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Weekly plannig6 2012

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Weekly plannig6 2012

  1. 1. WEEKLY PLANNING (week from, June, 20 to 27th, 2012) DATE TOPIC OBJETIVE CLASS ACTIVITY HOMEWORK EVALUATION OBSERVATIONWeek from, june, Operative Identify all the  Listen the respective  Bring pictures in Diagnostic: The student have all the week20 to 27th, 2012 System. components explanations and to you notebook Brain storm ideas to present their work. found in the enlarge the theme. about control Formative The control panel of  Consult blog of panel, of the Participation For more information you can environment Microsoft internet. Operative System: Individual work go to and the Windows, and  Investigations about 1. Mac Proper use of computer. the functions of Microsoft Windows 2. Linux laboratory each. Control panel . 3. Ubuntu Summative  Write a summary in  Make a speech Draw in Paint Recognizes the your notebook of the and chart about Program importance of investigated the Speech computers to the  Draw in your computer eenvironmental Chart environment the windows control pollution by Work class panel of your computers Summary computer.  Write a summary in your computer about environment pollution