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How to plan a flawless crm migration (1)


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How to plan a flawless crm migration (1)

  1. 1. How to Plan aFlawless CRMMigrationKevin CookVP Sales, BrainSellSonja FridellGeneral Manager,
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Agenda●What you can do to prepare●Data migration●Scheduling●Costs●Risks●New user adoption●
  4. 4. ● Get a technology partner/budget● Build an internal team● Ask your current vendor for aRELATIONAL database● Get rid of fields/data you dont need● Its OK to keep a legacy system forhistorical purposes● Come up with a
  5. 5. ●Review your existing systemwith your partner●Simple migration? Export olddata to CSVs and comparefield maps. Import into newsystem●Complex? Look to yourpartner for helpData
  6. 6. Schedule●Build a plan and stick to it!
  7. 7. ●CRM licenses●Time○ In house migration = TIME (TTMVC)○ Partner migration = $, less time●Training/adoption●Tweaking, ongoing
  8. 8. Risks● Poor user adoption =● Not getting what you asked for● Going over budget● Schedule
  9. 9. User Adoption● Invest in training● Let users have a stake (a little stake)● Make it
  10. 10. Resources●10 Questions to ask... Download●CRM Migration Checklist: