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  1. 1. RELIGIONThe Beginnings of The Second Great Awakening Brianña Miller November 22nd, 2011 A.P. History B3rd
  2. 2. W H AT WA S T H E S E C O N D G R E AT AWA K E N I N G ? The Second Great Awakening was “One of the mostmomentous episodes in the History of American Religion.” This Actconverted many people in to a different Religion. During this timemany Religions were being “Discovered.”
  3. 3. W H AT D I D T H I S D O T O T H E AMERICAN SOCIETY? The Second Great Awakening “Brought about ademocratization of Religion as a multiplicity of denominations viedfor members.” Surprisingly, Church attendance did not lack atall, according to The Ferment of Reform and Culture: “About three-fourths of the Twenty-Three Million Americans in 1850’s” attendedChurch.
  4. 4. H OW M A N Y P E O P L EAT T E N D E D C H U RC H D U R I N G T H I S TIME PERIOD ? People Attending Church Not Attending Church
  5. 5. THE CONFLICT… From 1790 until about 1860 People were aggressivetowards Religion, Faithfulness and Culture. The only thing holdingpeople back was the lack of culture. America, at the time, did nothave a set culture. Anything and Everything that was done, played amajor role in American Identity.
  6. 6. B R E A K I N G I T D OW N The Second Great Awakening was the Spread to the masseson the frontier by huge camp meetings. Before this Act there wasonce a First Great Awakening. However the second had such a largerimpact, “ Sweeping up even more people than the First GreatAwakening almost a century earlier.”
  7. 7. T H E C O M PA R I S O N O F T H E F I RS T V S. T H E S E C ON D G R E A T AWA K E N I N G120,000100,000 People 80,000 60,000 40,000 20,000 0 First Great Begging Middle Ending Result Awakening KEY: Blue: First Great Awakening Green: Second Great Awakening
  8. 8. H OW D O E S R E L I G I O N I D E N T I F Y T H E U N I T E D S TAT E S ? Religion played a major roll in the daily life of Americans.Americans were very passionate towards God, the Bible and theCommandments, at one point in time. There was not one country inthe world where the Christian Religion did not have an influence overthe souls of the women and men than in America.
  9. 9. T H E I M PAC T Many Churches were attacked, glassesshattered and doors busted in. This actencouraged many things to help improve society.Although Americans wished some things were notneeded such as prison reform. Although some things were wanted bythe citizens such as the Women’s Movement orthe Crusade to Abolish Slavery.
  10. 10. W H AT H A P P E N E D D U R I N G THESE MEETINGS? About Twenty-Five Thousand people attended thesemeetings. During these meetings people would gather for several daysto “Drink the hellfire gospel as served up by an itinerant preacher.”
  11. 11. H OW R E L I G I O N A F F E C T S AMERICAN IDENTITY Religion affects the American Identity in a major waybecause Religion is a large roll in Culture. Whether someone isreligious or not, it makes a big difference in the actions ofcitizens. For instance a person who is Christian will follow theBible or a person who is Muslim will follow the Qur’an. Peoplewill use these books of life as key directions. Basically they willfollow instructions, recite prayers and use what they say as atool in life . Religion is usually the tool that helps people makedecisions within communities. Religion is Identifies Americansbecause Religion describes who they are.