Edited Images in Photoshop K.Brett


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Photos taken within and around school and edited in photoshop to improve the overall effect and end result.

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Edited Images in Photoshop K.Brett

  1. 1. Images Edited in Photoshop Enhancing Photographs: Using Photoshop
  2. 2. Before In Photoshop I cropped this image so that it was zoomed in. I used the dodge tool on the pebbles down the middle and the burn tool at the pebbles down the left and right hand side. I altered the contrast and also sharpened the image.
  3. 3. After As a result of the editing, the pebbles down the middle act as a leading line and the background is simple. The perspective is also more dynamic because there is a more obvious focal point. I think that the editing has been a success because the image looks more interesting than the original and follows more rules of composition.
  4. 4. I edited this image my adjusting the brightness and darkening the edges (roof) by using the burn tool. I used a filter to soften the edges of the image. Before
  5. 5. I think that the editing has been a success because the image looks more energetic than the original. Adjusting the brightness has made the balance between light and dark, equal. The filter has made the photo look more appealing because it stands out. A gloomy picture has been turned into a vibrant one! After
  6. 6. Before In Photoshop I selected the steps using the magic-selection tool and adjusted the contrast to make them appear darker. I then used the inverse tab to select the people; I made them lighter and then in contrast with that I used the burn tool to darken the background.
  7. 7. After By changing the contrast and brightness of the foreground and the background, the main subjects stood out. I think this worked really well because the focal points are really dynamic and simpler to see.
  8. 8. Before To edit the picture I cropped it; blurred the background and using the magnetic-lasso tool selected the branch, and enhanced the contrast and brightness. I used the dodge and burn tool within Photoshop; the dodge tool on the branch and the burn tool on the background. I especially focused on the swirly pattern inside the branch, using the dodge tool to lighten it to make it look more vibrant.
  9. 9. After By editing this picture the photograph follows the rule of thirds. The blurred background allows you to focus on the main subject and also makes the image less cluttered and more simple. I think the editing has been effective as it has made the photo more visually stimulating.
  10. 10. Before I firstly cropped this photo and selected the main subject by using the quick-select tool; I specifically altered the brightness and contrast. The burn tool allowed me to darken the background.
  11. 11. Cropping the image took the main subject off centre – following the rule of thirds within the rules of composition. Changing the brightness and darkening the background made the focus point more clear and appealing. I think that the balance between light and dark works well however, editing and resizing it has caused it to blur, making for an unsuccessful edit. After