring that CS is not an overhead but a fee earning function within the business  Developing a CS function that can interchange between new business and an account scenario Challenges
  6. 6. Challenges • Meeting challenges
  7. 7. • A framework of standards and attainment that manages competencies in a discipline where we are all one of a kind • A CS Academy that nurtures and develops talent • Permanent talent watch • Business structure and processes that are inclusive and facilitate a CS professional playing the right role, therefore delivering the maximum ROI • Appreciation of the overall role that a CS professional plays to win, grow and retain commercially viable accounts • Tools and systems to ensure that the team can work efficiently and manage information back into the business effectively • A CS team that can articulate and demonstrate the value they bring to client relationships and therefore have an ability to sell themselves as well as they sell their colleagues … Or rather where to start
  8. 8. • Empowered professionals • Clear roles and responsibilities • Respect of management, peers and clients • Authority and remit • Tools and processes • Knowledge • Deliver relationships that are:  Mature  Open and transparent  Sustainable  Profitable  Based on trust and ones that recognise the immense value you as a business bring CS and the Virtuous Circle
  9. 9. THANK YOU