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Overcoming Obstacles to Sharing Research Data

Presentation given at the Academic Publishing in Europe 9 Conference, January 29, 2014, Berlin.

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Overcoming Obstacles to Sharing Research Data

  1. 1. / @ubiquitypress Brian Hole, Founder and CEO Academic Publishing in Europe 9 Conference, Berlin January 29 2014 Overcoming obstacles to sharing research data
  2. 2. / @ubiquitypress To return control of publishing to university and society presses, providing them with the infrastructure and support to advance publishing in the interest of researchers. About Ubiquity Press Background Mission  Spun out of University College London in 2012  Researcher-led  Extensive publishing background (BioMed Central, PLoS, Elsevier)  Based in London  Comprehensive approach: journals, books, data, software, ….
  3. 3. / @ubiquitypress The Social Contract of Science • Validation • Dissemination • Further development Scientific Malpractice • Data • Results • Software • Hardware, wetware…
  4. 4. / @ubiquitypress
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  7. 7. / @ubiquitypress Feedback so far: are researchers afraid of sharing data? Peer review: Different kinds of objects Keeping it quick and systematic Open archiving is not always possible Low barriers for authors are essential Keeping metapapers short Online authoring Funders: Want data sharing Need to encourage data management plans and ensure time and funds allocated for publication Ensuring appropriate scope
  8. 8. / @ubiquitypress Integrating data publication within universities
  9. 9. / @ubiquitypress For any questions, please contact