Paul Sheehy, Folk | BIMA Breakfast Briefing - Making the most of the 'maker revolution'


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BIMA Breakfast Briefing | Making the most of the 'maker revolution.' Speakers slides.

If consumers are on their way to producing products quickly and cheaply from home thanks to new technologies, what does this mean for agencies and brands?

Paul Sheehy (Founder of Folk) slides accompanied his talk looking at the impact on the maker revolution in agencies and brands.

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Paul Sheehy, Folk | BIMA Breakfast Briefing - Making the most of the 'maker revolution'

  1. 1. Making the most of The Maker Revolution
  2. 2. I’m Paul. I founded Folk. I like fine wine and bright trousers.
  3. 3. First there was the social revolution...
  4. 4. First there was the social revolution... Mobile tech and the social web ● Accelerated the rate at which ○ We built relationships ○ Influence gathered momentum ○ Information was shared
  5. 5. Negative Implications And the implications… ● e.g. Netflix… ○ Customers unhappy about change in pricing ○ 82,000 negative responses on Facebook, Twitter and the blog, left unaddressed ○ Netflix lost 800,000 customers, and two-thirds its market value.
  6. 6. Positive Implications But on the other hand… Burberry ● Burberry World ○ Put social at the heart of the business ○ United customers, suppliers and vendors to the brand ○ Angela Ahrendts, CEO: "You have to be totally connected to anyone who touches your brand.” We succeeded in the social revolution by… ● Changing the way we engaged with customers ● Becoming social enterprises ● Altering the way we managed our businesses
  7. 7. Cue: The Maker Revolution
  8. 8. Cue: The Maker Revolution The Social Revolution brought consumers accessible broadcasting… The Maker Revolution will bring consumers accessible manufacture.
  9. 9. Cue: The Maker Revolution In the same way that the Social Revolution seemed daunting, the Maker Revolution proposes some crucial implications: ● People Power ● Personalisation
  10. 10. Cue: The Maker Revolution 3D printing allows the additive manufacture of a near-infinite number of products based on digital blueprints.
  11. 11. People Power Consumers will be able to directly manufacture goods for themselves
  12. 12. Personalisation They’ll also be able to bring a level of customisation to them that would be very difficult to provide on the mass market.
  13. 13. Personalisation The implication: Why would people continue to spend money on our products when they can make them cheaper and in a way that is tailored to their personality from their own homes?
  14. 14. Brand Challenge Although for the foreseeable future, there are still many products that require talented craftsmen... The challenge: adapting and evolving with the growth of additive manufacture.
  15. 15. "You’ve got to be fearless … use your intelligence, your common sense. If you’re a fashion retailer you should be embracing every single type of technology you can." Lulu Guinness
  16. 16. Brand Solutions a) Handing production over to the consumer, and sell the intellectual property rights instead.
  17. 17. Brand Solutions b) Focusing time and resources on creating highly customisable products, without the limitation of waste and cost, e.g. Ray Ban, Nike.
  18. 18. Make things people want, not make people want things.
  19. 19. Just take the music industry... The ease of piracy: unstoppable.
  20. 20. Just take the music industry... The penalty? A letter asking you not to.
  21. 21. Just take the music industry... The benefit of piracy? Brand equity - gained from influencers who illegally download and share their love of the music with people who will buy into the ‘experience’ of that music through tours, and merchandise.
  22. 22. Where does it leave Agencies? On the same path. Helping to teach brands to be heart-centered, multi-skilled communicators, and publishers of incredible content that connects meaningfully with their tribes.
  23. 23. Where does it leave Agencies? The Maker Revolution offers consumers the ability to re-produce the tangible brand. … But, it is the intangible world of a brand that consumers still desire to be a part of. Agencies must continue to collaborate with brands to curate and perfect their un- printable USP - connections.
  24. 24. The Future: Transformation So we’ve got two options: 1. We lose customers until our final campaign barely registers and our business dies. OR 2. We bring heart into our business.
  25. 25. Which is why Everything a brand does must connect with people in a way that is more than just linear.
  26. 26. The Future: Revealing Your Purpose Today’s world wants to know you and the real story behind why you do what you do - Bobette Buster
  27. 27. @folkwithpurpose | @KiwiSheehy