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Word Association Emotions K.Brett


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Emotions captured depending on the type of words you give the subject to think about. An edited version of a person is included to imitate the work of Madame Yevonde.

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Word Association Emotions K.Brett

  1. 1. Photographs inspired by : Emotions
  2. 2. My theme is emotion and how different emotions and expressions influence the subject and meaning of each photograph. The different feelings are symbolised by the by the facial expressions, which is similar in style of Madame Yevonde’s work. Madame Yevonde is my main influence for the type of photographs I’ve taken. They show strong emotion and create a sense of mood and tone. In order to make my images more like Yevonde’s I would have to alter the colour and intensity of the photos to make them more dramatic, I would also have to use more props/costumes etc.
  3. 3. My Images
  4. 4. Happiness
  5. 5. Anger
  6. 6. Shyness
  7. 8. Bemusement
  8. 10. Frustration
  9. 11. Edited Image
  10. 12. I edited this image in photoshop using the burn and dodge tool to highlight the eyes and face and also to darken around the eyes to make then stand out – this in achieved in Madame Yevonde’s image of Medusa. I also used Yevonde’s picture as it inspired me to give my image a blurred background. I have altered the contrast of the feather boa to make it stand out, and it makes an effective prop as it fits in with the anger/passion emotion. I’ve made the lips and hair dark, likewise with medusa (the skin is light and the hair,lips and around the eyes are dark). I think the editing has been successful as the photo I took resembles the work of Madame Yevonde and this is the effect I wished to achieve. I think that the background looks a bit unrealistic, so If I were to try and re-create this I would create a background when taking the photo.