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Using Twitter to Drive Success in 2015

For August’s #InsiderChat, I invited experts Lolly Daskal, a consultant, coach, speaker and writer for Inc and Fast Company, Madalyn Sklar, a social media strategy consultant and host of the Twitter Smarter podcast, and Gail Gardner, a freelance writer and small business content and social marketing strategist to provide direction and their recommendations on how to help drive results on Twitter today. Here's the recap of August's #InsiderChat.

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Using Twitter to Drive Success in 2015

  1. 1. Using Twitter to Drive Success in 201 5 July 26th — Featuring Lolly Daskal, Madalyn Sklar and Gail Gardner M HONIGMAN MEDIA Q1: What benefits does Twitter have today for Brian Honigman YOU versus using other channels? @brianhonigman A1: Twitter allows you to engage with people outside of your normal friends circle. #| nsiderChat Lolly Daskal @LollyDaskal A1: Twitter drives more traffic than any other source #| nsiderChat It makes it easy to connect with hard to reach P eo p I e. Gail Gardner @GrowMap A1: Twitter offers immediate feedback, instant curation of convos, builds j‘ experiences vs. channels w/ time _ delays! #| nsiderChat Idem- @Click| deon Q2: What tips do you have for crafting tweets worth engaging with that drive action? Brian Honigman @brianhonigman A2: I think what so many people miss is simply tagging people being talked about in a tweet They get recognized you get noticed #| nsiderChat Madalynsklar @MadalynSklar A2: Visuals, visuals, visuals. Include one that's clean and easy on the eyes. #insiderchat Aubrey Lorraine @thee| ephantf| y A2: Share your expertise, what do you know that others might benefit from. TWEETTHAT. #| nsiderChat Lolly Daskal @LollyDaskal Q3: How would you suggest using other forms of media in your tweets like photo, G| Fs, video etc? Brian Honigman @brianhonig man A3: Make sure #TwitterCards are A enabled on your site/ blog to create rich experiences automatically. #insiderchat @AfjO‘, §'; ‘,f; [:f§ ACCOMPLICE A3: Images that are twice as wide as they are tall work best. Videos can push traffic to YouTube channels Gail Gardner @GrowMap A3: pictures are worth 1000 words, which means a lot on a platform limited to 140 characters. Use visuals often. #| nsiderChat Gelman @joeandtell Q4: What works on Twitter today that didn't BM" Homgman before? Also, what no longer works on Twitter? @brianhonigman A4: What works for me is getting noticed simply by tagging people. It's had a huge impact on me. m___ #| hSlCleI'Cl’1at Madalyn Sklar @Mada| ynSk| ar A4: BALANCE Promoting self is good but promote others is better. #| nsiderChat Lolly Daskal @LollyDaskal A4: what doesn't work - if it ever did - was broadcasting 100%. Listening used to work, and it still does. 3 V #insiderchat Adanuun @oadamjun ‘Q -. Q5: How can a business audit their Twitter use & Brian Honigman develop a unique approach moving forward? @brianhonigman A5: They can track the growth of their following using TwitterCounter #| nsiderChat Gail Gardner @G rowMap A5: they can use advanced search to create a targeted following #insiderchat . /*i: ... i Nisha Varghese @Nisha36O A5: I use two things: 1)Twitter Analytics. They provide great info. 2) I absolutely LOVE @spiderQube. #| nsiderChat Madalyn sklar @MadalynSklar 0.6: What are your favorite Twitter accounts to follow focused on Twitter marketing & why? Brian Honigman @brianhonigman A6: @buffer @perco| ate @GuyKawasaki @socia| media2day @SproutSocia| @jaybaer @LollyDaskal @BrianHonigman #insiderchat Ja_c°bWarwi= k @Jacobwarwick A6: My favorites @PegFitzpatrick @LollyDaskal @RebekahRadice @Ma| |ieRydzik bc they always have I great insight & resources #insiderchat Laure-"For-= ev @LaurenHForney I love following @doriec| ark #insiderchat She teaches us how to STAND OUT #authentical| y Lolly Daskal @LollyDaskal