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The Dark Avengers - comic book team breakdown


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This is a class project for ILL 195 at the Academy of Art University. An overview of a comic book team - The Dark Avengers.

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The Dark Avengers - comic book team breakdown

  1. 1. The Dark Avengers<br />ILL 195 History of Comics<br />Class project – ‘Team-up’<br />Featuring Amadu Diallo, Crystal Witten, Felix Halim, Joe Singleton, Joshua Edalgo, Petur Antonsson and Paris Daniell<br />1<br />
  2. 2. The Creators<br />The series ‘Dark Avengers’ was written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by artist Mike Deodato. <br />Brian Michael Bendis is considered one of the most successful writers working in mainstream comic today.<br />Mike Deodrato worked on many of the marvel characters such as Thor, Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Wolverine. <br />Deodato started his career with a photo-realistic style, but in the mid-90’s changed to a more simplified method.<br />He has created the successful series known as Ultimate Spider-Man and New Avengers. Frank Miller and Alan Moore influenced him greatly as an artist. <br />Brian Bendis<br />Mike Deodato<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Time Period<br />The series debuted in 2009 as part of multi-series called Dark Reign, which started a year earlier in 2008.<br />Also in 2008-2009<br />BarackObama is inaugurated into presidency. <br />Iron Man the movie is released in theatres.<br />The world record for domino toppling was set at nearly 4.5 million pieces.<br />3<br />
  4. 4. Time Period in the Marvel Universe<br />In the Marvel Universe, the Dark Avengers are part of the after math of the Secret Invasion limited series, which involves a long-term invasion of Earth by shape-shifting aliens called Skrulls.<br />This leads to the U.S government disbanding the super-hero team of the Avengers, and somehow causes a shift in power in the Marvel Universe towards Norman Osborn, the leader of the Dark Avengers.<br />4<br />
  5. 5. How the group was formed<br />The Dark Avengers were product of Norman Osborn’s rise to power. <br />After a series of continuous events that made the heroes of earth seem inefficient in their oath of protecting the innocent.<br />Norman Osborn aka Green Goblin gained the favor of the government by killing the Skrull queen during the skrull invasion. <br />He was given control over S.H.I.E.L.D. and another team of heroes called the thunderbolts.<br />5<br />
  6. 6. Why the group was formed<br />“<br /> Today's a new day. So listen carefully... this is how it's going to be. As you all know, I, Norman Osborn, have been given the keys to the kingdom. Tony Stark is out. S.H.I.E.L.D. is no longer. I am heading a new world peacekeeping task force that includes the Initiative and the Avengers franchises. And as far as I am concerned, that is good news for all of you.<br />-Harry Osborn<br />”<br />Since the Avengers and many other heroes were favored by the public. Norman took this advantage to create his own avengers. <br />By doing so he seeks to improve peoples view on him, while he has full control of some the most powerful beings. <br />With this in hand, Osborn can fulfill his own personal gains while seeming good in the public’s eye.<br />6<br />
  7. 7. DARK AVENGERSThe Characters<br />7<br />
  8. 8. The Characters<br />American Son / Harry Osborn<br />Ares<br />Bullseye<br />Daken<br />Mac Gargan /Venom<br />Moonstone<br />Noh-Varr<br />Sentry / Void<br />8<br />
  9. 9. Iron Partiot | Norman Osborn<br />Powers<br /><ul><li>Superhuman strength
  10. 10. Intellect
  11. 11. Stamina
  12. 12. Durability
  13. 13. Agility reflexes due to ingesting the "Goblin Serum"</li></ul>Norman Osborn is the son of wealthy business man. He had a decent his dad became alcoholic and violent. Young Norman and his mother would often be the targets of physical and psychological abuse. This abuse had Norman realizing that only the strong survive and that he will never be weak<br />Norman eventually becomes the Green Goblin after a laboratory accident; he then decides to kill Spiderman in order to establish his reputation. Later on in Norman’s legacy, the President places Norman in charge of the country's security after saving him from a Green Goblin look-alike. Now in charge of the world's peace-keeping taskforce, Osborn decides to show the world his image of heroism.<br />Osborn's team assembled with him, as the Iron Patriot, as team leader.<br />He reveals his Dark Avengers to the public as Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, Wolverine, Hawkeye, Sentry and Ares.<br />9<br />
  14. 14. Powers<br />Armor:<br /><ul><li>Energy shield
  15. 15. Repulsortechnology and strength
  16. 16. Sight/speed/hearing enhancements </li></ul>Without Armor the formula gave him:<br /><ul><li>Super strength
  17. 17. Incredible agility that rivals spider man
  18. 18. stamina
  19. 19. Speed
  20. 20. Healing factor</li></ul>Harry Osborn is the son of the Green Goblin/Norman Osborn and an old friend of Peter Parker. He has a vendetta against Spiderman and becomes the second Green Goblin for a period of time.<br />He has problems with drug abuse and self-destructive behavior. Norman Osborn offers his son Harry Osborn a place in the Dark Avengers, which he first turns down, but accepts the offer when he finds out his girlfriend Lily Hollister is pregnant.<br />Harry Osborn takes a combination of the Super Soldier and Goblin formula. He is also equipped with the American son armor, which was based on Iron Man technology.<br />American Son | Harry Osborn<br />10<br />
  21. 21. Ares<br />Powers<br /><ul><li>Superhuman strength
  22. 22. Durability
  23. 23. Agility
  24. 24. Speed
  25. 25. Endurance
  26. 26. Immortality</li></ul>Son of Zeus, monarch of the Olympian Gods, and his wife Hera. Ares was worshiped as the God of War in both ancient Greece and ancient Rome.<br />Because Ares is a God, he possesses vast strength and endurance. Like all Olympians, Ares is immortal, possessing a life essence that cannot be ended by any conventional means.<br />As a Mighty Avenger, Ares aided the Earth against an enormous Skrull invasion. After the invasion, Ares remained a registered superhuman and accepted a place in Norman Osborn's Avengers alongside on of his teammates from the Mighty Avengers, Sentry. <br />11<br />
  27. 27. Bullseyeposing as Hawkeye<br />Powers<br /><ul><li>Ability to turn any object into a deadly projectile with perfect aim
  28. 28. Superhuman reflexes
  29. 29. Expert martial artist and hand to hand combatant
  30. 30. Spinal column, along with various other bones, laced with adamantium</li></ul>Bullseye works as an assassin, he enjoys killing and is one of the more sadistic characters. Bullseye served as one of Daredevils foes and tried to make a name for him self by defeating Daredevil. While in the Dark Avengers he frequently kills people despite being ordered not to. <br />12<br />
  31. 31. Dakenposing as Wolverine<br />Powers<br /><ul><li>Accelerated healing/extended lifespan
  32. 32. Retractable claws
  33. 33. Pheromone manipulation </li></ul>First its thought that he joined just to annoy Wolverine, but its later revealed that he agreed to join the Dark Avengers as a way to draw out Cyclops and take the Muramasa blade from his possession. <br />Background: Daken is the son of Wolverine and his deceased wife Itsu. In attempt by Romulus to draw Wolverine out, he had Itsu murdered during in the last stages of her pregnancy. Romulus cut out the baby and left him on the doorstep of a wealthy Japanese couple. He’s named Akihiro, but the community calls him Daken (dog) as a slur on his mixed heritage. One night Daken overhears his adopted mother confessing that she doesn’t love him and that she’s finally pregnant. Daken kills her baby and when she attacks him his claws are triggered accidently killing her. His adopted father commits suicide. Romulus appears and leads Daken to believe that it was his father Wolverine who killed his birthmother, planting a need for vengeance. <br />13<br />
  34. 34. Venom | Mac Gargan<br />Powers<br /><ul><li> Super strength
  35. 35. Shape-shifting
  36. 36. Regeneration
  37. 37. Webbing</li></ul>Norman provides Gargan with a chemical that enables him to better control the symbiote so he can alter his appearance to pose as Spider-Man<br />Venom: Is of a race of alien symbiotes that attach to a host for survival and in exchange gives them powers. Eventually Venom starts to fully consume the mind and body of its host. It can be removed through the use of strong sound waves. Venom first hosts were Spiderman and Eddie Brock.<br />Mac Gargan: Was a private investigator that was turned into Scorpion by J. Jonah Jameson in order to defeat Spider-Man. He is given the super strength and reflexes of a scorpion and an exoskeleton power-suit. However the experiment affected his mind, causing insanity. Later he becomes the new host of the Symbiote Venom in order to gain additional powers. <br />14<br />
  38. 38. Ms Marvel | Moonstone<br />Powers<br /><ul><li>Gravity manipulation
  39. 39. Flight
  40. 40. Photon blast
  41. 41. Intangibility
  42. 42. Light generation
  43. 43. Minor molecular control
  44. 44. Superhuman strength
  45. 45. Speed
  46. 46. Durability</li></ul>Dr. Karla Sofen is Moonstone; as a girl watched her parents under the command of others, she vowed to always put herself first when she grew older. After getting her PH.D in psychiatry, she remained dissatisfied and began working with Dr. Faustus to satisfy her lust for power and control over others. She then tricks the old Moonstone holder to reject it from a hallucinogen. Karla picks up the moonstone and absorbs it, turning her into the new Moonstone.<br />Karla was next seen meditating on Thunderbolt Mountain when Norman Osborn appeared and tossed the original costume of Ms Marvel in her lap. He then convinced her to join his new team of Avengers after he informed Karla that as "Ms Marvel" she would live in a penthouse in New York City.<br />15<br />
  47. 47. Noh-Varr | Captain Marvel<br />Powers<br /><ul><li>Super insect strength
  48. 48. Stamina
  49. 49. Increased bone density
  50. 50. Speed
  51. 51. Durability
  52. 52. Stick to walls
  53. 53. Saliva nano-technology
  54. 54. Grow and solidify his body hair at will
  55. 55. Re-routes pain
  56. 56. Toxic excretions</li></ul>Noh-Varr is a white-skinned Kree male from Earth-200080, who was genetically engineered from Cockroach DNA. One of several characters to use the names Captain Marvel.<br />He was ambushed on a return from negotiations with the Krull, Noh-Varr was the only survivor after being shot down. The ship crashed on earth, and he woke up to scientists surrounding him in an orb; where is soon escaped and went out into New York and started blasting down buildings with his ray gun, saying that he was at war with Earth.<br />There are many battles that involve SHIELD and Noh-Varr, but he is eventually placed in a prison called ‘The Cube’. He is there when Norman Osborn offers him the role of Captain Marvel.<br />16<br />
  57. 57. Sentry | Void<br />Powers<br /><ul><li>Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, senses, and durability
  58. 58. Energy projection
  59. 59. Matter manipulation
  60. 60. Flight
  61. 61. Telepathy
  62. 62. Resurrection
  63. 63. Healing</li></ul>In 2000 a character by the name of Bob Reynolds suddenly recalls that he is the superhero known as the Sentry the man with the power of one million exploding suns. With this recollection he realizes his arch-nemesis the Void is returning to this world and Reynolds immediately begins seeking out Marvel's most prominent heroes to warn them of the coming threat.<br />Sentry is introduced as a beloved super hero who has accomplished dozens of heroic acts and saves hundreds of lives on a daily basis. However, his psychological problems have worsened drastically. <br /> <br />In a battle in the Antarctic the Void reveals that the serum Sentry ingested was actually super-saturated, exponentially more potent super soldier serum than what created Captain America. <br />17<br />
  64. 64. The storyline<br />2. Team rescues Doctor Doom from Morgan Le Fay<br />1. Introduces the character line-up<br />4. They have an encounter with Molecule Man, who tortures them. They give a false surrender until Void reforms and defeats Molecule Man<br />3. Then there is the (Utopia Crossover) involving the creation of the Dark Xmen<br />5. Siege: Norman is manipulated by Loki into invading Asgard. Ares switches sides and is killed by Sentry. The Avengers and Secret Warriors arrive to help Asgardians.<br />6. Sentry turns into Void and they all have to battle him. Loki realizes he made a mistake and empowers the heroes with Norn Stones. Sentry kills Loki.  Iron man crashes a Helicarrier into Void which powers him down. Sentry begs Thor to kill him who refuses until he starts to turn into Void again. Sentry is thrown into the sun.  Norman is imprisoned along with Moonstone, Bullseye, and Venom. Only Daken is able to escape and Victoria Hand is given a new position working with Captain Steve Rogers . <br />18<br />
  65. 65. Artwork<br />19<br />
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  70. 70. 24<br />Thank You<br />