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The Design Process (according to The UI Team)


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The Design Process - we might be starting from Ideation and jumping towards Visual Design. The in-betweens are solid foundations that make products adaptive to different goals and requirements - whether technical or business in nature.

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The Design Process (according to The UI Team)

  1. 1. The Design Process (according to the UI Team) v1 20170208
  2. 2. Ideation → Product Requirements Document What does the product do? ● Purpose of the product ● Target audience ● Use cases ● Timelines
  3. 3. Information Architecture → Content Structure How is the content organized? ● Maps ● Groups ● Hierarchies
  4. 4. Interaction Design → Interaction Diagram What happens in an action? ● Flows ● Interactions
  5. 5. Visual Design → Mockups How does the product look? ● Visual communication ● Branding
  6. 6. Front-End Design → Prototype How does the product work? ● Accessibility ● Usability
  7. 7. Sample PRD ● Product: MRT Free Wi-Fi ● Purpose: ○ To provide additional value to commuters ○ To gain commuter insights (demographics, behavior) ● Target audience: MRT Commuters
  8. 8. Sample PRD ● Overview: The MRT Free Wi-Fi app offers commuters free internet connection to partner apps and sites and real-time MRT schedule.
  9. 9. Sample PRD ● Use Cases: ○ Jenny, while still in the office, wonders if the rush hour in Ortigas MRT station has already subsided ○ Ben has a 30 minutes of idle time while commuting to and from work