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Top 5 ETL Tools for Salesforce Data Migration


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Top 5 ETL Tools for Salesforce Data Migration: 1.Apex Data Loader, 2.Progress Data Direct, 3.Talend Open Studio, 4.JitterBit Data Loader, 5.Pentaho Community Edition.

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Top 5 ETL Tools for Salesforce Data Migration

  1. 1. TOPS ET Apex Data Loader This solid, no-frills app, with a basic bare-bones interface makes import and ; ilC: firCC 8 Progress Data Direct _‘_2.‘__ MuleSoft’s Data. loader. io is a cloud hi Q based solution that includes more '5'“ ‘:5: -. a-. or less all features of a standard («Q») desktop app nun-. Talend Open Studio ’ Talend Open Studio offers a powerful and versatile open . . , W _ 1 source ETL tool for Salesforce, based on Eclipse IDE. ' -« ' ' J itterBit Data Loader gut? " ma mm: ‘ JitterBit Data Loader is a useful ' free ETL, best suited for quick ad-hoc tasks. The app scores in its easy management and range of functionality. _ Kr-« . .., - IEM :5’ E 0n~Prernloe Pentaho Community Edition Pentaho Community Edition is an open source version that contains almost all functionality of Midas REFERENCE http. ,-"i‘suyati corn: ‘too-10-etl-tools-saiesforce-data-migration. ’ _inlelliPaat intellipaat is fast growing low cost e-learning and online training company with 4100 courses for leamers. lntelipaat provides 24'7 support and life time access to courses that helps learners to take big leap in their career. intelipaat trainers are + 18 yrs SME's